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Snyder, Ross Little Rock Town Hall

Ark. crowd mocks lawmakers over Obama health plan

That’s the AP headline on Yahoo and here are some YouTube videos posted from the Town Hall meeting held at Arkansas Children’s Hospital today.

Attendees become upset when the Congressmen try to convince the crowd the President doesn’t want a single-payer system.

“You guys are undermining American exceptionalism…You need to get the government the Hell out of it…” says another member of the crowd.

“We need tort reform.” says a young lady and the crowd goes wild.

Ross has a problem with insurance company employees making more than the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

“Why do we need another government solution for what Medicare, Medicaid, COBRA, SCHIP, etc. was supposed to do?” asks a participant.

The crowd wasn’t all opposed to Obamacare.  One young man proudly proclaimed his support for Obama and told Ross and Snyder he’d be glad to have them supervise his health care system.  But for a rescheduled, short notice, middle of the workday town hall meeting, I’d say our message got through.

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