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Who pays their protesters?

The dishonesty that permeates the Democratic party is beyond belief! They accuse ordinary concerned citizens who practice their first amendment rights of being sponsored by special interest groups and the Republican party…with no proof.  There’s absolutely no evidence that conservatives complaining to their representatives at town halls across the country have been paid or bussed in, but Democrats have no qualms of making things up.  They lie without hesitation.  But what about their side?

They also try to lead you to believe their side really is a grassroots movement, springing from citizens wronged by the current system.  Never do they hint their “activists” are bought and paid for.  But we do have proof.

They’re so conceited, believing you are so ignorant that you won’t recognize their hypocrisy and absolute dishonesty.  Here’s the ad they took out to hire “activists” to campaign for Obamacare.

****ACTIVIST JOBS to Promote OBAMA’s HEALTH CARE PLAN!!! $10-15/hr**** (berkeley)


The Problem: Rising Healthcare Premiums

Healthcare costs in the US have doubled in the last 10 years, and they are projected to double again in the next 8 years, unless we pass reform through Congress this summer.

Families and businesses are scraping to afford coverage, and many are being dropped by their provider after they get sick.

The Solution: A Public Health Insurance Option

President Obama’s public option would allow millions of Americans to afford the coverage they seek. The option would create a more competitive market and drive down the cost of health insurance for everyone.

Big insurance companies know this, and they are working adamantly to stop us. So we are going out and building a grassroots campaign that will bring the power back to the people and not corporate CEOs.

The Strategy: People Power

Over the past 30 years CALPIRG has stood up to powerful interest groups. Corporate insurance companies have far too much influence over Congress, so CALPIRG is pushing back to reduce rising healthcare costs.

The Fund for the Public Interest has organized grassroots campaigns for more than 25 years. We have defended human rights, protected the environment, and fought for the average consumer. Our partnership with CALPIRG is an exciting campaign that aims to bring the power back to the people, and away from the wallets of corporate CEOs.

We need people like you to become involved with healthcare reform and make some money in the process. Joining this campaign will allow you to work with some of the most motivated people in the region. Together, we can make change happen.

Earn $400-600 per week!

To apply for a job, visit our website——or call Charles at 510-644-3454

Who’s paying their protesters?!?!

Will everyone please call Charles at 510-644-3454 and shut down his phone line?

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