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Obama Lies Keep Coming!

Surely everyone remembers when the President admitted he didn’t know what’s in HR 3200, after he publicly stated he supported it.

Then he accused doctors of needlessly hacking kids’ tonsils out so they could make more money! (I personally know this is a false accusation because we tried for years to get my daughter’s tonsils out and the doctors wouldn’t do it.) The President passed it off as routine that doctors take out tonsils when a prescription would suffice because the tonsillectomy pays more.

Then Obama’s DNC hack labeled us, those who love our health care freedom and are exercising our 1st amendment rights to protect it, an “angry mob.”

At a handpicked town hall crowd, President Obama took a question from a little girl. The problem is, the question was obviously fed to her by her mother, Kathleen Hall, a coordinator of Massachusetts Women for Obama. Michelle Malkin has photos of the woman with Obama from the campaign trail.

And finally he lied to the American people when he told them the AARP has endorsed his government takeover of the health care industry. The problem is, AARP points out they haven’t endorsed anything!

Now that it’s obvious Obama can’t win this battle on the merits of the bill, he and his cronies have taken to attacking private citizens, making lists of dissenters, and staging town hall questions to lie to convince the American people that more people support his plan than actually do!

Yeah, he’s losing it.

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