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Grassroots Arkansas Republican Network Launched

Yesterday the The Arkansas Republican Network was launched. It is a network for Arkansas grassroots republicans and helps to build the Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA). While all GOP organizations, campaigns and support group members are welcome, the network was not initiated by the RPA but the Network fully supports the development of the RPA and individual republicans.

The network was established by Dr. Bill Smith* of Baxter County, Arkansas. The Arkansas Republican Network uses NING, an easy-to-use technology platform, which allows people to belong to other NING social networks with one central personal identity and track their membership and friends via a personal NING page. Others organizations using the NING platform are Team Sarah, Smart Girl Politics, Sovereignty Alliance, the 9-12 Program, Resist Net, FairTax Nation, America Coast to Coast, Team Grassfire, and 1.3 million other networks.

When asked about the reason for the creating the new Arkansas Republican Network, Smith said,

“In Little Rock, RPA Chairman Doyle Webb has put in place an excellent team to promote a consistent republican message and to build the formal structure of the RPA. The RPA is addressing issues of concern to Arkansans and is attracting candidates to run for Congress, State and local offices.

“However, the recent increase in the number of interested candidates is to a large degree also a result of the outcry by Arkansans participating in TEA Parties in our state. These citizens are irritated at the failures of their elected officials on the national level to listen to “we the people” and our grievances. Most are either republicans or potential republicans who have awakened to a desire participate and to do something. These people needed a place to network and to share concerns and ideas.

“To sustain this effort, the Arkansas Republican Network was established to give a voice and a platform to republicans using their computers. The Network allows grassroots republicans to exchange ideas and to establish support groups. The Republican Party of Arkansas relies on its state, district and county committees to carry out structured political operations. However, these same committees are formal structures and offer little opportunity for republicans to hold everyday discussions or to network / link up in efforts with like minded people.

“In 2009, the RPA has made great strides in using the Internet to expand its presence via a new website and social networking on FaceBook, Twiiter, YouTube and Flickr. However, within the traditional structure, the opportunities for interactions, discussions, the building of groups and coalitions within communities and counties are limited. The Arkansas Republican Network provides these opportunities. It gives voice and opportunity to Arkansans to link up and to support events, beliefs, causes, projects and republican candidates of their choosing. Members of the Network may create or join groups that support their County GOP, GOP support groups, caucus groups, candidates, issues, positions, and more. Individuals may post blogs, participate in discussions, share photos, videos, add existing NING friends, invite new friends, message friends and more. And, there is no cost to the members of the network.

“All who generally vote republican in Arkansas as well as non-voting teenage republicans are welcome. To help get the ball rolling, republicans generally fall into one or more of the following generic descriptions — it is a “big tent”:
– Economic Conservatives (i.e., limited government, government transparency, reduced taxes and spending, expansion of access to natural resources like oil, natural gas and coal by private individuals and companies).
– Social Conservatives (i.e., supporting traditional family and community values)
– National Defense Conservatives (i.e., supporting National Defense and the security of our borders from invasion by illegals)
– Constitutional Conservatives (i.e., supporting all of the Bill of Rights, protection of property rights, protection of families and communities, best government is the government closest to the people).
– Libertarian Conservatives (i.e., committed to Republican principles but focusing on the restriction of intrusion by government on personal choices).”

All Arkansas “republicans” with access to a computer are encouraged to join the Arkansas Republican Network. The 2010 elections are fast approaching and every Arkansas Republican voice is important and your involvement is critically needed to stop the rapid expansion of liberal socialism both in our Nation and in Arkansas.
*Dr. Bill Smith (Ozark Guru) is a retired military officer and retired professor. He is the editor of the ARRA News Service and a contributing author on America, You Asked for It!. He serves as National Political Director for Conservative Solutions and as an adviser to candidates and campaigns. He Twitters @arra and can be found on FaceBook and on 43 Ning activist sites.

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How Washington Politicians See the World

by William Warren:
How Politicians See the World

ARRA News Service

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We’re winning folks! Keep up the fight!

UPDATE–White House says Sebelius misspoke.  Public option not off the table!!

Last month we saw a precipitous decline in the President’s poll numbers as he tirelessly pushed to sell his health care plan.  That was the first sign of his vulnerability on the issue.  Until then, with the Democrats in the majority in both houses of Congress, Obama had seemed almost politically invincible.  But now we see the once mighty falling.

When Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) commented this could be Obama’s Waterloo, the President and liberals wailed.  But whining that Republicans were out to get him didn’t do much good.  When polls began to show public support for his plan began to waver, he swung into full campaign mode to turn the tide.  It seems he’s lost his appeal to the American populace, because it didn’t work.  When conservatives exercised their 1st Amendment rights at town hall meetings across the country, Obama through his lackeys attacked them as un-American and encouraged liberal acolytes to collect names and turn them into the White House.  These tactics backfired too.

Yesterday, the President’s approval rating among likely voters Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll fell to its lowest point of his term, 47%.  The 52% who disapprove of his job performance include 41% who strongly disapprove, the highest since Obama took office.

Yesterday, we had the strongest signal yet that our efforts are beginning to bear fruit.  Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius indicated the administration may be willing to drop the public option–the controversial government-run health insurance plan.  Democratic Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) also said the votes aren’t there for a public option and it should be taken off the table.  This is huge since Obama has publicly stated that no reform without such a plan will receive his support.  We now have the administration retreating from one of their most heavily defended positions in this battle!

But now is not the time for us to let down our guard.  Remember, even if the Senate passes a bill without a public option, the Senate and House bills must be merged.  It’s at this stage we’ll have to be on guard for a flanking maneuver by Democrats.  We must continue to press and press hard against every controversial part of this bill.

It may also be time to attack from a different angle.  Now that we have the momentum, it might be time to start forcing our demands into the debate.  We might begin to demand things like allowing insurance companies to sell policies across state lines, tort, reform, equal tax treatment for individuals who purchase their own insurance, and more.

Whatever we do, let’s keep fighting the good fight.  It’s working!

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