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Keep fighting, OFA organizing opposition

The campaign organization that secured the White House for then-candidate Obama wasn’t dismantled after the November elections of 2008. Instead, the outfit was converted to a propaganda machine for the man who now resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

When Arkansas’ Democratic Representatives and Senators decided not to face the fury of constituents who oppose their party’s proposed government-run health care program, Organizing for America (OFA) quickly announced it would embark on a “Listening Tour” across the state. It appeared the President’s continuous campaign organization was offering itself up as shock troops in the health care battle to take the heat off the Democratic legislators in a red state.

Tonight we attended one of the OFA events to get an idea what the other side is up to. Kyle Simon, Arkansas State Director of OFA, addressed 16 audience members, at least 13 of whom were ardent supporters of Obama’s attempt to impose a government-run health care system on the American people. Simon defined the mission of OFA as pushing Obama’s agenda by lobbying Congress, engaging people, and generating positive news coverage for the President and his policies.

We had hoped the event would have been better attended by both sides, and even some who have yet to determine where they stand on Obamacare. However, it quickly became clear this event wasn’t designed to stimulate debate on whether government-run health care would be good or bad for the country. Instead, it was a session intended to teach Obamacare supporters to be more effective in overcoming the majority of Americans who now oppose the President’s attempts to Socialize 1/6 of the American economy.

Parroting the President’s talking points, Simon took shots at opponents of Obama’s plan. Referring to conservatives who express concerns about the bill as fearmongers and accusing them of disseminating misinformation, he elicited calls to “demand proof” of challenges to the plan, to ignore the will of the majority of Americans who now oppose Obamacare, and even to insult opponents as Barney Frank (D-MA) did his constituents earlier this week. Never did Simon reference any specific text of the bills to support his points, nor to refute any of the charges levied by conservatives against the plan.

Simon also dispersed more Democratic misinformation. Latching onto Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) favorite line of late, he referred to vocal opponents of Obamacare as part of an “astroturf” movement and claimed that many were bussed in from out-of-state. This of course insinuates opponents are all backed by deep pockets, sometimes even paid to protest. Again, he failed to produce any evidence to support his claims and seemed not to realize how hypocritical such statements are in light of internet ads placed by liberal organizations offering to pay protesters to support the President’s plan.

Simon and several in the audience repeatedly stated that opponents “don’t know why they’re against” a public option and that Republicans can’t offer an alternative plan. Often insinuating, and sometimes plainly stating, that opponents are uneducated and/or ignorant, they claimed socialism and Obama’s idea of a government-run health care system are unrelated. Perhaps they should read the definition of socialism. Once, while working to convince the audience that a majority of Americans support Obamacare, Simon even made the statement, “The minority only wins in Florida.”

I guess liberals will never admit to themselves they lost the 2000 election.

All of that garbage was pretty difficult to listen to, but I did come away with some useful information. Simon called on the group to help the administration implement it’s plan by writing letters to the editor and contacting their members of Congress. When he told the group many Congressmen were receiving 200 calls opposed for every 1 call supporting the President’s plan, they still didn’t believe a majority of Americans just don’t want the government involved in their health care decisions.

We need to keep that level of resistance up. OFA is gathering strength in the hopes that we will tire of the fight and abandon the field. Now that we have the momentum, we must not relax until this fight is won!

Let’s write 200 letters to the editor for every one they write and continue to let our Congressmen know where we stand. We have the numbers and we must prevail.

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