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Health Care and Infant Mortality: The Real Story

by Steve Chapman at

The American medical system has the latest technology, the greatest variety of new drugs and unparalleled resources. But anyone who thinks we’re getting something great for our dollars inevitably encounters a two-word rebuke: infant mortality.

The United States is the richest nation on Earth, but it comes in 29th in the world in survival rates among babies. This mediocre ranking is supposed to make an irrefutable case for health care reform. If we cared enough to insure everyone, we are told, we would soon rise to the health standards of other modern nations. It’s just a matter of getting over our weird resistance to a bigger government role in medical care.

But not every health issue is a health care issue. The reason boxers are unusually prone to concussions is not that they lack medical insurance. Doctors may treat head injuries, but it’s a lot easier to prevent them. Absent prevention, we shouldn’t blame the medical industry for punch-drunk fighters.


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  2. The poverty line is also controversial in America- while it’s been adjusted, those that don’t qualify still struggle. Health care becomes a luxury, and high-quality dresses and leather jackets become a dream. So, children, teenagers and adults scrape by with what they can, having very basic outfits that they may have to wear day in and day out, as well as foregoing trips to the doctor and dentist.

    Comment by Daniel | August 24, 2009 | Reply

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