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More Proof: What Democrats Think of You!

Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY) explains why she won’t hold town hall meetings, and it reveals the utter disdain she holds for the Americans, her constituents, who wish to have their voice heard.

“I’m not going to give those people a forum…”

“My own dignity and the dignity of the office I hold is important to me…”

“I’ve got the best relationship with my constituents that anybody could ever imagine…”

“They know I’m not going to do anything to hurt them…”

These high and mighty Democrats have begun to consider themselves a cut above those of us who vote to put them in office. They’ve assumed some sort of noble status as a permanent ruling class. We’ve been labeled un-American, Right-Wing Extremist, Right-Wing Terrorist, and now this…beneath the dignity of their office.

Vote these pompous fools out in 2010!

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