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Wake up Mr. President: We don’t want to be taken care of!

I’ve watched in near amazement as the President’s poll numbers plummet, expecting a retreat that came too late from the issue that plagues him. In July, Obama’s blitzkrieg campaign to recapture the adoration he believed the American people held for him left him bruised and battered. After the stacked town hall campaign, complete with planted kids of Obama campaign workers, the President more resembled the remnants of Napoleon’s army that retreated from Russia than Hitler’s after Rommel’s campaign in France. Much like Napoleon, Obama had underestimated his enemies’ familiarity with the battlefield.

In 1812, Napoleon refused to consider the effect the harsh Russian winter would have on his armies. In 2009, President Obama refused to recognize a base trait of the American people–independence.

The President’s entire argument for what he calls health care reform makes Americans out to be victims of large, faceless insurance companies which leave people dying on the steps of hospitals because they turned down treatment of deadly diseases and doctors who routinely and unnecessarily rip out kids’ tonsils and chop off the feet of perfectly healthy diabetics, all in pursuit of profit. To hear him tell it, one would expect to step over dead bodies walking down the street. Everyone should at least know one person who was the victim of an overzealous ear, nose, and throat doctor with an creepy collection of perfectly healthy tonsils tucked away. And it should be hard to miss all those one- (or no-) footed diabetics whose feet were amputated so their doctors could vacation in Hawaii.

Most would have expected someone who seemed so politically savvy just 10 months ago to have quickly recognized the precarious nature of the path he had chosen. After all, this was the guy who defeated the mighty Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, then won 53% of the vote in the general election. As early as June, his numbers were already slipping as the details of the waste and pork piled into his so-called “stimulus” package were coming to light. Then his nationalization of the American auto industry led many more to flee his camp for the ranks of the opposition.

It was around this time that Gallup reported more Americans identified themselves as Conservative than either liberal or moderate. By the end of June, Rasmussen’s Presidential Approval Index (PAI is calculated by subtracting the percentage of likely voters who strongly approve of the President’s job performance from those who strongly disapprove) turned negative for the first time. His numbers have only worsened since, even with Obama pressing hard to recover the lost ground. As of this writing, his PAI stands at -13%, barely off the bottom of its range since the President took office in January.

As Congress prepared for its August recess, Obama sent them home with marching orders. These ill-prepared Senators and Congressmen stepped into their town hall meetings with constituents thinking they’d been adequately armed. What they found instead was a well-informed and irate populace that recognized and refused to believe the lies the elected representatives read from the President’s script. In meeting after meeting across the country, everyday citizens schooled their elected officials on the text of the bill and demanded it be defeated. As more and more conservative think tanks and even citizen journalists poured over the 1,018 pages of HR 3200, more problems with Obama’s so-called reform surfaced. The President had expected his health care offensive, with Democratic Senators and Congressmen on the front lines, to yield an easy victory. Instead, it turned out to be a resounding defeat.

Most politicians would have long ago abandoned the unpopular idea, but the President clings to it like a life boat in a stormy sea. Many will claim he’s standing on principle, but we think it may be something else. Pride, conceit, stubbornness, a quest for power, or a combination of the three. Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) has said the health care issue could be Obama’s Waterloo if we can defeat it. It could be the President agrees. That would explain his unwillingness to let go of an anchor that’s rapidly dragging him beneath the waves. If not that, Obama may well believe he knows what’s best for all of us and that we’re too stupid to realize he’s right and we’re wrong. It could be nothing more than a refusal to back away from a campaign promise. Or it just may be that he thinks if he can achieve such a radical change, he’ll be assured a seat at the table of power brokers who will most assuredly dictate health care policy for virtually all Americans in the future. Whatever his motivation, he’s still trying to impose an unwanted policy on the American populace.

Late last month, a Rasmussen poll found 70% of likely voters prefer a government that imposes lower taxes and provides fewer services. (Imagine that, Americans prefer freedom!) On September 2, the polling company found 68% believe Obama’s nationalized health care will increase the deficit, regardless of the President’s claims. And prior to that, 54% of Americans said they’d rather see middle class tax cuts than new spending on health care. These polls don’t support Democratic ideas that people want the government to take care of them.

All these polls tell the tale the President just doesn’t seem to understand. Americans want the freedom to choose what they spend their money on. They don’t want to be enslaved by debt and they don’t want to sacrifice their freedom for a dubious promise of Utopia.

In short, Americans don’t want to be taken care of!


September 7, 2009 - Posted by | Obama

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