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President’s Healthcare Speech Increased Partisan Divide

by Rep. John Carter (R-TX)

(WASHINGTON, DC) – President Barack Obama last night all but eliminated any chance of a bipartisan healthcare reform bill in a disingenuous attack on critics of his attempt to push the United States into a single-payer healthcare system, according to House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter (TX31).

“To say that honest criticism of the Democrat health care bill is a ‘partisan spectacle’, ‘scare tactics’, ‘games’, ‘bickering’, and ‘lies’ is an insult to the millions of patriotic Americans who turned out all across this country in August to make it absolutely clear they do not want the Democrat plan or to give up their health care freedom,” says Carter. “The President is obviously not aware the nation has rejected socialized medicine, and will not tolerate it.”

Carter says the President’s ongoing claims that Republicans have offered no alternatives, while stating that his plans have included Republicans is true “disinformation.” “Republicans have introduced 35 health care reform proposals so far this year alone, to which the President has not responded, nor has he agreed to meet key Republican health reformers in spite of his public offer to do so.”

Carter says last night’s speech appears to have been an attempt to set the stage for a pure partisan approach to passing a healthcare bill, by painting Republicans as obstructionists, justifying a Democrats-only bill in the House and Senate.

“If that is what the President and Speaker Pelosi contemplate, they are in for a rude surprise,” says Carter. “The objections to their attempt to takeover the healthcare industry is not coming from the Republican Party, it’s coming from the American people. If they ignore that and try to ram a bill through Congress with just liberal Democrat votes, we’re going to see a real political revolution in 2010 – and that may be the best way to handle this issue in the long run.”


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