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Obama: Out of Frying Pan, Into the Fire

by Dan Gainor at

It’s “silly season” according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. You know silly season. It’s the time when all of the ridiculous stuff the administration is doing gets revealed – no matter how little the media actually reports any of it.

For the president, the season is fall, when leaves and White House plans plummet to earth with equal abandon. In less than a week, three major Obama initiatives have fallen apart. And those three serve as the backdrop to Obama’s latest attempt to get health care reform back on track. But no matter what he says Wednesday night, things are about to get worse for Barack Obama because the tea party patriots are back and coming to D.C. Sept. 12.

The 9-12 protests, as they are being called, aren’t just focusing on Washington. Organizers vow, “We will be one voice, demanding that Congress restore fiscal responsibility to our national budget. We will remind Congress, the president, and our fellow citizens what limited government and free markets can do.” They need the reminder. No one in D.C. remembers what that means.


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Just who are the President’s pals?

Do you remember when the President couldn’t say enough good things about ACORN? Of course, that’s where he got his start. He worked for these people, he trained these people, he is one of these people.

He invited this crooked, corrupt organization into the White House, saw to it they will get millions from the “stimulus”, and even contracted with them to help with next year’s census.

Who are they? Watch this.

It took this video coming out to get the Census Bureau to sever ties with these criminals, but remember, Obama always has been and always will be one of them.

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