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Michael Moore Economics is Driving Washington

by Austin Hill at

Michael Moore is releasing a new movie, and I’m sooo excited about it…

More about me in a moment. First, the man who brought us Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9-11 is about to release a new film entitled Capitalism: A Love Story.

Just as “Bowling” embodied Moore’s extreme left-wing view that gun rights are bad, and “Fahrenheit” embodied (among other things) the extreme left-wing belief that Iraqis enjoyed Saddam Hussein and President Bush made their lives worse, so also does “Love Story” advance another idea that is popular among American liberals today: capitalism is evil.

“Trailers” and “promos” available at the film’s website depict Moore doing his usual shtick – – showing-up unexpectedly at select locations with a video crew, recording ambush interviews, cleverly editing video to depict targeted individuals as “stupid,” and so forth.

The website also explains Moore ’s conclusion: capitalism is “evil,” America needs something different, and that “something” is “democracy.” Perhaps Moore is unacquainted with the concept of “democratic capitalism,” or is unaware that capitalism and democracy already co-exist.


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