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Many of Obama’s Claims about Health-Care Reform Have Been Debunked

By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer

( – While President Obama will likely make news tonight by telling a joint session of Congress what he wants and is willing to accept from a health care reform proposal, he may also repeat some points he has made over the past few months that have been refuted by non-partisan sources.

The Congressional Budget Office, run by Democratic director Douglas Elmendorf, as well as other government and non-profit organizations have produced analyses that dispute several assertions by the president and Democratic members of Congress.

The president, for example, has said health-care reform will be deficit neutral, does not steer tax dollars to abortions and that there are 46 million uninsured Americans. But each of these claims has been disputed by non-partisan sources.

The legislation proposed by Democrats in Congress and backed by Obama would establishing a government plan to compete with private insurers, mandate employer and individual coverage and prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition.


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