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Unearthed! Obama’s twisted ACORN roots

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By Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

While ACORN remains riddled in scandal, lawmakers have voted to cut off federal funding to the group, the U.S. Census Bureau has severed ties to the organization – and the White House has blasted its behavior as “unacceptable.”

But just how extensive are President Obama’s personal ties to ACORN?

The following is a timeline outlining some of the purported connections between the president and ACORN through the years:

  • 1990s: Obama meets ACORN
  • 1992: Project Vote! and training green ACORNs
  • 1993: Woods Foundation
  • 1994: Buycks-Robinson v. Citibank
  • 1995: ACORN attorney in Illinois lawsuit
  • 1996: New Party ties
  • 1997-2004: Illinois state senator
  • 2005: U.S. senator
  • 2007: From Obama’s own mouth …
  • 2008: ACORN endorses Obama
  • 2009: Criminal case against ACORN
  • Cutting ties with ACORN?

Here’s a video WND found of Obama’s pledge to let ACORN and other groups like it shape his presidency.

Read the entire article at WorldNetDaily

September 19, 2009 - Posted by | Corruption, Obama

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