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Dems vote to keep you in the dark on Baucus bill

Today Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee refused to approve a Republican amendment to make the full text of Chairman Max Baucus’ (D-MT) bill available to the public 72 hours before a vote. Democrats in the Senate are determined not to repeat the biggest mistake of their allies in the US House in the battle for Obamacare.

As spring turned to summer this year, it appeared President Obama’s sweeping Socialist agenda would be put in place with virtually no resistance on Capitol Hill. The Tea Parties had already begun, but with virtually no coverage by the mainstream media their impact had done little to slow the President’s blitzkrieg to re-engineer the social and economic systems of the country.

Then House Democrats made their fatal mistake. They released the gargantuan 1,018 page bill, HR 3200.

At the time they thought they had nothing to fear. After all, 1,000 plus pages of legal jargon and sub-paragraphs nested three and four deep inside other sub-paragraphs, with references to sections of the bill hundreds of pages away, and even references to other sections of the US Code would make the bill virtually indecipherable to the voting public. Or so they thought!

House Democrats, and the President himself, thought they had little to fear by opening the bill to public scrutiny. Because they thought the American public wasn’t smart enough to understand the bill. They didn’t count on the devotion of conservatives who dove in and tore the legislation apart. Struggling through the nested references, the legal jargon, and other obfuscatory tactics utilized in the writing, conservative activists put Obamacare under a very powerful microscope. And the American public began to understand just how dangerous this government takeover of our health care industry would be.

Even as line after line of the bill was exposed, President Obama, his administration, and Congressional Democrats repeated lie after lie that was debunked by the text of the bill they thought nobody could read. Conservative America mobilized to let these lying national leaders know they weren’t buying it anymore. The White House sent congressional Dems home for the August recess armed with lies to tell their constituents, but in the trenches these legislators came face to face with voters armed with facts gleaned from the pages of the Democrats’ own bill. By the end of the recess, Obama’s health care shock troops (Democratic congressmen) were turned back and his offensive bogged down.

The President’s last hope to nationalize the nation’s health care system lay with the Senate Finance Committee, which had been working for months to hammer out a bipartisan health care bill. Soon after legislators returned to DC, Chairman Baucus gave up on compromise and issued his vision for a Finance Committee Obamacare bill.

But Baucus and his Lieutenants have learned from the mistakes of the past. He and his Democratic colleagues don’t want the light of public scrutiny to shine on this bill before a vote. Arguing against the amendment was Senator John Kerry (D-MA), “Let’s be honest about it, most people don’t read the legislative language.” What he meant was Democrats don’t want those who can understand it to read it.

Please take a moment to let your Senators and Representative know that if they don’t want to let us know what’s in the bill, we don’t want them to represent us any longer!

Click here to send a fax to your Senators and Representative. Or use the links on the right side of this page to contact them by email and/or phone.

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Omnipresent Obama

by Brent Bozell at

Following his usual mantra that “to watch me is to love me,” Barack Obama appeared on five Sunday interview shows and since that wasn’t enough, then the David Letterman show on Monday night. He remains convinced that the more he plays dust speck in the national eye, the further he’ll get in passing his leftist agenda. He’s also confident our media won’t hold him accountable. They just hold him.

“I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to watch you work!” a beaming Letterman gushed to Obama. Even during that show, Letterman was still whacking away at George W. Bush as an idiot, unctuously currying favor with the new president. Letterman doesn’t pretend to be an objective journalist, of course. But can you recall him ever voicing his satisfaction with conservatives?

Perhaps the most amazing thing Obama did — over and over — on Sunday was to scold the media for making the national dialogue coarser by allowing his critics to have a voice on the networks. “Let’s face it, the easiest way to get on television right now is to be really rude,” he said.

Obama should be embarrassed. This is amateurish and silly (if I say so rudely). It’s also a broken record. When Reagan, Bush I and Bush II were in office, nasty demonstrators — even rioters — were celebrated by the left. But when Democrats take control (Clinton, Obama), any criticism becomes angry, hateful, and now racist.


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