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Thank You…

…to all those who’ve worn the uniform of the US military services!

Today is veterans day. And although we should be thankful every day for those who serve so that we may be free, this is the day set aside to make certain ALL veterans–those who served four years or thirty plus, those who served in times of peace or times of war, those who came home and those we lost, all those who served in every branch–know they’re appreciated and their sacrifice isn’t forgotten.

Their reasons for serving are as varied as their backgrounds. They come from every corner of the country–from Los Angeles to New York, from Seattle to Miami, and from all points in between. From all walks of life, they step up to serve–sons and daughters of the poor, the rich, and every step in between. Many come from a long line of veterans and others are the first in their family to answer the call. Some join to get away from something, others join to be a part of something. They are sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers who leave behind everything they know to serve with complete strangers for the benefit of every citizen of these United States of America.

So I ask you this day to thank God for everything you have–your possessions, your family, and your freedom.

Then thank a veteran.

A hearty thank you from me to all my brethren-in-arms! May God bless you and keep you where ever you are.


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  1. I don’t know you personally but we’re family, the United State of America and I thank you, each of you for serving our country and defending our freedom and for all, everywhere. I pray for you all daily and ask God to protect each of you and for those who have given their life for me and my family; I know you are Home with our Lord and are now Angels among us and you all. Thank you and may God protect you and keep you safe. We all are praying for this war to end so you can come home, to USA. God Bless you.

    Your friend and in God’s arms,

    Comment by Carol | November 11, 2009 | Reply

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