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Obamacare for Illegals Already in the Works!

from Blogs for Borders

From the left-wing Talking Points Memo comes the headline, “Democrats Considering Health Care-Immigration Deal To Overcome Key Sticking Point.”

Following Harry Reid’s success in passing his 2,000+ page version of Obamacare, the Left now feels safe revealing what most conservative activists have realized all along–Democrats fully intend to cover illegal immigrants with the so-called “reform.”

Lawmakers who want to extend health coverage to illegal immigrants will not block the passage of the final health care reform bill so long as the White House offers a substantive promise to start pushing comprehensive immigration legislation this year.

So the plan is to pass the bill without including illegal immigrants, then add them to the plan later this year. Anywhere but the Democrat Party, that’s about the height of dishonesty. In fact most people would consider it an outright lie!

Rep. Joe Wilson’s famous “You lie!” cry was never inaccurate after all. Feigning outrage, Democrats knew all along this was part of the plan. In the article, reporter Christina Bellantoni, actually credits Wilson’s outburst for forcing Democrats to temporarily abandon the plan to cover illegals.

The Senate’s health care bill bars illegals from any sort of coverage, a provision embraced after Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted “You lie!” during Obama’s address to Congress when the president said that illegals would not be able to get health care under the legislation.

TPM’s liberal sources in the White House even admit they’re lying, and that talks are already proceeding to construct an immigration bill that will sweep illegal immigrants under the umbrella of Obamacare.

TPMDC sources have been telling us that members won’t admit it publicly but they are ready to concede on immigration in the health care bill. Political aides in the White House have told key parties in Congress that President Obama wants to see a bill this year, and negotiations are under way for how it would be written.

Joe Wilson wasn’t wrong, he wasn’t mistaken, he wasn’t confused, he was dead on when he yelled to President Obama, “You lie!”

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  2. The Democrats, all of whom are traitors to America, the biggest traitor being Barak Hussein Obama, are counting on legalization of millions of illegal aliens, so they can re-elect them. That is only one of the reasons they insist on passing legislation that the majority of AMericans are against.
    They are also counting on the spin doctors in the White House (translation – master liars) to alter the facts of their treasonous actions so Americans will forget their actions and re-elect them

    Comment by Fredric E Jeans | January 7, 2010 | Reply

  3. I’m almost 70 years old and I have never been so disgusted and embarrassed about our government leaders in my life. We have the most corrupt and crooked congress in our history and, by far, the biggest liar and the most dangerous president since our founding. Even worse is the liberal and irresponsible citizenry who elected them. America has replaced Christianity with tolerance and justice with political correctness and the moral fiber of decency has been flushed down the sewer. The Democrats operate in secret and in the middle of the night through corruption and bribes and the president refuses to admit we’re at war with Islamic terrorists and our people are being killed by these b*st*ards inside our borders.

    Comment by Albert | January 7, 2010 | Reply

  4. […] the deficit, that WILL result in the rationing of health care (especially for seniors), and that WILL eventually cover illegal […]

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