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How bad do Americans want to stop Obamacare?

How about bad enough to fork over more than $1 MILLION to Lt. Col. Scott Brown‘s campaign!

Brown‘s race against Democrat Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has taken center stage in the battle for the Obama-Reid-Pelosi takeover of the US health care system.  Scrapping for the seat previously held by arguably THE MOST liberal Senator in history, the Killer of Chappaquiddick–Ted “Lady Killer” Kennedy (D), Coakley and Brown are locked in a neck and neck struggle for a Senate seat that was considered a shoe-in for Democrats until just a few days ago.

Americans from coast to coast are going to Brown’s website and clicking to donate as much as they can afford (as little as $5 in some cases) to help save our American way of life and stop the Obama-Pelosi-Reid march to American Socialism in its tracks.  Others are volunteering their time to make phone calls for Lt. Col. Brown, contacting voters and encouraging them to go to the polls Tuesday and cast their vote for a REAL change.

If you missed out on this fundraising campaign, don’t worry.  You can still help win this seat and make Scott Brown the 41st vote that will block the tragic legislation currently being forged behind closed doors by only the most liberal of Democrat Senators and Congressmen!

Visit Scott’s website today and donate what you can.  Even if it’s only $5!

And if you can’t help out with a financial contribution, please sign up to help with phone calls this week to Get Out The Vote next Tuesday!

Everyone of us can help, and show the far left loons in DC this isn’t the change we hoped for!

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  1. Kennedy’s life shows he would not have lived if this “reform” had been in place. Nor his daughter Kara. Kennedy did great research to find the best doctors and hospitals for his daughter and himself many times when other doctors told him there was no hope. But, kennedy did not give up and research other doctors and hospitals. He traveled hundreds of miles to take his daughter and himself and found cure. If this reform had been there he and his daughter would not have been alive many years ago. We want the best health care; not care the gov. runs. We only wanted reg. on the Ins. co. but this reform tells them they may DENY care to the sick. It is Stalin type dictator tactic to control ALL the people. Obama; this is OUR Country; Indonesian misinformed you eh?

    Comment by Jaskie | January 11, 2010 | Reply

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