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Arkansas’ Curtis Coleman has upset the left…

And what’s so wrong with that?

In an interview with KTHV last week, Conservative Republican candidate for US Senate Curtis Coleman responded to a question on embryonic stem cell research with the following:

“Embryonic stem cell research is taking the concept of taking a life and using it to conduct experiments so we can temporarily extend somebody else life. Let me tell you what i just described, I just described what the nazis did to the jews in the death camps of WWII.”

Coleman has proclaimed his pro-life stance from the outset of his campaign, so such a statement shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Though his Right to Life position paper on his website doesn’t specifically mention stem cell research, Coleman makes clear he’s adamantly opposed to abortion and dedicated to protecting the life of the unborn.

Still, Democrats are attacking the central Arkansas businessman. Claiming he’s attacked researchers and Jewish Arkansans, left-wingers across the country have descended on the story like a pack of ravenous wolves.

When asked to comment for this article, Rabbi Kalman Winnick of the Agudath Achim Synagogue in Little Rock said he didn’t think the comparison was appropriate, but stopped short of saying it was invalid. He said there is a contemporary tendency to compare anything one disagrees with to the Nazis and that practice is hurtful to those who actually endured the atrocities of the Nazis in WWII. According to Winnick, such comparisons should not be used in modern political disputes.

Winnick did not take a position for or against embryonic stem cell research, but did say he’s not sure Coleman was wrong to place a high value on a potential life. The Rabbi said he does a lot of counseling and often tells people they can be both right and wrong in what they’re saying. “What you say may be right, but you can be wrong to say it,” said the Rabbi.

Predictably though, liberal blogs and news organizations have seized the comment to paint Coleman as an “extremist.” But, these left-wing media outlets have ignored the veracity of Coleman’s statement as they intentionally misinterpreted the comment in the hopes of boosting Democrats’ chances in a race that recent polls have shown is more than likely to be won by the GOP in November.

MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Think Progress, and other left-wing Democrat propaganda appendages are all trying to convince the electorate that Coleman envisions microscopic cells being marched to gas chambers. But Coleman meant no such thing, and the left-wing rags all know that.

Given Coleman’s unequivocal belief that human life begins at conception, by definition he believes an embryo embodies human life. Coleman insists he’s not against using other types of stem cells for research purposes. He posted the following comments on his blog to clarify his misinterpreted remark.

“We must, therefore, be ever vigilant against allowing ourselves to rationalize our way into unjustly terminating life at any stage. I have consistently and strongly supported stem cell research, especially umbilical cord stem cell research, and celebrate reports that more than 70 human diseases are being treated by this process. I question only the specific kind of embryonic stem cell research that requires human life to be sacrificed by the destruction of a human embryo.”–Curtis Coleman

We’ve all seen images of atrocities committed against Jews by the Nazis in WWII concentration camps. Mass graves, human incinerators, gas chambers, cattle cars, starving prisoners literally worked to death to feed the Wehrmacht are burned into our minds from photos, movies, and newsreels that we’ve seen over the years. But lesser known atrocities were committed in these camps as well, including the use of Jewish prisoners as human guinea pigs for medical experiments.

The United States Holocaust Museum breaks down Nazi medical experiments on human subjects into three separate categories.

Experiments aimed at:

  • facilitating the survival of Axis military personnel
  • developing and testing pharmaceuticals and treatment methods for injuries and illnesses
  • advancing the racial and ideological tenets of the Nazi worldview

The authors of the previously mentioned left-wing articles on Coleman’s comment have intentionally attempted to give the impression that such experiments only fell into the third category. Perusing the comments on several of these articles, it appears the consumers of these Democrat propaganda organizations have virtually no idea that experiments of the first and second category were performed in the Third Reich death camps.

Technically and literally, experiments in the first and second category did exactly what Curtis Coleman described–they took lives to conduct experiments to temporarily extend the lives of others.

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