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FBI raids MI Christian militia group

Apparently the Obama administration has launched an all out attack on a Christian militia group known as the Hutaree. The Detroit News is reporting eight members have been arrested in the raids, seven men and one woman.

The raids took place in three states–Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana–targeting members of the Adrian, MI based group that trains to “defend the testimony” of Jesus Christ in the end times prophesied in the Bible.

Yesterday, a leader of another Michigan militia not targeted by the raids told the media the raids followed threats the group made against Muslims. But today the FBI says the group is charged with conspiring to wage war against the United States.

Those arrested were ordered held without bail today, with a bail hearing scheduled for Wednesday. The charges include sedition, attempts to use weapons of mass destruction, teaching/demonstrating use of explosive materials and two counts of carrying weapons in relation to a crime of violence, though not every member was charged with all of these.

Federal authorities allege the group was planning to murder a local law enforcement official next month, then ambush the funeral procession that would include law enforcement officers from around the country.

That’s the news we have so far, now for the editorial segment on these raids.

First, we’re naturally suspicious of this administration, its actions, and its motives for nearly every move it makes. But, if the charge of planning to murder law enforcement officials is proven in a court of law, we will most certainly be on the side of the FBI and the administration in this case. However, the President’s actions to date make us suspicious that such an operation would coincidentally culminate just days after he crammed an unwanted Socialist domestic policy agenda on the American people.

So we’ll reserve judgment on the rightness or wrongness of these raids for now, but we will keep a watchful eye on the situation.

Since we’re certain after reading the last couple of paragraphs that our liberal readers are thoroughly incensed that we would dare question the motives of the President of the US at a time like this, we remind them the liberal icon Keith Olbermann raised similar questions during the Bush administration.

For now we’ll give Obama’s administration the benefit of the doubt, but the timing still makes us extremely suspicious. We must consider the idea that the President could use this as a means to distract the American people from the health care debate, and to create fear and a desire for protection. Just as liberals did when Bush was in office.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation and keep readers informed.

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Pelosi Confirms New Medicare Tax on ‘Unearned Income, Whatever Category That Is’

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) revealed that a package of amendments to the Senate-passed health care bill would include a new tax on unearned income. Pelosi said this tax would cover all unearned income, “whatever category that is.”

Pelosi, speaking at a press conference on Thursday, said the new Medicare tax was inserted to make up for a reduction in the proposed tax on high-cost health insurance plans. The tax was opposed by House Democrats because it would have largely fallen on the generous health care plans enjoyed by labor union members, who are generally supportive of the Democratic Party.

Pelosi described the switch as a “victory” for the House.

“One of the victories we have in the House is that our members did not like the excise tax on [high-cost] insurance plans,” she said at the press conference. “We thought it would hurt the middle class. The higher end of that [tax] was left in the plan. I call it the platinum Rolls-Royce piece of it. The rest will be covered by a Medicare fee on unearned income.”

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America, are you ready to TEA Party?

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since conservative Americans started standing up to the liberal Socialists selling our country into the bonds of a collectivist slavery. But April 15 will be the anniversary of our first Tax Day TEA Party!

To build momentum and support for the upcoming annivesary Tax Day TEA Party, Tea Party Express III has embarked on its “Just Vote Them Out!” tour. Yesterday, thousands (we’ve seen estimates from 10-20,000) of disenchanted voters descended on the tiny town of Searchlight, NV to kick off the tour in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s hometown.

The map above shows all the stops along the way, from yesterday’s in Searchlight to the final stop on April 15 in Washington, DC. You can check the times and dates of the stops nearest you by clicking here:

We hope you’ll be at the tour’s stop nearest you, and at your local Tax Day TEA Party on the 15th!

It’s up to us to let the Socialist in DC know we won’t lie down and let them destroy our country!

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Now they passed it, and we still hate it!

by John Allison III, editor

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid branch of the Chicago mob now operating in Washington, DC bribed, cajoled, promised, and threatened their weak-kneed Democrat allies in the US House and Senate to convince a razor-thin majority of jackasses to ignore the will of the American electorate and put the locomotive in motion that will carry us on the 10-year journey to a US health care system completely controlled by Uncle Sam.

They celebrated their unpopular victory as conquerors…conquerors of subjects they rule rather than citizens they represent.

From the time the House of Representatives made their first plan public in July of last year, public approval has trended downward as the electorate read the bill and realized just how expansive and intrusive the plan was. Though approval spiked upward from time to time (especially during the President’s promotional tours fawned over by the mainstream media), Americans were never fooled for long.

President Obama and his Democrat henchmen (and henchwomen) continued to negotiate behind closed doors, ignore any GOP attempts to influence the negotiations, and campaign for the passage of the bill most American voters found abhorrent. Earlier this month, the President couldn’t even answer a reporter’s question about what was in the bill and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill so you can…uh…find out what is in it.”

Well, they did pass it and now we’re finding out what’s in it.

Obama got the expected bounce in the polls that comes with any nearly any political victory, but the bounce was temporary. Today, Rasmussen’s Presidential Approval Index is back at the same level as before the Sunday night vote…

For the dimwitted Democrats who believed the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-MSM tripe that we would love the bill once they crammed it down our throats, you were wrong (again)!

We still hate it!!!!!!!!

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Good and Bad of Halter vs. Lincoln in 2010 (Part II)

Good: We can win if we let the left choose the Democrat nominee (and we nominate a non-establishment, real conservative candidate.)

In Part I of this series we explained  how Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter’s entry into the US Senate race could actually benefit the beleaguered incumbent Democrat Blanche Lincoln. Now we’ll explain how conservative Arkansans can best exploit the Democrat primary to guarantee they are really represented in Washington next year.

Already, we’ve heard conservatives in Arkansas say “I’m voting for Lincoln in the Democrat primary, then whoever the Republican nominee is in the general election.” And while it’s easy to understand their concern that the absolute worst possible scenario would be to have the left-wing liberal Halter represent our great state in the Senate, this practice is unlikely to give us the best Republican challenger in November.

The key to conservatives winning this election is to present the best Republican candidate to the electorate.  We say Republican because history tells us no third party candidate can win, and the idea of the conservative Democrat has been proven to be nothing more than a myth over the past 14 months. That best Republican will be one who appeals to voters across the state.  The key will be getting voters across the state to look at, get to know, choose their favorite GOP candidate in this year’s Senate race, and vote for that candidate in the May primary.

In 2004, when Lincoln was last re-elected, only 54,000 Arkansas voters participated in the Republican primary.  Sixty-seven percent of those came from 8 counties.  That means the remaining counties averaged only 268 Republican primary voters each!

Is it any wonder then, when it’s time to cast votes in the general election, those counties tend to select the Democrat candidate in the general election?  In fact, of the eight counties mentioned earlier, Lincoln won three of them in November 2004.

The simple fact is, to win statewide, we need a conservative candidate with statewide appeal.  The question is, how can we nominate such a candidate?

The answer is simple.  We need voters statewide to participate in the GOP primary.

This year we are not at a fork in the road as a nation.  We’ve already passed the fork, and we took the wrong road.  This year we have to turn this ship of state around, go back to the fork, and take the right road.  But it won’t be easy.

To get conservative voters who traditionally vote in the Democrat primary (and vote Democrat in the general election) we must convince them by doing so they can make a difference.  Just a quick glance at Blanche Lincoln’s poll numbers evinces that voters are ready for a change.  Every Republican candidate included in Rasmussen’s polls leads the Senator.

But a closer look shows Arkansas’ conservative voters aren’t just dissatisfied with Lincoln, but Democrats in general.  Since Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter jumped in the race, those same GOP candidates poll even higher against him.  This makes clear Arkansas’ conservative electorate intends to hold the Democrat party responsible for Lincoln’s betrayal in backing President Obama’s Socialist agenda.

So what difference can strong statewide participation in the GOP primary make?  How will it help?

If we can get large numbers statewide voting in the Republican primary this year, our conservative cause will benefit in at least two ways.  We’ll let the left wing nutjobs select the Democrat candidate and we’ll end up with the most conservative nominee who appeals to voters not just in 3 to 8 Arkansas counties, but to voters in 75 counties.

Let the Left Select the Democrat Nominee

One thing we can thank President Obama for is making clear to most Americans just exactly what it means to be a liberal.  And American resistance to the Left’s idea of Change is overwhelming.  We’ve watched conservative Americans rise up over these past 14 months as President Obama nationalized large segments of the financial industry, the auto industry, and now the health care industry.  These grassroots activists, who left their comfort zone and took to the streets, were first ignored then insulted and finally ignored once again by the Democrat leaders in the White House and Congress.  They are mad as Hell!  They’re mad at Obama, Democrats, and liberal ideas in general.

So let the left choose the Democrat to run in November.  They’ll cut their own political throat by nominating Halter.  The Lieutenant Governor is running on everything conservative Arkansans hate.  Don’t vote against Halter in May, vote against him in November if he wins the nomination.

Nominate the RIGHT Republican

How many times have you said, or heard someone say, “What we need to do is send ordinary people to Washington instead of politicians”?

In past election years, ordinary people haven’t had much of a chance to win.  But if ever there was a year when an ordinary everyday Arkansan could win, this is it.  Why?

Because more people are paying attention than ever before.  Even in the earliest stages of the campaign, more Arkansans were drawn to candidates because of all that was happening in DC.  Usually, an unknown ordinary citizen isn’t well known outside his neighborhood or, at best, his town.  And it’s always been difficult for such a person to get his message out because people don’t try to learn about the candidates until just before the election.  By then, TV commercials are out and the guy or gal with the most money wins.

But today is different.  The events unfolding on the national stage drew grassroots conservatives into the process far earlier than ever before.  And several GOP candidates running for Senate and Congress have effectively used the internet to take their message to the people for over a year.  Though some have relied almost entirely on the old way of politicking, several learned a lot from Obama’s 2008 internet strategy.  They built their websites early and developed strong networks of grassroots supporters via Facebook and other social networking sites.

What this all means is that the old way of doing things may not be the key to victory in this primary.  Just ask Hillary Clinton how it worked for her in 2008.

On top of all that, we have to think about who is going to be voting in May.  Midterm elections usually have much lower turnout than in Presidential election years, and the primaries have really low turnouts.  The people who are most likely to vote at these times are those who are most passionate about what’s happening in their town, state, or nation.  Today, what group of voters are most passionate about what’s going on?

One guess?

If you said the Tea Party protesters, you win the prize!  Those folks who’ve been out in the streets, standing at podiums, carrying signs, shouting down elected officials, and calling Washington for the first time in their lives.  They’re mad as Hell and ready to do something about it.  And they’re conservative, and they don’t have the fondest feelings for ANY professional politician–Democrat or Republican.

This year we can send an ordinary person to Washington, if WE choose to.  If that’s what WE want.  If WE decide we’re no longer playing by the rules that gave us decades of non-representing representatives who are now marching us down the road to Socialism.  We have the opportunity.

And, for possibly the first time in history, the Republican primary in Arkansas offers numerous viable candidates to choose from.  We have professional politicians, establishment-backed candidates, and run-of-the-mill-ordinary-Joes in this race. We-the-people of Arkansas have a choice, and we need to choose wisely.

If we let the left-wing-loons of the Democrat party select their nominee, and we get a good strong statewide turnout for the Republican primary, we’ll choose the best candidate. One who can beat Halter or Lincoln in November.

But we need a candidate who appeals to ALL of Arkansas’ conservative electorate. So, if you’re a conservative voter in Arkansas, please vote in the GOP primary. Help choose the best candidate to represent ALL of Arkansas in Washington.

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For Pelosi’s B-day, Donate to Dennis!

by John Allison III, editor

I just sent a small birthday gift–$10–for Nancy Pelosi c/o her Republican opponent John Dennis. Today is Nancy’s birthday and Dennis is trying to raise $100,000 in her honor. It’s quick, easy, and a small step toward saving our country from the Queen of the tyrants seeking to destroy it with Socialism!

Will you help be sending a birthday gift–whatever you can afford, $1, $5, $10, or more–for our Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi c/o her Republican opponent John Dennis today?

Click here to donate and wish the Socialist Speaker of the House a very unhappy birthday!

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With this endorsement, Obama must be really proud

by John Allison III, editor

President Obama’s government takeover of the US health care system did get a big endorsement today. One that should make any (every?) follower of Karl Marx proud.

Everyone who ever found it difficult wading through the piles of the uninsured who perished at the door of the ER can now take pride in their country. Those who can’t afford health insurance but read this post on a $2000 computer while smoking a cigarette with their beer will be elated to learn the Democrats’ takeover must have been the right thing because the most revered humanitarian philanthropic model of human decency has now publicly given Obamacare his stamp of approval!

Who you ask?

You’re likely thinking a Nobel Laureate, or someone adored the world around. Someone especially loved in his own country.

Let’s see.

“We consider health reform to have been an important battle and a success of his (Obama’s) government,” Fidel Castro wrote in an essay published in state media, adding that it would strengthen the president’s hand against lobbyists and “mercenaries.”

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“It is really incredible that 234 years after the Declaration of Independence … the government of that country has approved medical attention for the majority of its citizens, something that Cuba was able to do half a century ago,” wrote Castro.

That’s right!

Obamacare must be a great thing because the humanitarian hero Fidel Castro tells us our President did the right thing! Castro says it’s great that the US is FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF CUBA (only a half century behind)!

So I wonder, after the passage of another half century, will the children of our children sail for Cuba in overcrowded homemade boats hoping to improve their lives as they flee their third world country?

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Hope and Change … the Constitution

by Larry Elder at

We live in a fundamentally different country from that which existed only days ago. The government now requires that every American purchase health insurance. The Constitution has been attacked, interpreted in a way beyond its original intent. Therefore, we must change it.

Ignoring the will of the majority of the American people, the discouraging experiences of countries with socialized medicine, and the already staggering amount of entitlement debt, President Barack Obama and the congressional Democrats “reformed” health care. Once a nation under a Constitution that restricted government intrusion, we now want government to provide for our “needs” by calling them “rights.”

We now ask government to prop up failing businesses, make student loans, guarantee mortgages, build and maintain public housing, financially support state education from preschool though graduate school, fund private research, provide disaster relief and aid, pay “volunteers” and on and on.

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Dingell: Obamacare to “Control the People”

Finally, a Democrat has told the truth about Obamacare. Representative John Dingell (D-MI) told talk radio host Paul W. Smith that it takes a long time “to put the legislation together to control the people.”


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What now? We work to Repeal It!

by John Allison III, editor

Now that the Democrats have forced the American people to swallow the unconstitutional, unwanted government takeover of the US health care system, it’s more important than ever that we continue the fight.

More than a year of protests, town halls, letters, calls, and emails to our Senators and Representatives have left us battle weary and perhaps ready to rest. Several times the past few months we thought we had won the war, but each time our opponent abandoned the rule book we were playing by and found a way to press on. But it’s important to realize our enemy is battle scarred and weakened from the prolonged fight as well. They too will be ready to relax, thinking they’ve won and the fight is finished.

But we must search ourselves for our reserves, gather whatever strength we have remaining and continue the fight.

The primary season is upon us. Our energy must now be devoted to identifying, promoting, and electing true conservative Republican candidates who can defeat these Constitution destroying Democrats who have now shackled us with Socialism. Whether or not you identify yourself as a Republican, it’s essential in 2010 we nominate and then elect conservative GOP candidates. Why?

Because the number one priority in these midterm elections is to demote Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We absolutely must take control on at least one of the Houses of Congress. Pelosi and Reid each determine what legislation comes to the floor of their respective houses of Congress, and nothing less than a Republican majority can change that. Committee chairmanships are also decided by the party in the majority of each house. Yet another reason it’s imperative we take back at least one of the two houses.

Since the Democrats’ insisted on passing this toxic legislation that a majority of Americans made clear they didn’t want, they’ve created for themselves an open sore that must be healed if they hope to win in November. We must focus our attacks on that sore, and do everything in our power to keep it open and festering throughout the campaign.

The Club for Growth is working to do just that. Their “Repeal It” pledge has already been signed by more than 50 lawmakers, over 200 candidates, and almost 15000 citizens. The pledge taken by lawmakers and candidates states they promise to “sponsor and support legislation to repeal any federal health care takeover passed in 2010, and replace it with real reforms that lower health care costs without growing government.” Citizens take a pledge to support, “with my time, money, and vote – only candidates who pledge to support its repeal and replacement with real reforms that lower health care costs without growing government.”

Club for Growth has made it simple to find out if your favorite lawmaker or candidate has signed the pledge. Just go to their website,, to check. For example, I can click here to instantly see which candidates in my home state of Arkansas have signed the pledge.

If you haven’t done so, please take the citizens’ pledge. Then check to see which Republican candidates in your state have signed, and help get them elected so we can repeal this law and make our way back to a Constitutional government.

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