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Could we be headed for a 2nd Cold War?

by John Allison III, editor

At least that looks like a real possibility thanks to our imbecilic President’s idiocy on the foreign policy front.

It’s been no secret that Obama’s not-so-novel idea of loving our enemies so much that they beat their swords into plowshares hasn’t worked so well. (Of course after Jimmy Carter tried it in the seventies, you’d think even liberals would have expected less than ideal results.) This left wing loon of a chief executive has yet to achieve one positive result in our relationship with foreign powers.

In the early stages of his Presidential campaign, Obama told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that “Many around the world are disappointed with our actions. And many in our own country have come to doubt either our wisdom or our capacity to shape events beyond our borders. Some have even suggested that America’s time has passed.

That was in April 2007.

Before the North Koreans beat their chests as they launched missiles to test our mettle. Before Iran violently put down protesters seeking a more open and representative government. Before Libyan President crawled out of his tent to embrace the murderer of 270 passengers and crew aboard Pan Am flight 103 twenty one years earlier. Before Iran and North Korea openly defied American and UN warnings in their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Before scrapping a plan to deploy an anti-ballistic missile shield in Poland. Before Obama signed a new arms treaty that weakens our national security and that the Russians told us they would ignore at will. Before childishly snubbing the President of our only true, time-tested ally in the Middle East at the White House. And before today, when Russia announced they were working to build a nuclear reactor for Iran that would be completed by the end of this summer!

I doubt Jimmy Carter can claim so many foreign policy failures in his first 15 months as President!

We (conservatives) tried to warn the President that his proposed policy of appeasing our adversaries would only embolden them, diminish their respect for us, and weaken our national security. But he wouldn’t listen. In a style that made liberals proud, he sheepishly pursued a kindler, gentler approach to dealing with the belligerent bullies berating our country and way of life around the globe.

The failure of said policy is obvious.

In 1989, after nearly 45 years of sharing superpower status with the USSR, the US became the victor in the Cold War when the Berlin Wall came crashing down under the hammers of German citizens who had for so long remained separated the concrete and steel barrier that divided the East and West. Communist governments then fell in quick succession in the ensuing years all over the old Soviet bloc. Ronald Reagan, so despised by liberals in the US, had destroyed the only real challenge to American might.

The United States reigned supreme as the sole superpower at the end of the 20th century and former Cold War enemies were transforming their political and economic systems to become more like those that helped us achieve that status.

As the dust settled in 2001 after the terror attacks of 9/11, some predicted the end of US dominance had been brought about by a handful of rag tag terrorists who could handle the controls of a passenger jet. But then-President Bush marshaled American troops and citizens to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and take the fight to the enemy.

Pride in our country took root once again and the enemy was quickly routed on the field of battle. Enemies of the US were awed by the destructive power of American will and might.

But the early successes in the war were soon overshadowed by anti-war activists like now-President Barack Hussein Obama. To be fair, Bush made mistakes in the conduct of the war. But liberal ideologues like our current Commander-in-Chief seized every opportunity to put success in Iraq and Afghanistan out of reach. Obama and his left wing loon friends consistently decried every Bush policy intended to help achieve victory against the terrorists who had struck the US homeland.

Now Obama and his America-hating advisers occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They control the switches that determine when, where, and how US power is wielded around the globe.

They told us once their ideas were put into play, our enemies would gain new respect for us. They told us their ideas would stop radical Muslims from strapping bombs to the chests of their children to blow away unsuspecting civilians. They told us a lot of things, but they were wrong.

Now, after months of watching third world tyrants back down the might US without any significant response, our old nemesis Russia has chosen to flex its muscle. First by seizing the momentum in the nuclear treaty negotiations, and now by openly defying US and UN demands that Iran give up their pursuit of a nuclear reactor capable of producing nuclear weapons. And don’t forget, earlier this month Russia let the world know they were sending $5 billion in arms to America’s arch-enemy in the Western hemisphere Venezuela.

Russian power is on the rise as our apologizing, bowing, appeasing President presents a kinder, gentler side of America to those who wish to destroy us in the world.

And this is only 15 months into Obama’s term. I can only imagine how much more damage the President can inflict over the next 33 months.

But make no mistake, Russia still longs for superpower status. And once they achieve it, as long as we too remain a superpower, we will find ourselves locked in the second Cold War.

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April 14, 2010 - Posted by | Foreign Policy

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