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Two Arkansas US Senate Candidates Roll Out Special Campaign Vehicles

Bill Smith, ARRA News Editor: Two Arkansas Republicans running for the US Senate have rolled out their special campaign vehicles with messages addressing the liberal agenda. The two are Jim Holt and Gilbert Baker. Messages on Holt ambulance is taking shots at incumbent Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln.  Baker bus messages are taking shots at fellow Republican candidate Rep. John Boozman as well as at Sen.Lincoln.

Both Holt and Baker have good polling numbers against Blanche Lincoln but may split in their efforts to make it to the primary run-off because U.S. Rep John Boozman and five other Republican candidates are also running in the Republican primary. Maybe these vehicles at campaign stops will help their message. Democrats are already endorsing Holt’s ambulance by attacking it – kind of cool!  Wonder if any of the other Republicans will roll out specialized vehicles in their races. Hint to a couple of the other Republicans: consider a Military Jeep or Tank; Tractor; Delivery Truck. Enjoy the following pictures:

Holt introduced the 2004 Ford F450 former emergency ambulance that several Holt supporters and volunteers have modified to read “ObamaCare Repeal Unit” in bold print on the face along with phrases like “Stop The Barackracy” and “The Cure for Obama’s Hope & Change.” In addition, America’s Ambulance touts a caricature of President Obama with a Soviet hammer & sickle insignia affixed to his lapel while the other side displays a cartoon sketch of Sen. Lincoln posing alongside Sen. Harry Reid & Rep. Nancy Pelosi next to the words “Revive America: Vote Jim Holt for U.S. Senate.”

Hold said, “The current administration is cramming their liberal agenda down the throats of the people in much the same way – with no thought for the American public. When you attack the leader of the most Socialist minded progressive agenda our nation has ever seen, it is bound to cause quite a stir.

“We are speaking out and representing Americans who have not had a voice in Washington that represents them. With recent attacks on freedom and liberty, citizens need a leader – someone who will fight to defend their Constitutional rights.” Holt reiterated, “The illustration in America’s Ambulance harnesses the momentum we need to drive us through to victory in November. Then we will head for the ER –  Economic Recovery.”

Baker is using a bus for his three-day “No Bailouts Bus Tour,” stopping in Conway, Little Rock, Cabot, Searcy, Heber Springs, Mountain View, and Marshall. The tour highlights Baker’s opposition to big government bailouts and his support for fiscal responsibility in Washington D.C. “It’s time to say ‘no’ to big government bailouts,” Baker said. “My opponent, Congressman John Boozman, voted for the TARP bank bailout, and people I’ve talked with today agree that someone who’s been part of the DC problem can’t fix the DC problem. I would not have voted for the bank bailout and I call on Congressman Boozman to join me in pledging to vote against any government bailouts in the future.

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April 29, 2010 - Posted by | Election 2010

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