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This is why we need to close the southern border, NOW

After watching this video, every patriotic US citizen should understand exactly why the new law cracking down on illegal immigration in Arizona was necessary. This recent video, shot at a La Raza rally, demonstrates the absolute idiocy of US policy that fails to protect our borders.

The speaker has been reported to be Mr. Ronald Gochez, a teacher at Santee High School in Los Angeles. Though no photo is available at the school’s website, he is listed as a faculty member in the School of Public Service and Social Justice. His position is listed simply as “social studies teacher.”

Here are just a few of the outlandish quotes from Mr. Gochez’s remarks:

“This is not just about Mexico. This is about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism.”

“…where we now stand is stolen, occupied Mexico.

“Why is it that these people–these frail, racist, white people, want to keep us out of this country? It’s not because simply the color of our skin. It’s not simply because they just want to exploit us. Let me tell you why. Because on this planet right now are 6 billion people at the forefront of the revolutionary movement is La Raza.”

“We have the long history and example of our Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales…”

“We have 9 left of center governments in Latin America right now and they know something that one young Argentine called Che Guevara said. It was called the Domino Theory and he knew that every single country would go revolutionary. One after the other, after the other, after the other.”

They know that we will no longer fall to these lies called borders. We know that a Salvadoran and a Guatemalan and Nicaraguans and Mexicano, there’s no damn difference. We are all one people. So with that in mind, we see ourselves–all of us here–as the Northern Front of a Latin American revolutionary movement.”

“There are more than 40 million of our people north of the Rio Grandes (sic). That means to them, there’s 40 million potential revolutionaries north of the border, inside the belly of the beast.”

We are not just a regular culture anymore. We are a culture of revolutionary spirit.

“Our enemy is the same enemy that Hugo Chavez has. Our enemy is the same enemy that keeps Africa poor. Our enemy is the same enemy that keeps Asia poor. Our enemy is Capitalism and Imperialism.”

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May 9, 2010 - Posted by | Immigration


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