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9 years later…

Nine years ago today, I was in my driveway working on equipment, getting it ready to go and cut hay, when my wife came to the door and told me plane had just hit the World Trade Center. At that moment I knew radical Muslim terrorists had landed a blow like our country had never felt. I came inside and watched the news coverage, shaking my head and cursing the commentators and their guests who speculated this could have been an accident. There was no doubt in my mind.

And then the second plane. At that point everyone knew what I did from the first impact. Then the Pentagon and next the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

In those first minutes we could only estimate the number of dead at the hand of these bloodthirsty, heartless, cold-blooded murderers. The number 10,000 stuck in my head. In the end, after days, weeks, and months, we learned the number was only ~3,000. THREE THOUSAND died in one attack on United States soil.

I was surprised by the surge in patriotism that coursed across America in the wake of the attacks. Our country became galvanized, a great majority calling for our enemy’s blood. Our cities, towns, and rural areas were awash in a sea of American flags as citizens rallied to demonstrate to the world we would not be defeated, neither destroyed. Likely surprising the Muslim murderers who sought to cripple us, American morale had never been higher in my lifetime.

Nine years later, we have broadcast withdrawal time lines for our armed forces who continue the fight against radical Muslim terrorists who continue to want to destroy us. Today we’ll likely see more flags flying than usual, but it won’t compare to the red, white, and blue that appeared in the months following the attacks. Sadly, too many have already forgotten.

Forgotten the lives of those lost.

I will never forget.

Today, in honor of those who died, my wife and I will participate in the Sara Low 5K at Batesville, AR. Sara Low was a flight attendant on American Airlines flight 11, the first plane to crash into the World Trade Center. She was a graduate of Batesville High School and proceeds from this race provide a scholarship in her honor that is awarded to a graduating senior from the school each year.

If you haven’t found a way to honor the memories of the victims of 9/11, please do so.

May God bless America, and may we eventually be successful in eradicating the radical Muslim terrorists who declared war on us.

Never, never forget!

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September 11, 2010 Posted by | War on Terrorism | 2 Comments

A Church Most Never Knew of…

Watch this video and learn what our founding fathers really thought about the relationship between Christianity and our country.

Now ask yourself why the left-wing lunatics, including the MSM, in this country cover up the truth and continue to spread the lie that the founding fathers wanted religion to have no place in the public sphere. Why?

You decide.

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