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A conservative’s Christmas wish

When President Obama began shredding the US Constitution and tearing down United States of America, conservative citizens rose up and battled hard for two years. An awakening on our side like I had never seen in my lifetime. In November, it appeared our fight to stop Herr Obama and his Czar-loaded administration’s march toward a United Socialist States of America had been stopped. Democrats staggered and stammered in recoil as the election results rolled in and casted many of their members out. Republicans, who had run campaigns on conservative platforms toppled their Democrat rivals from coast-to-coast, from the Rio Grande to the Canadian border. Conservatives, weary of a nonviolent political war that had not seen a cessation of hostilities for two full years, stepped down and drew a breath.

But, in the 50 or so days since that supposed conservative victory, many of the Republicans have chosen to join hands with their Democrat colleagues and help them close the year with big liberal legislative victories. With a conservative tsunami sweeping America, Democrats have practically turned unemployment benefits into a permanent entitlement program, sacrificed our military readiness and effectiveness by allowing gays to serve openly in the armed services, and ratified a treaty that limits us from deploying missile defense systems vital to our national security. All of these liberal victories came so RINOs could demonstrate their willingness to compromise with their liberal loser colleagues.

President Obama, ambient with arrogance, proclaimed this lame duck session the, “most productive post-election period in decades. And it comes on the heels of the most productive two years that we’ve had in generations.” Only weeks after suffering historic losses in a mid-term election, Obama and Democrats have rebounded in the face of the conservative tidal wave to pass the most controversial of their liberal agenda with practically no Republican resistance. Instead of fighting to represent the conservative constituents who delivered their victories, too many Republicans have helped Democrats push forward in the name of compromise. Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer described the situation perfectly when he said Republicans are “clearing his [Obama’s] path and sprinkling it with rose petals.”

Republicans lost control of Congress in 2006, not because they were acting conservative, but because they were not! They had control from 1994 to 2006, and during that time government grew at an astounding pace, our Constitution was ripped in a bipartisan “compromise” called campaign finance reform, and illegal immigration exploded while a Republican compromise did nothing to stem the tide. Republicans lost control in 2006 because they were NOT pushing a conservative agenda! And it appears too many have already started down that path again.

Democrats lost control of the US House and suffered big losses in the US Senate because they pushed a far left agenda too far in the past two years. In less than two years, Democrats forced on the American people (against their will in most cases):

  • A government takeover of numerous banks,
  • A government takeover of the domestic auto industry,
  • A government takeover of the health care industry
  • A government takeover of the student loan industry.
  • Government spending increases that increased our national debt by 40%,
  • A monetary policy that has resulted in massive price increases on almost everything while the government reports little or no inflation,

just to name a few of the liberal agenda pills we have been forced to swallow though the masses made clear they were opposed to the march toward Socialism. The historic election made it impossible to claim the American electorate supports Obama’s agenda. But now some Republicans are bending over backwards to show they can be good sports and let the liberal jackass party share the political spoils. WHY?!?!?

As a committed Conservative, my Christmas wish is for newly elected Republican Congressmen and Senators to link up with true conservatives like Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Sen. Jim Demint (R-SC), respectively, when they take their place on Capitol Hill next month. My wish is for these newly elected employees of the people stand firm on the conservative principles that won them their seats. My wish is for these new members of our legislative body to buck their RINO colleagues and refuse to appease liberals in compromises that fly-in-the-face of the conservative voters who elected them. My wish is for them to realize doing nothing is better than doing something wrong.

In sum, my wish is for our newly elected members in the US House and Senate remember who put them in office and VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

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December 23, 2010 - Posted by | Conservatism

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