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Proof that prolonged benefits prolong unemployment

That’s the headline that caught my eye on Drudge this morning. I clicked through to the USA Today article almost expecting some new Democrat way of counting that would spin the high rate of Americans without jobs to favor Obama. Instead, the change is no big deal and doesn’t impact the way the unemployed are counted or how the rate is calculated. The change is nothing more than giving interviewers a new box to check off to track the elevated rate of protracted unemployment since Obamanomics burst onto the scene.

Apparently, so many people are staying unemployed for so long, the old forms just aren’t cutting it anymore. Before Obama, Democrat degenerates in Congress, and the RINOs who have joined forces to turn unemployment benefits into a permanent entitlement, folks could only collect a check for a limited time after losing their job. At that point, like it or not, they had to find another job and rejoin the ranks of productive citizens. When that was the case, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) only saw the need to ask respondents if they’d been unemployed for “99 weeks or over.”

But times have changed. Obama, Democrats, and RINOs, on a quest to ever expand the dependent class among the American citizenry, have virtually established the unemployment insurance program as a permanent entitlement. The result, as real conservative commentators, bloggers, and politicians predicted, has been an ever-increasing rate of the terminally unemployed. BLS cites an “unprecedented rise” in long-term unemployment as the reason it will add an option on its form for respondents to admit to being unemployed for “260 weeks or over.”

The chart above shows a doubling of the percentage of long-term unemployed since Obama took office. When Obama forced his big-government agenda on the American people against their will, he pompously proclaimed it would rejuvenate the ailing economy and result in a lower unemployment rate. Though he continues to claim the economy is recovering, this latest change from BLS gives evidence of the real results of his Socialist policies.

The BLS form change offers proof positive that prolonging unemployment benefits prolongs unemployment.

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December 28, 2010 - Posted by | Economy

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