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Global Warming. Can’t you feel it?

Florida, the warm-weather getaway for many snowbirds from up north, recorded its coldest December ever to close out 2010. Historic winter storms blanketed much of the US and Europe, shutting down airports from New York to Moscow, stranding untold numbers of holiday travelers. You can bet there weren’t very many with Global Warming on their mind.

But President Obama’s administration is still looking to use the fallacious crisis to seize even more control of our daily lives. EPA officials, with teeth chattering as they make their way to work through the bitter cold, “prepares regulations that would force companies to get permits to release greenhouse gases” according to a recent Fox News article.

Of course it’s not just last month’s brutal cold snap that debunks the long-running arguments of Global Warming alarmists like Al Gore and Michael Moore. The scientists who have collected hundreds of billions of dollars in government research grants did more damage to their cause last year than any cold snap could. That’s when hackers released emails stolen from the climate so-called-scientists who’ve perpetrated this massive fraud for decades. The emails revealed manipulation or omission of data that called their hypotheses into question.

Reasonable people recognized that Global Warming was a sham. But the tantalizing promise of rewards from continuing the crisis, in the form of wealth and power, kept the alarmists and their bureaucrat buddies on course. Rather than hang their heads in shame, they came up with a new name for the supposed warming that resulted in cooler temperatures. They chose the name “Climate Change” to replace the no longer convincing “Global Warming.” Brilliant!

The new name could be applied to ANY turn in the weather. A cold snap? The result of “Climate Change!” A warm front? “Climate Change” caused it! Strong winds? Let’s blame them on “Climate Change!” Tornadoes in Kansas? “Climate Change” to blame! Earthquakes and mudslides in California? “Climate Change” did it! We could go on, but you get the idea.

The EPA even changed its phraseology to the more flexible “Climate Change” and abandoned the now unpopular (and debunked) “Global Warming.” But the agencies arguments to address “Climate Change” are the exact same arguments they used to deal with “Global Warming!”

The agency’s web page devoted to “Climate Change” is fronted by flipping through the following phrases, all backed by photos intended to bolster their argument that the Earth is warming…

“Glaciers around the world are shrinking, and the amount of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has decreased since the 1970s.”

“Average sea level worldwide is projected to rise up to two feet by the end of this century. This rise would eliminate approximately 10,000 square miles of land in the United States.”

“Hurricanes in the Atlantic are likely to become more intense as ocean temperatures rise.”

“As temperatures rise, some migratory birds are spending the winter an average of 35 miles further north than they did 40 years ago.”

“From heat waves to melting glaciers, the signs of a changing planet are documented in a new EPA report presenting 24 indicators of climate change.”

The left-wing control freaks that used Global Warming as an argument for overreaching regulatory power grabs by government agencies just won’t give up, even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence their conjectures are wrong!

One thing’s sure, new regulations WILL increase costs for business and industry and those costs WILL be passed on to consumers. That’s why Obama couldn’t pass the same policies legislatively, even with huge Democrat majorities in the House and Senate.

This is a fight that needs to be taken up by the new GOP members elected to Congress! And it needs to be taken up immediately. Left-wing, liberal, Democrat policies have already raised the cost of nearly every necessity. It needs to stop now.

Those snowbirds that come to Florida to escape the cold up north would probably be grateful for a little Global Warming right now.

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January 1, 2011 - Posted by | Environment

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