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Please Pray for “America, You Asked For It” Editor and His Wife

Bill Smith: It is with deep sadness, that I write and ask the readers of “America, You Asked For It” and for others to pray for our editor, John Allison and his wife Janice. They have lost their precious 17-year old daughter, Amanda, in a tragic shooting Saturday night.

I will not addressing the details of the shooting except to state that the young man who killed Amanda is in custody. Also, please pray for the Allison extended family, their friends, and for Amanda’s school classmates at Vilonia High School where John Allison was also a math teacher.

It would be fruitless for me to share more at this time. This is a horrible tragedy and a senseless loss for the family and friends.

Many know John as the creator, writer and editor of this site. He was also a father, a high school teacher, a local conservative activist, and an ex-Marine who loves his God, his family and his country.

As my friend, my heart breaks for John and Janice’s loss. No platitudes or further words will do.

Please – pray!

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