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Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Under the Health Care Bill

Americans United for Life has put together a flow chart of the ways that Taxpayer Fund Abortion Under the Senate Health Care Bill which was just signed into law. Rep. Randy Neughbauer (R-TX)was correct in calling the health care bill a “baby killer.” Below is a screen shot of the chart:

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Obama’s Dawn Johnsen Appointment

by Ken Blackwell at

Dawn Johnsen is President Obama’s nominee to head the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel (OLC). It’s arguably the most important office at DoJ. OLC sets policy for the entire federal government.

When not serving in government, Dawn Johnsen has spent her career promoting abortion-on-demand. She denies there is even such a thing as Partial-Birth Abortion. Even the term, she maintains, is “intentionally provocative.” She does not think that “progressives”—that’s PC-speak for liberal—should suggest that abortion is ever a tragedy.

Not for Dawn Johnsen Bill Clinton’s slippery formulation: “Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.” Dismiss for the moment that Bill and Hillary Clinton did everything they could in their eight years to promote abortion world-wide. The only places they made abortion rare were on the Moon and in Antarctica.

Even the Clintons’ basic premise was flawed. If abortion is “a fundamental constitutional right,” as they said in every official document, then why should it be rare? Is there any other fundamental constitutional right we want to be rare?

Hillary once said abortion is “wrong.” (Newsweek, 31 October 1994). Only once. But she pressed governments around the world to legalize it. That’s an odd way to deal with something you think is wrong.

Dawn Johnsen doesn’t think abortion is wrong at all. She is all for it.


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Planned Parenthood Fears Outside Scrutiny – Chooses Closely Linked Group to Implement ‘Reform’

December 30th, LOS ANGELES – Lila Rose, 20-year old president of Live Action, responds to a public statement made by Planned Parenthood of Indiana President Betty Cockrum in defense of her organization after investigative videos shot in Bloomington and Indianapolis clinics showed the criminal cover up of statutory rape. Rose calls for Planned Parenthood of Indiana to publicly release the number of reports Planned Parenthood of Indiana has made to Child Protective Services in conjunction with the number of minors to whom they have provided STD testing, abortion counseling, pregnancy testing, and birth control.

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Planned Parenthood Staffer in Video Resigns

Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — A Planned Parenthood of Indiana counselor has resigned after an undercover video showed her telling a woman posing as a 13-year-old that she didn’t care about the age of the man who impregnated her, the group said Friday.

Two videos shot at the organization’s clinics by an anti-abortion group appear to show workers unconcerned about state law requiring anyone learning of sexual acts between an adult and a child under 14 to report them to police or child welfare authorities. A nursing aide seen in the other video was previously fired.

Planned Parenthood said Friday it has enlisted an outside group to help retrain its workers on the legal requirements for reporting abuse.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s president and CEO, Betty Cockrum, also called on the anti-abortion group Live Action to give it copies of all the undercover video it shot at clinics in Bloomington and Indianapolis that showed a young patient claiming she had been impregnated by an older man.

“It’s right for us to see what our staff said and did,” Cockrum said.

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Well, Ms. Cockrum, if you want to see what your staff said and did, it’s right here on YouTube.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid more training for staff won’t remedy this situation.  The problem is these workers for PPH are willing to break the law because of political motivation.  They care nothing for this young girl, only for the unobstructed right to abortion.

And remember, I’m a conservative that believes a grown woman should have the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy except for partial-birth abortions. 

But PPH’s opposition to parental notification laws are insane.  Public schools can’t give my daughters an aspirin without my permission, but a PPH clinic can give them an abortion without me knowing.  It’s absolutely flabbergasting that anyone can try to justify that!

In this case though, these workers were so blinded by their political position on abortion that they don’t even care this 13-year old girl was sexually molested by a 31 year-old man.  Training won’t fix that!

Perhaps a psychological evaluation of potential PPH employees would identify these nutcases, but PPH also needs to redefine it’s mission. (This link is to a Google cached page because the original link now redirects to the PPH homepage.)  If PPH wants to really avoid this situation in the future, it’s mission should be to provide the service that’s best for each and every individual girl or woman who seeks it’s services, not to make certain every woman has unrestricted access to an abortion.

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