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Dem’s to investigate Sosa, not ACORN

You gotta love this.

Democrats in the US House, whose leader is the lying Nancy Pelosi, plan to investigate Sammy Sosa for lying to them about steroid use.  They won’t investigate ACORN for using taxpayer dollars to fund their fraudulent registration of voters, because the activities of the ACORN criminals help get Democrats elected.

Not that I’m endorsing steroid use, or lying under oath, but come on.  Which should have priority–a lying baseball player, or the habitual criminal misuse of taxpayer funds?

Sign the petition to stop taxpayer funding of ACORN here.

Sign the petition demand a federal investigation into ACORN here.

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Petition: Stop taxpayer funding of ACORN!

Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is collecting signatures on her petition to stop the Democrats’ political payoff in subsidizing the criminal organization ACORN.  Under investigation for voter fraud in 14 states, the  Democratic leadership in Congress refuses to investigate its criminal activities that were funded by taxpayer dollars, because ACORN has illegally been instrumental in getting Democrats elected to office.

Please sign her petition now!

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“Cold Cash” Jefferson jury selection underway

Yet more evidence that political corruption pervades the party that planned to “drain the swamp,” as the dishonest Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put it.

Here’s a taste of Michelle Malkin’s latest column laying out the case.

Cold cash, hot Democrat mess

Remember William “Cold Cash” Jefferson? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Clean-Up Crew hope you’ve forgotten. Jefferson is the former Louisiana congressman caught with gobs of money in his freezer nearly four years ago in an FBI sting. He finally went on trial this week on a multitude of federal bribery and racketeering charges.

Refresher: FBI agents confronted Jefferson with video showing him accepting $100,000 in marked bills from a government informant. Prosecutors say he took the money to bribe a Nigerian official in a business deal. “We got to motivate him real good,” Jefferson told the informant, according to a Justice Department transcript. “He’s got a lot of people to pay off.”


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Another Obama appointee w/ pay-to-play troubles

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0000018fRemember all the promises of “change”? Well, if this is the change a majority of Americans were seeking, we’re in trouble. Bush has made mistakes, a lot of them, but scandals and shady deals seem to follow this Obama crowd everywhere. Read all about Hillary’s Pay-to-Play troubles here on Obamanoms.

Remember the big scandals in 2000 with Bush appointees–Linda Chavez had employeed an illegal alien as her maid and–cover your children’s eyes to protect them from reading this one–John Ashcroft was a Christian! Oh how the liberals screamed and cried and condemned the President for choosing such threats to society. They probably believed we’d have been better off if Satan himself resided in the White House.

All of you who bought into Obama’s promise of “change” can be happy though. Things are changing. We’re going to have a White House operating under Chicago style politics for the next four years.


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Focus of Richardson Probe Gave Obama $30,000

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Oh this just keeps getting better all the time.  No wonder Obama’s been so quiet since the Democratic Illinois Governor Rod “The Senate Seat Salesman” Blagojevich’s world began to crumble.  The corruption that keeps rearing its ugly head in Democratic circles is getting so close it may just be crushing his chest.

Today we find out the same guy at the center of Democratic Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson’s “pay-to-play” scandal lined Obama’s campaign pockets to the tune of $30,000.

What was that we heard throughout the campaign?  Something along the lines of “we did all this with $5 contributions from the common folk.”  Lies, lies, lies, and more lies.  $30K is more than Bob the UAW worker’s change from his morning coffee, a lot more.  Apparently Obama’s campaign was financed no differently than any other, with big money from influential donors.

Oh he has a website and I’m sure he collected a few bucks through it from the average Joe, but now we know he took a lot of money in through rubbing elbows with the elitist powerbrokers he claimed to despise.

In late September, Rubin attended an exclusive Los Angeles fundraiser for Obama, held at the Beverly Hills’ Greystone Mansion. Attendees gave tens of thousands of dollars which the campaign split between its own coffers, the Democratic National Committee and state-level campaign groups supporting Obama and Democratic candidates. The technique helps campaigns take in from individuals far more than the $2,300 maximum they are allowed to give to a single campaign fund.

B-b-b-but…didn’t he tell us he wanted to get that money out of politics?

Two scandal ridden Democratic governors with close ties to the bringer of Hope and Change and the unscrupulous actions of Democratic operators in stealing the Senate seat in MN are making this transition more and more interesting. Obama hasn’t been burned, but he appears closer to the fire with this latest development.

Our next president just might be bringing Chicago-style politics to DC. How’s that for change?


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Playing the Race Card in Burris Case

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Well it’s finally happened. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has openly stated that racism is playing a part in the Senate’s unwillingness to seat the appointee of disgraced Democratic Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, Roland Burris after he was turned away today and not allowed to take the seat vacated by President-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

“There is a strong constitutional and legal case for his seating,” he said. “The longer this process takes the more racialized this seat becomes and the more difficult it becomes for Democrats to hold it in 2010.”–Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL)

So, the seat is becoming racialized.

Michelle Malkin recognized this brewing beneath the surface here and here.

So the same nation that just elected an African-American to the highest office in the land is now refusing to let a poor little black man become a Senator because we’re a bunch of racists.  The saddest part is that too many people will buy this line of crap.


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Even the blind can see through this

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The disgraced Democratic Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, has now set the dates for a special election to replace President-elect Barack Hussein Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in the US House of Representatives.  A primary election will be held on 3 March 2009 and the general election will follow on 7 April.

What was that we heard from Illinois Democrats about a special election to fill Obama’s Senate seat being too expensive?  The cost would be greatly reduced if held in conjunction with this one–and they knew that at the time.

Even a blind person should see through the spin the Democrats put out on this one now.  There is absolutely no doubt Illinois Democrats feared the good people from the state which gave us “Honest Abe” would be so disgusted with Democratic corruption that they would have replaced BO with a Republican.

Lincoln must be turning over in his grave about now.

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Mr. Burris Goes to Washington

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And in spite of all the controversy surrounding his appointment, he’s proclaiming himself the junior Senator from Illinois!

Unbelievable, well maybe not for the Democrats.

Will Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Democratic President-elect Barack Hussein Obama stand by their previous position that NO appointment by Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich?  Or is the concept that, given an opportunity, the good people of the land of “Honest Abe” will elect a Republican to BO’s vacated Senate seat enough to throw principles to the wind and accept the appointment of a governor charged with the worst political corruption since Watergate?

Things are beginning to look like the latter..  From the LA Times:

“I’m an old trial lawyer. There’s always room to negotiate,” said Reid, a Nevada Democrat, on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Translation:  Reid’s former statement was only made to make him appear principled at a time when many Americans were captivated by the Democratic corruption.  Now that many Americans have tuned out where this story’s concerned, the true Reid-without-principles is coming out and he may not oppose the scandal-plagued-Democratic-governor’s “choice” to fill BO’s seat.

Nothing coming from the Obama camp, he’s keeping apparently trying to avoid attention after yesterday’s announcement that his appoinment for Commerce Secretary, Democratic Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, withdrew his name from consideration to deal with his own Pay-to-Play scandal.  (This crowd is starting to make Republicans’ look better and better all the time.)  We’ll have to wait until the 20th it appears, to find out whether or not his long-touted change meant anything more than a change in occupants for the White House.  Apparently, mum’s the word until then.

This Democratic power grab, coupled with the theft of the Senate election in Minnesota, should make it obvious to anyone that the party of the jackass will stop at nothing.  The constitution won’t stand in their way, voters won’t stand in their way, and the law won’t stand in their way as they attempt to build a supermajority in the upper chamber of Congress.  Should we look for attempts to expel or force the resignation of a sitting Republican Senator from a state with a Democratic Governor soon after 20  January?

I don’t put anything past these crooks.


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Rep. “Cold Cash” Jefferson (D-LA) can’t delay bribery trial

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Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Rep. William Jefferson is running out of options.

The Louisiana Democrat, in his final days in office, lost a longshot bid Monday to delay his trial on bribery charges.

Jefferson has been trying to get the charges thrown out, but a federal judge refused and the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that decision in November. In a one-sentence ruling Monday, the appeals court refused to put that decision on hold while Jefferson appealed to the Supreme Court.

That means, unless the Supreme Court decides to step in, a federal judge can soon set a trial date in a case that has hung over Jefferson for more than 3 years. The FBI raided his home in 2005 and his congressional office in 2006. A grand jury indicted him in June 2007.

Jefferson argues the charges are invalid because the grand jury got reviewed information related to his job as a congressman. That, Jefferson says, violates a constitutional clause that shields lawmakers from prosecution for performing their legislative duties.

Jefferson is charged with taking bribes, laundering money and misusing his congressional office for business dealings in Africa. During the raid on Jefferson’s home, FBI agents discovered $90,000 in cash in Jefferson’s freezer. Jefferson has promised there is an “honorable explanation” for the money in the freezer, but he has yet to make it public.

…(Read full article)

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Blago the Belligerent


Update:  Obama calls again for Blago resignation, says Senate can’t accept appointment

Well, President-elect Barack Hussein Obama’s old friend, old buddy, old pal Democratic Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich is certainly doing his best to disrupt what was looking to be a smooooth transition to the new administration.

Caught this month with his hand in the cookie jar on the FBI wiretaps swearing like a sailor and seeking to line his pockets soliciting prospects for the President-elect’s vacated Senate seat, today he’s crowing about his duty and responsibility to the people of Illinois in a press conference to appoint another old friend, old buddy, old pal, former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris.

Too bad for him he wasn’t thinking about his duties and responsibilities when the FBI had his phones tapped.  Of course he claims he did nothing wrong as his attorney is seeking to have the evidence collected in the surveillance thrown out on a technicality.  Blago insists a political lynch mob is trying to force him from his job and he’ll fight them “until I take my last breath.”

This lynch mob he references includes the President-elect, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and virtually every other politician who’s made a statement on Blago’s predicament.  Obama has called on the Democratic governor to resign.  Reid says the Senate won’t seat any appointee of Blagojevich.  But the corrupt Democratic governor charged forward in defiance of them and so many others.

Blago stated in his news conference that this could have been appointed had the Illinois legislature called for a special election to fill the seat earlier this month.  But, the Democratic controlled legislature feared the Democratic governor’s criminal activity might have so angered the good people of the Land of Lincoln they would vote for a Republican to fill the seat of Blago’s old buddy, old friend, old pal Obama.

State law requires Blago to set a date for a special election to fill Rahm Emanuel’s vacated House seat.  Why not vote to fill Obama’s seat at the same time?  Rhetorical question.  We all know the answer.  God forbid an honest Republican might be afforded the opportunity to represent the state of Illinois in the Senate!

Maybe, just maybe…if Reid stands tall (which is a big if) and refuses to seat Burris, the Democrats in the Illinois state legislature will decide to do the right thing and give the good people who hail from the home state of Honest Abe the right to fill Obama’s Senate seat in an honest and upfront manner by calling for a special election.


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