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Pelosi: Bush’s fault Democrats lost

Seriously? Is there anything they won’t blame the former President for? Can they accept responsibility for anything at all?

In the video below, Pelosi tells CNN’s John King Democrats would have lost Congress even if they had not rammed every left-wing, pinko, Communist policy down the throats of an electorate that kicked and screamed the entire time. EVERYONE knew American voters HATED almost every plank in the platform Pelosi, Reid, and Obama lied and cheated to pass through Congress in the past two years!

Pelosi is either too conceited, or too stupid, to accurately interpret November’s election results. So let’s make it real simple for her…

It wasn’t Bush’s fault. It was the fault of every Democrat politician who thought the American people were too dumb to read the overreaching legislation they were passing. It was the fault of every Democrat politician who was too stupid to read the overreaching legislation they were passing. It was the fault of every Democrat politician who voted for the overreaching legislation they were passing even though they knew their constituents wanted to vote against it. It was the fault of every Democrat politician who believed Obama had cast some special spell over the American people that would make them vote to reelect legislators who stood for everything their constituents stood against.

All of which can be summed up simply by saying, “It was the Democrats’ fault they lost!”

We didn’t want bailouts, we didn’t want Cap & Trade, we didn’t want Obamacare!


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January 7, 2011 Posted by | Election 2010 | 1 Comment

Now what? Accountability…

by John Allison, III

I haven’t posted much the past several months, but always planned to make a statement after the midterm election.

Tuesday saw a wave of red wash over the country, enough that it even gave President Obama pause. Though the President still can’t admit to himself the election was a repudiation of his attempt to run the country off the left side of a Socialist cliff, the American people sent a message so clear that most blind Democrats could recognize it. Socialism is NOT the change Americans thought they were voting for in 2008.

But shifting control of the House to Republicans isn’t enough. We’ve been there before.

Remember, Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress for 12 years while government grew and spending ballooned. When the GOP had total control, it did little to rein in spending or limit government’s role in our daily lives. The election results we achieved last week will only mean victory for our side if we keep up the pressure and force our Republican representatives to honor the promises they made throughout this campaign.

Across the country, Republican candidates siphoned the energy of Tea Party activists who clamored for real change–fiscal responsibility, constitutional limited government, and accountability of elected officials. They touted their conservative credentials and told the boisterous crowds what they wanted to hear. They promised to deliver the changes Tea Partiers demanded.

Many Washington-establishment Republican candidates made these same campaign promises. They promised to cut spending, they promised to repeal the massive job-killing Obamacare debacle, they promised accountability to the electorate, and more. But many held office before, and helped create the problems so pressing today.

Have they changed? Did they have some epiphany that converted them to Tea Party style constitutional conservatives?

Only time will tell.

But if Tea Partiers back off now, it will be easy for our soon-to-be-seated representatives to become trapped in the snare of the DC establishment. Remember, back in July establishment Republican, former Senate-majority-leader-turned-DC-lobbyist Trent Lott said, “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples. As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.” We also saw establishment Republicans backed by the party in primary races abandon any pretense of conservative principles when true conservatives challenged them in their respective primaries.

In New York’s 23rd Congressional District special election a year ago, Dede Scozzafava was appointed the Republican candidate without a primary. When a third party conservative candidate overtook her in late polling, the Republican establishment candidate dropped out and endorsed her Democrat opponent. In Florida, the Washington DC Republican establishment backed Senate candidate Charlie Crist left the party to run for Senate as an independent when he fell behind in the primary polls to Tea Party backed Marco Rubio. And Alaska’s GOP establishment Senator Lisa Murkowski mounted a write-in campaign to run against the Tea Party backed candidate who defeated her in that state’s primary.

In short, just because we have Republicans in control doesn’t mean our interests will be represented. It’s up to us to keep up the pressure on Republican lawmakers to fulfill the promises they made to get elected.

Because we have wrested control from Obama and the Democrats, my focus will now shift to holding our Republican representatives accountable.

Thanks to all who worked so hard to send the clear message that this is America, the country that became great within the frameworks laid out by our founding fathers. We won this battle, but the war goes on.

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November 7, 2010 Posted by | Election 2010, GOP | 1 Comment

Blanche Lincoln is ObamaGirl

Obama Hearts Blanche Lincoln
She’s My ObamaCare Girl
She Needs More Stimulus Money
To Spread Around

H/T ARRA News Service: Blanche Lincoln Scatters Money to Farmers On Way Out; Rothenberg Predicts “Bloodbath”

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October 29, 2010 Posted by | Election 2010 | 2 Comments

Why Did Chad Causey Accept Trip and Training By Islamist Radicals?

ARRA News Service – A group of concerned Arkansas women have scoured the records and other sources in an effort to either prove or disapprove the above statements related to Chad Causey. Causey cannot hide from the documented facts presented. The report documented references alone lead to serious questions and observations.

Why did Chad Causey accept funding from a radical Imam to go to Turkey to attend at this “training?” Why did Congressman Berry approve the paid trip by this radical organization? But then again, maybe Berry’s office chief Chad Causey approved his own trip or slipped the item past his boss. Going to Turkey for “training” by a group supported by the “most dangerous Islamist in the world” would not be the choice of most Congressional staffers or Arkansans.

What did Causey know about the Gulen Movement? Why did this radical group spend the money on a young staffer working for an Arkansas Congressman? Either Causey clearly knew what he was doing when he accepting this trip and became involved with this Islamist group, or Causey is a total dunce and ignorant of the dangers of foreign threats to our country and our American culture. Causey must explain his involvement with this group!

We wish this information had been discovered sooner as it shines another light on the extreme differences between the candidates running for Congress for Arkansas 1st District.

Chad Causey has lived and acted as a liberal in Washington. He has no military experience; has avoided committed relationships. Now, we have learned that he found time to associate with Islamists and attended one of their extended training programs in a foreign county developed by one of the “most dangerous Islamist in the world.” Causey’s only claim to experience is his vicariously co-opting of his boss’s experience.

Again, why did Chad Causey accept Islamist funding to travel to Turkey for an extended training program? Why did his request form claim he would be in one location and his personal report identify that he attended the training 200 miles from the original location? Was he required to file a report with the FBI of this training and actions overseas with this group? Causey has shown an ignorance of foreign affairs by his willingness to associate with extreme radicals. Chad what were you thinking?

Why are liberals and the national DNC pouring so much money into the 1st Congressional district? Would they do that for a “conservative” candidate? Obviously not! The big lie is evident in the television and radio ads promoting Causey and attacking a decorated conservative veteran, Rick Crawford.

Arkansas Congressional Candidate Chad Causey Allied With Dangerous Islamist

Fethullah Gulen has been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world and has been exiled from Turkey. So just why did Democrat candidate for US Representative Chad Causey post a glowing report on Gulen’s website describing his $3,020.00 trip to Turkey that he took in 2008. Causey’s trip was sponsored by the “Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue” and approved my Representative Marion Berry. Rumi Forum’s website confirms that Fetuallh Gulen is Honorary President of the Rumi Forum.

Gulen is known for the schools he has established around the world and has been called by some a Turkish Khomeini. USA Today reported in an article covering the controversial aspects of Gulen that “Gulen was charged with trying to create an Islamic state in Turkey.” Turkey’s National Security Council condemned Gulen for “trying to undermine the country’s secular institutions, concealing his methods behind a democratic and moderate image.” Gulen fled Turkey in 1998 to avoid prosecution on these charges of trying to establish an Islamic government.

“According to Bayram Balci, a Turkish scholar, the Gulen schools that have been established throughout the world seek… to bring about a universal caliphate ruled by Islamic [Sharia] law. Fethullah Gülen trained and worked as a state imam from 1959 to 1981.

“Several countries have outlawed the establishment of Gulen Schools and communities within their borders—including Russia and Uzbekistan,” and the Netherlands that embraces pluralism and tolerance has cut funding for the Gulen schools. Just why would Rumi Forum sponsor a $3,020.00 trip for Chad Causey as Chief of Staff for Marion Berry to go to Turkey? Obviously the intent of the Rumi Forum and Gulen was to feed Causey propaganda in an effort to gain favors of some sort and perhaps to seek Causey’s help to establish some charter schools in Arkansas – of course under pretense of bringing Christians and Muslims together under “interfaith dialogue.” Ninety of these charter schools have been established in the United States already and paid for by taxpayers.

But how many parents would send their children to Gulen-inspired schools if they knew what they were all about? They bring many Muslim teachers from Turkey to work in these charter schools.

And why would Causey go on the trip? Did he fail to investigate this organization and learn about Gulen’s controversial techniques before going on the trip. And why did Causey”s glowing report on the trip show up on Gulen’s website. On Rumi and Gulen’s part, I am sure it was to enhance their standing among governmental officials.

Did Causey still fail to see through the Rumi Forum on “interfaith dialogue” even after he made the trip? Or does he hold the philosophy as many liberals do that all religions are equal and have the same root. Or does he have a soft spot for the Muslim nation as does the leader of his Democrat Party, President Obama?

Before any Arkansans consider voting for Causey to a position of great power in this country, they need to know the answers to these questions.

1. Link to Gulen most dangerous Islamist.
2. Link to Causey’s report on Gulen Movement website. [According to the documents on record, his trip was to Istanbul, but in his own words, he says that he visited Ankara, Turkey, over 200 miles away:
3. Congressional confirmation of the cost for Chad Causey’s trip and Rumi Forum as sponsor. [Chad Causey,attended a meeting sponsored by a group in Ankara, Turkey called the Rumi Forum between 5/4/2008 and 6/1/2008]
4. On Rumin Formum website, Gulen is Honorary President.
5. Gulen – a Turkish Khomeini.
6. USA Today on controversial aspects of Gulen
7. Turkey National Security Council condemned Gulen
8. Gulen fled Turkey on charges of trying to establish and Islamic government.
9. Gulen schools are established to bring about a universal caliphate. And also more than 90 of these madrasses have been established as charter schools throughout the United States
10. Gulen was the state Iman from 1959 to 1981.
11. Several countries have outlawed the establishment of Gulen Schools. [The most dangerous Islamist in the world . . . Fethullan Gulen and he resides not in the wilds of southern Turkey – – but the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. . . . Gulen is surrounded by an army of over 100 Turkish Islamists, who guard him and tend to his needs. The army is comprised of armed militants]
12. 90 of these schools have been established in the US. [His schools indoctrinate children in the tenets of radical Islam and prepare adolescents for the Islamization of the world..]
13. Muslim teachers come from Turkey to US and other countries to teach in these schools. Other websites confirm this but this link is to Gulen’s related website.



Added References Not identified by the above document:

A biography of Fathullah Gulen by the Arizona Star
The Gulen Movement is a worldwide organization which has established a global network
Members of the movement are currently in a rapid expansion of these schools in the United States. The schools are almost exclusively staffed by Turkish men, and operate as “Charter Schools” under state law, and receive many millions of taxpayer dollars.
Graphic depiction of the scope of this network
The 33 Gulen Movement schools in Texas operate under the umbrella of the “Cosmos Foundation, Inc.”, which does not list it’s Board of Directors, and does not publish it’s Annual Report as most legitimate foundations do. In fact, the only sign that it is an Islamic organization is the shape of the letter “C” on its logo.
Gulen Movement adherents currently run two schools in Arkansas called the Little Scholars of Arkansas called (LISA) academies:
Lisa Academy 21 Corporate Hill Dr., Little Rock, AR 72205
Lisa Academy-North 5410 Landers Rd Sherwood, AR 72117
The Staff Listing shows that Turkish males dominate the organization of these schools
– In June, 2010, Utah state officials closed one of the Gulen network’s schools – found it to be bankrupt, – it had paid exorbitant fees to another Gulen Movement organization for “Professional Development”, and – spent tens of thousands of dollars obtaining H1B visas for Turkish teachers who were not state certified and could barely speak English.
A troubling video by the Gulen Movement proudly promotes a ‘sermon’ by Fathullah Gulen on how members should keep secrets: “The details of many important affairs can be protected only if they are kept secret. Often enough, when the involved parties do not keep certain matters secret, no progress is achieved. In addition, serious risks might confront those who are involved, particularly if the matter concerns delicate issues of national life and its continuation.

If a state cannot protect its secrets from its enemies, it cannot develop. If an army reveals its strategy to its antagonists, it cannot attain victory. If key workers are won over by the competitors, their employers cannot succeed.

Explain what you must, but never give away all of your secrets. Those who freely publicize the secrets of their hearts drag themselves and their nation toward an inevitable downfall.”


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October 29, 2010 Posted by | Election 2010 | 4 Comments

Update: Crawford and Causey Campaigns Respond to Poll

ARRA News Service – Update 8/23/10 to Prior Story: Arkansas 1st Congressional District: Crawford Leads Causey By 16 Points

Comments From the Crawford Campaign:

Crawford stated “I am thrilled that my message of standing up to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Washington insiders is gaining more traction every day. This poll is proof that the voters want a leader in Congress who won’t yield to the liberals and special interests. While I am excited to continue to lead in the polls, I am focused on the only poll that really matters; that’s the one on November 2nd. My campaign will continue to work day and night as we head into the final months of this campaign.”

Crawford’s Campaign Manager Jonah Shumate added, “Rick is the only person in this race that won’t cast his first vote in Congress for Nancy Pelosi and who consistently stands up for the views of the people of the first district. These polls show the people of Arkansas want a leader who isn’t afraid to stand up for our values. Chad Causey is having a lot of trouble being straight with Arkansas voters about where he stands on the issues and that is a clear contrast with Rick’s willingness to take the bull by the horns”.

We noted that in its response to the poll which were conducted in part by Dr. Jay Barth who is also a member of the Arkansas Democrat Party Executive Committee, the Causey campaign issued a sophomoric statement not on issues or evidencing a desire to improve their messaging but instead presented a list of Obama Chicago style styled attacks titled: “Facts about Rick Crawford that do not resonate with Arkansans.” The polls are showing Crawford is already resonating with the public. The first item is really going to tick off a lot of veterans in Arkansas; it reads: “He [Rick Crawford] graduated high school in New Hampshire.”

Yes, Crawford did graduate form a High School in New Hampshire. Why, because his Father was in the Air Force and was stationed at that time in New Hampshire. In fairness, we also noted that Rick Crawford was absent from Arkansas for many other years while serving in the US Army as an EOD specialist.

Could not find a record of Chad Causey serving his country. He has predominantly worked most of his post-teen life as a staffer for Rep. Marion Berry. Thus, he too has also been absent from Arkansas — living in Washington, D.C. area. As a democratic staffer, he has associated with and supported the liberal elitists like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama. While checking Causey’s credentials online, the following tidbit was noted:  Causey has made numerous trips paid for by “foreign sources.” Maybe this is to be expected for a staffer. But the following trip by Causey was most interesting: From 05/24/08 to 06/01/08, Causey was in Turkey for 9 days on a trip  paid for ($3,020) by the Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue. This group follows the teachings of Muslim Imam Fethullah Gulen – founder of a “global” social movement. The group appears to operate internationally through partnering organizations. There is a link on their website for board of directors but the names of their directors are absent.

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August 23, 2010 Posted by | Election 2010, polls | 1 Comment

Arkansas 1st Congressional District: Crawford Leads Causey By 16 Points

Arkansas 1st Congressional District (Aug 22, 2010): Republican cross-winds are swirling at this juncture of the Arkansas election cycle even in traditional Democratic strongholds.  A new Talk Business Poll conducted by Talk Business Research and Hendrix College shows First District Congressional Republican nominee Rick Crawford with a 16-point lead over his Democratic opponent, Chad Causey.

In a survey conducted on Tuesday night, August 17, 2010, Crawford leads Causey 48-32% among 630 likely Arkansas voters in the district. Green Party nominee Ken Adler received 4% of support from those surveyed, while undecided voters stood at 16%.  You can view the full results of the poll and the questions asked at this link.

“This is a truly dramatic result that I believe sets the stage for a very favorable election climate for Republicans in Arkansas.  For Democrats, it is a clear signal that this fall’s election may be the toughest landscape they’ve ever faced in the First,” said Talk Business editor Roby Brock.

“As we did in the Second District, this First District poll is a baseline for November.  I expect the political artillery to be heavy in this contest based on each campaign’s resources and the attention this race will draw nationally,” Brock added.

Due to the unprecedented nature of these results for a Republican nominee, Talk Business conducted a second field poll in the First District on Thursday, August 19, 2010. While our sample size was slightly smaller – 481 likely voter respondents – the results were identical with Republican Rick Crawford polling at 48% and Democrat Chad Causey at 32%. Dr. Jay Barth, with the Hendrix College Department of Politics and International Relations, helped craft and analyze the polls. He offered the following observations from the results:

PRO-REPUBLICAN WINDS This poll shows the breadth and depth of the pro-Republican winds in Arkansas in 2010.  The area covered by CD1 has not elected a Republican to Congress since Reconstruction and a victory here would be extraordinary. Rick Crawford enters the fall campaign with a strong chance of replacing Marion Berry, leading the Congressman’s former chief of staff, Chad Causey, 48-32% with 16% of likely voters undecided and 4% supporting Green Party candidate Ken Adler.

RESOURCE EQUALITY The decision of national Republicans to invest on Crawford’s behalf with spending in the district, announced this past week, appears not to be an attempt to win a long-shot race but instead seems like a legitimate attempt to win a seat that could create a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.  This is a crucial step because it will lessen the expected resource advantage favoring Causey for the fall campaign.

STILL UNKNOWN & UNDEFINED It is important to recognize, however, that – despite their similar size – Crawford’s lead is shown to be more fragile than the lead of Republican Tim Griffin in the Second District.  While the electoral winds are blowing in the Republicans’ direction, significantly more voters are undecided in the First District contest.

Large chunks of the electorate are unable to form an opinion of the two candidates. Just at 45% of the electorate lacks an opinion of each candidate. Thus, the fall campaign will be crucial in shaping the final results.

Republicans could be successful in unfavorably tying Chad Causey to his former boss, incumbent Rep. Marion Berry, and to Washington more generally. The recent news about Crawford’s past bankruptcy is indicative of the type of issue that could shape voters’ perceptions of the Republican as they are getting to know him.

PARTY LOYALTY & INDEPENDENTS Crawford’s lead results, first, from the fact that Republicans – long in the minority in the district – are more unified behind their nominee. 84% of self-identified Republicans support Crawford, while 73% of Democrats presently support Causey.  In particular, Causey is underperforming with African-American voters in the district. Second, and even more important, independents are leaning strongly towards the Republican (54-21% with 20% undecided).

POLL BACKGROUND This poll was conducted by Talk Business Research and Hendrix College. The poll, which has a margin of error of +/- 3.9%, was completed using IVR survey technology on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 among 630 registered Arkansas voters in Congressional District 1 who indicated they were “likely” to vote in the November 2, 2010 general election. 74% of those surveyed have voted in a minimum of 2 of the last 4 general elections. Voters with a less frequent voting history were allowed in the sample to account for younger voters and first-time voters of all ages.

Our weighting assumptions include adjustments for an undersample of minority voters and we have weighted to balance the gender of the district based on 2008 general election returns.

All media outlets are welcome to reprint, reproduce, or rebroadcast information from this poll with proper attribution to Talk Business and Hendrix College.  For interviews, Brock can be reached by email at

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Will we, or won’t we…

…make a difference in the 2010 elections? We, the people who make up the numerous Tea Party organizations in Arkansas, that is.

That’s a question that will be answered Tuesday, May 18, when Arkansas holds its primary election.

Some would have you believe the opportunity to make a difference will come not on Tuesday, but in November, when we can replace enough Democrats in Washington with Republicans. Others think the way to make a difference is to shun both major parties, selecting 3rd party or independent voters when possible. Neither of these theories hold water.

It’s simply not enough to replace the current crop of Democrats with just any Republicans, and history proves protest votes for third party or independent candidates only strip votes from the most ideologically similar major party and help the other cruise to victory.

But ours is not a generic Republican movement. We haven’t spent so much of our time, treasure, and energy only to play the role of spoiler that will not only guarantee a continuation of Obama’s offensive policies, but will embolden him and intimidate those Republicans who do manage to squeak out victories.

Our movement seemed to spontaneously spring to life when it became clear President Obama’s policies would hasten the bankruptcy of the United States, and send the US Constitution to the trash heap. But the conflagration of protest that became impossible to ignore on April 15, 2009, began smoldering long before most of us ever heard of Barack Hussein Obama.

Republicans held control of both houses of Congress from 1994-2006–12 years. Across the country, many of those Republicans are running for office now, claiming they will change things in DC. From 2001-2006, a Republican President sat in the White House while these same supposedly conservative Republicans controlled the Congress. Let’s compare what they did with what they claim to stand for.

Here are the bullet points from the 2008 Republican Party Platform:

  • Defending Our Nation, Supporting Our Heroes, Securing the Peace
  • Reforming Government to Serve the People
  • Expanding Opportunity to Promote Prosperity
  • Energy Independence and Security
  • Environmental Protection
  • Health Care Reform: Putting Patients First
  • Education Means a More Competitive America
  • Protecting Our Families
  • Preserving Our Values

This exhaustive list sounds like the Republican Party would be the hands-down choice of conservative voters everywhere. And it likely would have if the establishment Republicans in office and other positions of power in DC would have honored these principles when they had control!

But, with Republicans in control of the Executive and Legislative branches of our government, Americans were disillusioned when our political leaders brought our brave soldiers and Marines home in chains to face charges for killing the enemy. We, the people, were horrified when our Marines and soldiers were forced to wait and watch the enemy dig into firing positions and open fire before our defenders of freedom were permitted to engage the murderous terrorist bastards!

Virtually everyone (Democrats and Republicans) currently running for office is proclaiming that Washington is broken, but what some are not telling you is they helped create the problem! Democrats like Blanche Lincoln and Republicans like John Boozman all voted FOR the $700 billion Wall Street bailout in October 2008. Though TARP was opposed by a majority of the American electorate, these political elite rulers obviously thought themselves omniscient and spent American taxpayers’ dollars to save the careers of countless Wall Street fat cats.

Democrats AND Republicans in the political establishment, who now have the gall to promote themselves as conservatives created the tragic situation in which we find ourselves as a nation today.

There’s no doubt since Barack Hussein Obama has occupied the Oval Office the pace to destroy American values and traditions has picked up. And there’s no doubt that if Democrats retain control of the Senate and the House this fall, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid will reignite the engine that will power us to a new era of a Socialist America. And they’ll do so with a renewed sense of boldness, believing once again they received a mandate from the American people to convert the United States into something akin to Chairman Mao’s China, or Comrade Lenin’s Soviet Union.

So we must not allow Democrats to retain control!

But neither can we revert to control by the same Republicans who charted the course that placed Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in power!

Tuesday will determine the effectiveness of the Tea Party movement in Arkansas. And it matters not who wins the Democrat primary. Whether we, the formerly silent majority, have an impact will be decided by whom we select as nominees on the Republican ticket.

The Washington Republican establishment has interjected itself into several races in Arkansas, hoping to determine whom conservatives will have the opportunity to vote for in November. Tim Griffin in Arkansas’ 2nd District sees nothing wrong with the strong support he’s received from Washington insiders. He said months ago on Dave Elswick’s show he’s glad his race is attracting nationwide attention, and that he was garnering the support of national Republicans.

State Senator Gilbert Baker was chosen by the DC Republican establishment to run for US Senate, though he delayed his decision to enter the race until Fred Ramey, Curtis Coleman, Colonel Conrad Reynolds, and others had already significantly weakened Senator Lincoln in the polls. And the Senate candidate most tied to the Washington establishment, US Congressman John Boozman, only announced his intent to run for the seat after Jim Holt entered the race and polled better than Baker.

When the Tea Party movement leaped into protest mode, those of us on the ground were as mad at the Republican Party as we were at the Democrat Party. Many of us still are. Democrats made no secret of their intentions and desires for the future of this country, but the Republican party betrayed conservative Americans by failing to implement substantive change when it had the opportunity.

The political environment that gave us Obama, Pelosi, and Reid at the helm of our ship of state was made possible by some of the very Republican candidates, or their DC backers, who are now claiming to be agents of the very change they resisted or opposed when they had the opportunity.

Will we, or won’t we, make a difference in the 2010 elections?

That depends on which candidates win the Republican primary on Tuesday.

If the most conservative, non-establishment candidates win, we will have made a giant leap toward righting the course of our nation. If those who’ve betrayed us in the past, or those selected by such betrayers, win on Tuesday, our time, monies, and energy will have been all but wasted.

So Tea Party activists, members, and sympathizers, go to the polls on Tuesday and choose THE MOST conservative candidate for every race. Do that and we’ll be moving once again in the right direction.

Do that, and we’ll have made a real difference.

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May 16, 2010 Posted by | Election 2010 | 2 Comments

Two Arkansas US Senate Candidates Roll Out Special Campaign Vehicles

Bill Smith, ARRA News Editor: Two Arkansas Republicans running for the US Senate have rolled out their special campaign vehicles with messages addressing the liberal agenda. The two are Jim Holt and Gilbert Baker. Messages on Holt ambulance is taking shots at incumbent Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln.  Baker bus messages are taking shots at fellow Republican candidate Rep. John Boozman as well as at Sen.Lincoln.

Both Holt and Baker have good polling numbers against Blanche Lincoln but may split in their efforts to make it to the primary run-off because U.S. Rep John Boozman and five other Republican candidates are also running in the Republican primary. Maybe these vehicles at campaign stops will help their message. Democrats are already endorsing Holt’s ambulance by attacking it – kind of cool!  Wonder if any of the other Republicans will roll out specialized vehicles in their races. Hint to a couple of the other Republicans: consider a Military Jeep or Tank; Tractor; Delivery Truck. Enjoy the following pictures:

Holt introduced the 2004 Ford F450 former emergency ambulance that several Holt supporters and volunteers have modified to read “ObamaCare Repeal Unit” in bold print on the face along with phrases like “Stop The Barackracy” and “The Cure for Obama’s Hope & Change.” In addition, America’s Ambulance touts a caricature of President Obama with a Soviet hammer & sickle insignia affixed to his lapel while the other side displays a cartoon sketch of Sen. Lincoln posing alongside Sen. Harry Reid & Rep. Nancy Pelosi next to the words “Revive America: Vote Jim Holt for U.S. Senate.”

Hold said, “The current administration is cramming their liberal agenda down the throats of the people in much the same way – with no thought for the American public. When you attack the leader of the most Socialist minded progressive agenda our nation has ever seen, it is bound to cause quite a stir.

“We are speaking out and representing Americans who have not had a voice in Washington that represents them. With recent attacks on freedom and liberty, citizens need a leader – someone who will fight to defend their Constitutional rights.” Holt reiterated, “The illustration in America’s Ambulance harnesses the momentum we need to drive us through to victory in November. Then we will head for the ER –  Economic Recovery.”

Baker is using a bus for his three-day “No Bailouts Bus Tour,” stopping in Conway, Little Rock, Cabot, Searcy, Heber Springs, Mountain View, and Marshall. The tour highlights Baker’s opposition to big government bailouts and his support for fiscal responsibility in Washington D.C. “It’s time to say ‘no’ to big government bailouts,” Baker said. “My opponent, Congressman John Boozman, voted for the TARP bank bailout, and people I’ve talked with today agree that someone who’s been part of the DC problem can’t fix the DC problem. I would not have voted for the bank bailout and I call on Congressman Boozman to join me in pledging to vote against any government bailouts in the future.

Tags: US Senate, Arkansas, campaigns, vehicles, ambulance, bus, Jim Holt, Gilbert Baker Hat Tip ARRA News Service.

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Any Arkansas Republican Can Beat Dems in November

by John Allison III, editor

Today, Rasmussen released their latest numbers in the race for Arkansas’ US Senate seat. And though the well known polling company doesn’t include every GOP candidate in the crowded primary field, the picture looks grim for Democrats hoping to hold onto Blanche Lincoln’s seat.

And the most interesting thing about the numbers is that it looks like it doesn’t matter who the Republicans run. Of the five GOP candidates included in the Rasmussen poll, all have a 20+ point lead on the incumbent Democrat. Of course, Lincoln must first get past a primary challenge by Democrat Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter. But Halter “runs only slightly stronger than” Lincoln in the Rasmussen poll.

It appears the race is the Republican Party’s to lose.

That means we can move beyond the question of most import in a typical election year. That question– “Who is most capable of beating the Democrat?”–doesn’t really matter if ANY GOP nominee can win.

The question now becomes, “Who (and what type of candidate) will be best for Arkansas and the country?”

Should we nominate an experienced politician, or an everyday Joe? Do we want a candidate who pays for his ads with Washington money, or with contributions from disillusioned voters across Arkansas? Will we nominate a candidate with a proven record of raising taxes, or voting for taxpayer funded bailouts? Or will we dare to be different and nominate a candidate who hasn’t been groomed to fit into the DC establishment?

I’ve been following the race since June of last year. That’s when I first heard we had a conservative candidate who would challenge Senator Lincoln in the general election. It was when President Obama and Democrats in the Legislative branch still had the wind at their backs, when they could seemingly pass any piece of Socialist legislation their Marxist hearts could dream up.

Most of the front runners in the race today were still lurking in the shadows then, ambivalent about stepping up to the plate. Though state Senator Gilbert Baker had been courted by the Republican establishment to run as early as March 2009, he waited to enter the race until September, after the raucous town hall meetings that greeted Democrat legislators when they returned to their districts in August of last year. Former Arkansas state Senator Jim Holt joined the crowded field in January and Boozman jumped in last in February of this year. Randy Alexander hasn’t held political office before, but waited until January to enter the race.

Until then, a mostly different crop of Republicans had announced their intent to take a shot at Senator Lincoln. Curtis Coleman, Fred Ramey, Buddy Rogers, Colonel Conrad Reynolds, Tom Cox, and state Senator Kim Hendren were all campaigning before the latecomers joined the fray. Rogers and Cox have since dropped out, but the rest are still battling for the nomination.

Baker, Boozman, and Hendren are all professional politicians while Holt served five years in the Arkansas legislature. Holt ran against Lincoln in 2004 and lost, but the political environment was far different than that in which we find ourselves today. But none of these professional pols chose to run against Mark Pryor in 2008, and other than Hendren, none chose to enter the 2010 race until it was clear Lincoln’s chances were slim. This leaves one wondering, “Would any of these three have entered this race if Lincoln had NOT been weakened by the TEA Party, the radical Obama agenda, and their inexperienced GOP opponents who stood up to the Senator before polls showed her vulnerable?”

Only Hendren and the others were willing to take the big leap, before Lincoln became hamstrung by the conservative awakening now known as the TEA Party movement. Coleman, Ramey, and Reynolds each bring a unique experience to the table.

Arkansas Republican Assembly (ARRA) President Patrick Briney pointed out some of the weaknesses and strengths of the candidates the other day. Briney’s analysis makes clear that political experience may not necessarily be a plus in the general election.

He explained that Baker and Boozman have supported tax increases in the past, and that Boozman’s vote for TARP likely won’t sit well with most conservatives in the state once it becomes well known. Briney even goes so far as to say a vote for Baker is “a vote for the party line not conservative principles.”

While he credits Holt for his “record of being uncompromisingly committed to conservative values,” he also considers it a liability that Holt has previously lost races to both Lincoln and Halter. Briney says Hendren also has a conservative record, but refuses to sign a pledge to vote against any new taxes.

Alexander has a long career as a housing director for universities, most recently for the University of Arkansas. He states on his website this is pretty much equivalent to running a business, and not like a “typical government job.”

Coleman is a central Arkansas businessman who has battled the regulatory minefield constructed by professional politicians. It consists of obstacle after obstacle that stands in the way of start up companies hoping to do business in the US.

Ramey hails from an eastern Arkansas farm family and now drives a truck for Federal Express. How long has it been since you’ve heard of a blue collar worker running for Senate on the Republican ticket?

Colonel Reynolds is a combat veteran. A 29-year career as an intelligence officer with a top secret security clearance means it’s unlikely he has skeletons in his closet that can be pulled out by Democrats in the general election. That same career indicates he’ll be attuned to the needs of our nation’s veterans and familiar with concerns of the international community.

At a 1st Congressional District GOP event in Walnut Ridge earlier this year, Reynolds told the audience “If you don’t want a professional politician this year, that eliminates half the candidates in this race.” Coleman once told me, “If TEA Party participants aren’t careful, their going to end up without a dog in this fight.” I’ve often heard Baker say he’s the man because he can raise the money to beat Blanche.

Though all the Republican candidates are professing strong conservative values as they traverse the state in search of votes, there are clear differences in their experience and background. But today’s poll numbers indicate whoever the GOP nominee is, he will likely be headed to Washington after November.

Barring a miracle, the winner of the May 18 Republican primary will be the next Arkansas Senator.

Therefore, Arkansas voters need to take this primary seriously and choose the BEST possible candidate to not only defeat the Democrat nominee, but the BEST possible candidate to stand up for Arkansas’ conservative values and work to uphold and defend the US Constitution.

May 18 IS the election that matters this year.

So please learn about the candidates, decide who you think will best represent Arkansas, vote in the GOP primary and choose the BEST man to be Arkansas’ next Senator.

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Remember November!

We cannot…we MUST not…fail in November.

Nothing less than our nation is at stake.

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