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Senate votes to keep spending your money to protect incumbents!

In a 39-56 vote, the US Senate voted against a proposed ban on earmarks today. Earmarks are the nickname for Senators’ waste of taxpayer dollars on special projects to buy blocs of votes in their home districts.

Few expected many Democrats to support the ban, but eight Republican Senators joined their tax-and-spend comrades-across-the-aisle in voting to continue squandering the public’s money in order to keep incumbents seated. Six Democrats joined the remaining Republicans in voting to end the irresponsible practice.

Republicans Who Voted Against Earmark Ban

  • Thad Cochran (Miss.)
  • Susan Collins (Maine)
  • James Inhofe (Okla.)
  • Dick Lugar (Ind.)
  • Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
  • Richard Shelby (Ala.)
  • George Voinovich (Ohio)
  • Bob Bennett (Utah)

  • (202) 224-5054
  • (202) 224-2523
  • (202) 224-4721
  • (202) 224-4814
  • (202) 224-6665
  • (202) 224-5744
  • (202) 224-3353
  • (202) 224-5444

Democrats Who Voted For Earmark Ban

  • Claire McCaskill (Mo.)
  • Bill Nelson (Fla.)
  • Evan Bayh (Ind.)
  • Russ Feingold (Wis.)
  • Michael Bennet (Colo.)
  • Mark Udall (Colo.)

  • (202) 224-6154
  • (202) 224-5274
  • (202) 224-5623
  • (202) 224-5323
  • (202) 224-5852
  • (202) 224-6621

For almost 20% of Republican Senators to vote against the ban makes clear that too many in the GOP failed to understand the clear message sent by voters on election day. GOP mistakes created the environment that led to sweeping Democrat victories in 2006 and 2008, and failing to recognize that will ensure any GOP resurgence will be short-lived. Continuing the wanton spending practices that grew government and the deficit under President Bush will be a stake in the heart of a newly revitalized conservative awakening.

Please call the Republican Senators listed above and tell them how disappointed and disgusted you are that they have spit in the face to conservative voters who sent an unambiguous message in this month’s elections. And please call the Democrats listed and express your appreciation that they stood against wasteful spending and voted to uphold the wishes of their constituents. And be sure to also call Senator Coburn–(202) 224-5754–of Oklahoma for proposing the amendment to stop this abuse of the public trust!

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