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Caribou Barbie by Ray Stevens

Hat Tip: ARRA News Service

Ray Stevens, the artist whose humorous country songs include “Ahab the Arab” and “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” has written what’s sure to be a new hit–Caribou Barbie.

The song pokes fun at liberal media hacks who constantly attack former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and reminds viewers of Palin’s accomplishments while leading the country’s largest (in land area) state. And here are a couple of verses in the song that’s sure to send liberals into even more of a screaming fit:

“Palin for President
has a nice ring to it.
Obama shelved in 2012
and you and I can do it.

A President with common sense
now that’d be somethin’ new.
Throw out that tax and spend Jackass
Vote in the Caribou.”


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