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Al Gore’s New Home in DC

Constructed free of charge by the daughter and grandchildren of Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe (R). And constructed using 100% Global Warming residue (snow) which is more plentiful this year than any ardent follower of the former Vice President expected!

Molly Rapert, Inhofe’s daughter, and the Senator’s grandchildren built the abode pictured below and adorned it with signs reading “Al Gore’s New Home” and “Honk if you (heart) Global Warming.”

Not all saw the humor, or the significance, in the frozen edifice.

With snow and ice covering the US from New England to Texas, some Global Warming alarmists (including the infamous Nobel laureate Gore) are apparently hibernating, awaiting the spring thaw to shout from the mountaintops the coming calamity that will result from the climate change due to Global Warming. The office of the mouthpiece for Global Warming didn’t return calls from the Wall Street Journal seeking comment. Others don’t have that much common sense.

Dan Becker, director of the Safe Climate Campaign, sarcastically stated “Now if some entrepreneur would just ship all this snow to Vancouver, Greenland and the arctic, where it is so clearly needed.” A New York Times article penned by John Broder implies the record snowfall in the Eastern US is a direct result of rising global temperatures!

Using research discredited in the recent scandal surrounding uncovered emails between leading proponents of the theory of man made Global Warming, data manipulating scientists put forth the argument their hypothesis is bolstered by virtually any weather event. In other words, they claim they’re right when it’s hot, cold, or in between.

Luckily, US residents aren’t so easily convinced that record cold and snowfall confirm conjectures or man made Global Warming.

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Where is Al Gore now?

Just wondering aloud after logging onto Drudge and seeing the following headlines:

Looks like a lot of people might be happy to see a little global warming about now.

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