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Mr President, this isn’t the change Americans wanted!

Just ask them!

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GOP Leadership in DC Still Doesn’t Get It!

Last November the nation sent a strong and clear message to the Republican Party and Democrats found themselves in complete control of Washington. However, it appears the GOP leadership in our nation’s capitol couldn’t recognize a baseball bat if it hit them between the eyes!  After everything that has transpired since January, Republican leaders still don’t realize conservatism IS what people want.

In May, RINO (Republican in Name Only) Governor Charlie Crist of Florida was endorsed by National Republican Senatorial Committee.  NRSC chairman John Cornyn said Crist is “more electable” than his conservative opponent Marco Rubio.  It’s important to point out this was the first time the NRSC has endorsed a candidate who will be opposed in the Republican primary.

Okay, in May Obama was still sailing in pretty calm seas.  Most considered the April 15 Tea Party a one-time event and expected those protesters to crawl back to their cubicles and let the President get on with the Socialization of the American economy.

But just this week, powerful Republican leaders in DC are trampling a real conservative and endorsing yet another RINO, Dede Scozzafava, in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.  Michelle Malkin has a great piece explaining why she calls Scozzafava “an ACORN-friendly, union-pandering, tax-and-spend radical Republican.”  And even though true conservative Republican Doug Hoffman is vying for the seat, the Democrat who calls herself a Republican has secured endorsements from such Republican heavy hitters as Newt Gingrich, Pete Sessions, and John Boehner.

The GOP has the perfect opportunity to make huge gains in 2010, if it offers candidates who clearly differentiate themselves from their liberal challengers.  But instead, these Republicans are playing right into the hands of the Democrats who have tripled the national debt, dramatically increased federal spending, and are seeking to put the government in control of the most personal and private decisions of every American. How can they not see this?

Immediately following the 2008 defeat, much ink was spent explaining the failures that led to the overwhelming Democratic victory. Many liberals, including those in the mainstream media, were quick to pronounce the death of Conservatism, claiming the results signified a tsunami of Liberalism sweeping across the land. While some Republicans agreed, conservatives did not. According to conservatives, the GOP loss wasn’t a result of Republicans’ conservative policies, but the lack thereof.

Though left-wing pundits and news outlets loved to paint President Bush and other Republicans as “too far to the right” for the past 8 years, the truth is Bush and the party abandoned key aspects of the conservative platform. Spending, debt, and the deficit, along with the size and scope of government escalated in spite of GOP promises to promote fiscal responsibility and limited government. In fact, Obama’s campaign strategy included promises to “return to” fiscally responsible policies and reduce the role of government in our personal lives. (The fact that he has already broken both of these promises is for another article.) So the Left’s hypothesis that Election 2008 was a repudiation of everything conservative won’t wash.

But does evidence exist to support the idea that it was a lack of conservatism on the GOP’s part that cost it the election?

The plethora of conservative grassroots activist organizations that began appearing online immediately following the election gave birth to a movement that has spread across the land, a mobilization of conservative activists previously unseen in these United States. Simultaneous rallies were held across the nation on April 15, July 4, and August 22, attended by Americans young and old protesting not only the hard left turn taken by the Obama administration, but the abandonment of the conservative platform principles mentioned above as well.

Anyone who has attended these rallies can tell you the protesters aren’t calling for a return to the policies of President Bush, but a return to the conservative principles they believe made this country the greatest, most powerful, and most envied on Earth!

If that’s not enough evidence to convince you Americans want a return to conservative principles, take a look at Obama’s crashing poll numbers of late. Rasmussen’s latest Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows the President’s approval ratings have dropped almost 20 points from their post-inaugural highs and a whopping 40% of Americans strongly disapprove of his job performance, up from 16% when he first took office. Another Rasmussen poll shows Americans prefer a generic Republican candidate to an unnamed Democratic candidate for congress by a 5 point margin. Republicans gained the edge in this poll in June after trailing Democrats for years, only 5 months after Obama began implementing his left wing agenda.

So the question is, why can’t the Republican leadership understand?  Why do they continue to promote, endorse, and patronize RINO’s when it’s plain to see this is exactly what has cost them the past two elections?

Americans don’t need or want Republicans elected.  They need and want Conservatives!

The two should be synonymous, so Scozzafava should step aside and let a real conservative take this seat!

To see the growing list of others calling for Scozzafava to withdraw, see Michelle Malkin’s post!

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Trouble in Liberal Land

by Cal Thomas at

Despite their control of all three branches of government, this has not been a good summer for liberal Democrats. Their health care “reform” bill, which has yet to be fully written, much less fully funded, has been exposed at town hall meetings as a power grab over life and death with the strong possibility that “do no harm” will be replaced by a utilitarian approach to treatment.

The cap-and-trade measure (dubbed “cap and tax” by the Wall Street Journal) appears in trouble. Closer scrutiny has revealed it as one more reach into our pockets by politicians who never have enough of our money.

As the first elections since President Obama’s presidential victory approach, liberals are getting nervous that all this exposure is leaving them naked before an increasingly skeptical and angry public. The latest Rasmussen poll shows President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to 46 percent, which, according to the Wall Street Journal, “demonstrates a substantial drop in presidential approval relative to other elected presidents in the 20th and 21st centuries.”


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Obama Approval Continues Decline

Today’s Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll numbers are out and things aren’t looking too rosy for our Socialist President and his policies.  Last month we saw Obama’s Presidential Approval Index* reach zero for the first time since taking office, then go negative.  Today marks yet another first for the President–the first time the Index has remained negative for 3 consecutive days.

After dipping to new lows last month, the President received a boost for several days that sent the Index well into positive territory.  The Index spiked following Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in Cairo early last month and rose as high as +9 immediately after his deceptive announcement that he would implement a pay-as-you-go system in his administration.  But the public couldn’t be fooled long as the true effects of his policies continued to come to light.

The CBO announced his health care plan would cover fewer and cost more than Obama led the country to believe.   Iran erupted in a wave of pro-democracy demonstrations and the President responded with silence, then ambivalence, and then only half-hearted support for the repressed freedom seekers.   These events led to the erosion of the President’s approval and the Index again began slipping.

The bad news for Obama outweighed the events that helped him last month.  The GOP stumbled and Obama’s numbers temporarily recovered when Senator Ensign (R-NV) and Governor Sanford (R-SC) admitted to betraying their wives.  And after ABC donated airtime to help Obama sell his Socialist policies to the American public, the Index perked up a bit for the President.  But these gifts weren’t enough in the end to bring a halt to the downward trend of Americans approval for the Socialist President.

I’ve updated the trend lines based on Rasmussen’s data and you can see the new graphs below.  You can see the Strongly Approve/Disapprove lines have now crossed.  The overall Approve/Disapprove lines have drawn slightly closer together.  Last month’s lines predicted convergence around the 228th day of Obama’s presidency.  This month’s updated lines now indicate those who approve will equal those who disapprove on the 208th day.

With the battle over health care reform coming up and Cap & Trade legislation now in the hands of the Senate, it’s important for conservative Republicans in Congress to keep up the pressure to maintain our momentum.  Though we don’t yet have the upper hand, we’re gaining ground.  Let’s keep it that way.

*Rasmussen’s Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the percentage of those who Strongly Disapprove of the President’s job performance from those who Strongly Approve.

John Allison III
Cabot, AR
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Obama Approval Ratings Reach New Lows

Today’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll from Rasmussen shows fewer Americans strongly approve of the job the President is doing than at any time since he’s taken office.  His overall job approval ratings haven’t yet reached a new low, but are currently at their previous bottom.  It looks like the Iranian crisis is really taking a toll on the public perception of the effectiveness of his policies.

I posted here the other day when the strongly approve numbers reached their previous low, then the numbers spiked after his speech in Cairo.  But the upward momentum, and favorable impression, was short-lived as the public begins to realize that rhetoric has emboldened hard-line American enemies like North Korea and Iran.  We’ve recently seen other polls too that indicate the winds are changing and things don’t look really good for the President.

It’s late now, so I’ll update charts of trend lines and post them here tomorrow.

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Obama’s Approval Ratings Falling

The latest Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll shows Americans are waking up to the fact that President Obama is leading us down the road to ruin.  Though the MSM still showers him with praises and makes every effort to cast him in a good light, his numbers are slipping.  Today’s numbers have 34% strongly approving of the President’s performance and 34% strongly disapproving.  These numbers are a far cry from the 44% to 16% margin he enjoyed the day he took office.

Mike’s America has a great post on this where he digs a little deeper and has some issue-specific numbers as well.  I went ahead and plotted the data in Excel and did the math to find the trend lines to compare.  These first two graphs are just plots of raw data from Rasmussen.  The first compares those who strongly approve vs. those who strongly disapprove for the first 136* days of Obama’s presidency.  The second compares all who approve, not necessarily stronger, vs. all who disapprove over the same period.

I did a regression to find the line that best estimates the data in the two graphs above and plotted these trend lines in the next two graphs.

It’s obvious from the graphs that, if the trends continue, Obama won’t long be enjoying the approval of a majority of Americans.  In fact, around his 228th day, those who approve and those who disapprove of the President’s performance will each make up 50% of the US population unless he can turn things around.  That should be somewhere in the neighborhood of Labor Day.  We’ll keep an eye on Rasmussen’s poll to see what happens.

If he doesn’t put the brakes on this downward plunge in his approval ratings, we can infer the President misjudged the American people’s willingness to accept his Socialist change.

John Allison III
Cabot, AR
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*Though this data covers the first 136 days of the Obama presidency, only 135 data points are present because polling was not conducted on Mother’s Day.

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