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Tom Cox on 2010 Senate Race: “I intend on winning”

Several hundred patriotic Arkansans braved the 90+ degree temperatures to attend Arkansas Tea Party, Inc’s “Rally at the River” yesterday. The crowd came together to celebrate Flag Day and Arkansas’ 173rd birthday, and to let the world know “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore,” while enjoying some great speakers and entertainers, including Bob Basso (Thomas Paine on YouTube.)

Curtis Coleman and David Meeks, who’ve formed exploratory committees to run for Senate and Congress respectively, were there working the crowd.  But the biggest news was the announcement that local businessman, Tom Cox, plans to challenge Blanche Lincoln to represent Arkansas in the United States Senate.  Cox, also President and founder of Arkansas Tea Party, Inc., put an end to the speculation we’ve seen in the blogs lately, saying “I plan on winning this next United States Senate election!”  He then cast off any doubts as to whether he’s a social conservative when he stated “I am pro-life” and “In my house, we believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Other speakers at the event included Michael J. Nowicki–who has previously stated an interest in challenging Arkansas’ 2nd District Congressman Vic Snyder, Tim Griffin–President of Americans for Prosperity, Dave Elswick–local talk radio host, and Tim Howard–author of Justifying the Wicked, Can a Christian Support Liberalism?, and State Representative Dan Greenburg.


Volunteers receiving duty assignments

Volunteers receiving duty assignments


Bob Basso, aka Thomas Paine, backstage

Bob Basso, aka Thomas Paine, backstage

Bob Basso, aka Thomas Paine, fires up the crowd

Bob Basso, aka Thomas Paine, fires up the crowd


Crowd endures 90+ degree heat to support AR Tea Party

Crowd endures 90+ degree heat to support AR Tea Party


Basso has them on their feet
Basso has them on their feet
Sign says it all
Sign says it all

Protesters dress the part to call for a return to Constitutional government
Protesters dress the part to call for a return to Constitutional government

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Today: AR Tea Party’s “Rally on the River”

All are welcome to join us as we celebrate Arkansas’ 173rd birthday, Flag Day, and rally once again to stand for a return to

  • Limited, constitutional government
  • Fiscal responsibility from our elected officials
  • Elected officials who are accountable to and engaged with their constituents

See you at Riverfront Ampitheatre in Riverfront Park from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

By the way, Bob Basso (Thomas Paine on YouTube) will be speaking at this event. If you don’t know who he is, here’s a glimpse.

And just to get you in the mood, here’s a clip from our first event on April 15th at the State Capitol.

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Curtis Coleman to attend AR Tea Party’s “Rally on the River”

Following up on this post from the other day, I’ve learned a little more about Curtis Coleman, who’s considering a run for Senate against Blanche Lincoln in 2010.

Coleman now has a Facebook group, Coleman for U. S. Senate, where he briefly lays out his platform.  After joining the group, I received a message thanking me and informing me that he will be attending Arkansas Tea Party, Inc.‘s Rally on the River Monday, June 15.  If you hope to meet him, he’ll be wearing a white sports jacket over a black shirt.

I’ve also had the opportunity to learn more details of Mr. Coleman’s biography, which he graciously offered in our personal correspondence.  He and his wife are active members of Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock.  Coleman teaches a Bible study class that provides meals for residents of Our House, a shelter for the working homeless in Little Rock.  He also serves as chair of the Counseling Committee for this year’s Central Arkansas Cityfest with Luis Palau, a festival to celebrate a “season of service.”  He has three children, six grandchildren, and another on the way.  “They are a large part of the reason I’m seriously considering this run for the U. S. Senate,” Coleman said.

He received an associate’s degree in religion from Central Baptist College, his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southern Arkansas University, and studied Pastoral Ministry at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX.   He then served as a Baptist preacher in churches in Arkansas and Texas before he began a stint as a speaker/teacher at conferences and in local churches.

In 1992, he ran Mike Huckabee’s first campaign for public office, an unsuccessful Senate race against the powerful Arkansas politician Dale Bumpers.  He left the ministry at age 45, then later, in 1999, founded Safe Foods Corporation where he continues to serve as CEO.  Coleman states, “My leadership in our company is built on Jesus’ model of servant leadership, which means that my goal for the people in our company is for them to be successful in their work and in their personal lives…this kind of leadership requires me to be their servant as well as their leader, which is the kind of leadership I plan to offer in the U.S. Senate on behalf of the people of Arkansas.”

Though the fact that he worked so long as a preacher will undoubtedly trouble those liberals who seem to want all evidence of God and religion removed from our society, this would normally play well with the same conservative Arkansans who re-elected the well known Governor Mike Huckabee–former preacher, former presidential candidate, and current Fox News host of Huckabee.

The Coleman campaign is sure to hit some turbulence though, over his divorce in 1993.  David Kincade, at The Arkansas Project, says “This probably wouldn’t be a big deal for most people, as it’s kinda common these days, but at the time Coleman was a Baptist minister.”  Sixteen years is a long time, but Kincade reports Coleman’s parishioners from way back then are still upset and angry in their emails and comments to his posts.  The Tolbert Report refers to the divorce as a possible Hutchinson problem, referring to Arkansas’ former Senator Tim Hutchinson who lost his seat to Mark Pryor in 2002, just three years after he divorced his wife and two years after he married a former aide.

When his divorce was brought up by a caller on the Dave Elswick’s talk radio show,  Coleman explained that his ex-wife was one of the first people he notified when he decided to run for office and she told him, “I think you will make a great Senator. I will support you and vote for you.”  Even the ultra-liberal Arkansas columnist Max Brantley says the divorce shouldn’t  be an issue.  He claims he’s examined all the divorce papers and sums the situation up with “… it looked like a regrettably familiar story to me. A marriage ended. New lives were begun.”  Coleman told me, “It [the divorce] clearly marks a dramatic change in my life.  It was an almost devastating experience for me – but one from which God has taught me so much about His mercy and grace!”

Will conservative Arkansans be willing to forgive and forget when they get to the ballot box?  Only time and the campaign will tell.

If Jason Tolbert’s hunch is correct, Coleman will face a challenger in the Republican primary.  Jason reports sources close to Tom Cox, founder of Arkansas Tea Party, Inc., say he is also exploring a run for Lincoln’s Senate seat and may use that group’s Rally at the River to formally announce.  Hopefully, if that’s the case, the primary won’t become a mud-slinging contest of airing opponents’ dirty laundry.  Kincade reports Lincoln already has $2.3 million in the bank for the general election campaign, and it’s almost a certainty she’ll run unopposed in the primary.

If Cox does announce at tomorrow’s event, it should be interesting having two Republican candidates introducing themselves to the public at the same event.  So if you’re interested in meeting the candidate(s) who will challenge Lincoln next year, be at Riverfront Ampitheatre in Little Rock tomorrow at 5:30 pm.

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Tax Day Tea Party in Little Rock, AR


I’ve finally found a bright side to the new administration. As bad as it’s been to watch as the new Liberal regime dismantles so much of what made America great, as the budget deficit balloons at a record pace with new spending and bailouts, as our government seizes control of private industry, as our children and grandchildren are saddled with debt that their offspring won’t even be able to repay, one good thing is happening as a result of the November elections. Conservatives are finally standing up and organizing!

My wife and I arrived at the Tax Day Tea Party in Little Rock, AR around 4:30 pm CST for our first ever protest. We found an enthusiastic crowd of young, old, and middle-aged colleagues who are sick and tired of the direction our country is headed. Signs and slogans identified their concerns, their motivation for participating (many like us, for the first time) in an organized protest against the US government.

As one would expect, slogans damning Obama’s policies on taxes and spending dominated, but references were also condemning the country’s charge toward a Socialist economic model and even abortion. Not so long ago, conservatives were never seen carrying signs or heard chanting slogans, or even gathering to get our message out. So thank you Mr. President, Ms. Pelosi, and Mr. Reed for motivating us to join forces, organize, and even march to make our voices heard.

A number of signs proudly identified their bearers as “right-wing extremists.” Contrary to what the Obama administration would have you believe, these protesters weren’t foaming at the mouth, shooting into the air, maiming children and the elderly, or murdering innocents. In fact, I interviewed a Capitol police officer who admitted the protest was completely peaceful–not even a hint of violence or disorderly conduct. He did say one participant was asked to leave because the slogan on the sign he carried was “vulgar,” but he left without trouble or incident.

So much for the portrait the left tries to paint of anyone who leans to the right, that of a ravenous beast who mutilates the helpless and innocent.

I was also surprised there was no counter-protest. Evidently, the left thinks we’ll slink off into the shadows if we’re ignored.

The crowd in Little Rock didn’t seem ready to sit on their haunches though. Participants roared as speakers called on them to not let this be the culmination or their efforts. Hundreds signed on and pledged to organize voter registration efforts, to blog, to YouTube, to Twitter, to take the fight to the Left’s home turf, to fight using the tactics of ACORN,, and other left-wing activist organizations.

Thank you Mr. President, you have awakened a sleeping tiger!

Photos and videos to follow.

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