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We’re winning folks! Keep up the fight!

UPDATE–White House says Sebelius misspoke.  Public option not off the table!!

Last month we saw a precipitous decline in the President’s poll numbers as he tirelessly pushed to sell his health care plan.  That was the first sign of his vulnerability on the issue.  Until then, with the Democrats in the majority in both houses of Congress, Obama had seemed almost politically invincible.  But now we see the once mighty falling.

When Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) commented this could be Obama’s Waterloo, the President and liberals wailed.  But whining that Republicans were out to get him didn’t do much good.  When polls began to show public support for his plan began to waver, he swung into full campaign mode to turn the tide.  It seems he’s lost his appeal to the American populace, because it didn’t work.  When conservatives exercised their 1st Amendment rights at town hall meetings across the country, Obama through his lackeys attacked them as un-American and encouraged liberal acolytes to collect names and turn them into the White House.  These tactics backfired too.

Yesterday, the President’s approval rating among likely voters Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll fell to its lowest point of his term, 47%.  The 52% who disapprove of his job performance include 41% who strongly disapprove, the highest since Obama took office.

Yesterday, we had the strongest signal yet that our efforts are beginning to bear fruit.  Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius indicated the administration may be willing to drop the public option–the controversial government-run health insurance plan.  Democratic Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) also said the votes aren’t there for a public option and it should be taken off the table.  This is huge since Obama has publicly stated that no reform without such a plan will receive his support.  We now have the administration retreating from one of their most heavily defended positions in this battle!

But now is not the time for us to let down our guard.  Remember, even if the Senate passes a bill without a public option, the Senate and House bills must be merged.  It’s at this stage we’ll have to be on guard for a flanking maneuver by Democrats.  We must continue to press and press hard against every controversial part of this bill.

It may also be time to attack from a different angle.  Now that we have the momentum, it might be time to start forcing our demands into the debate.  We might begin to demand things like allowing insurance companies to sell policies across state lines, tort, reform, equal tax treatment for individuals who purchase their own insurance, and more.

Whatever we do, let’s keep fighting the good fight.  It’s working!

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Dodd and Obama: Corrupt Birds of a Feather

by Michelle Malkin at

Everything you need to know about false Hope and Change can be found in one picture: the image of President Obama embracing embattled Sen. Chris Dodd.

The troubled Democrat is in deep over his sweetheart Countrywide home-loan deals, corporate bailout cash and crony associations. New revelations by Countrywide whistleblower Robert Feinberg confirm what more and more of Dodd’s constituents in Connecticut are coming to realize: He’s a lying weasel.

Dodd denied knowledge of the special treatment the subprime mortgage company had given him and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad on home loans. (Dodd’s were worth more than $800,000.) Feinberg flatly contradicted him in secret testimony on the Hill this week.


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Obamatopia not what Dems envisioned

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Remember how they gloated on November 4?  Do you recall the appearance of cohesiveness displayed after the Dems practically swept the elections?

Oh, all was right with the world, their dream was about to be realized…or was it?  After all, their dream was about consolidating power in the hands of  “progressive” politicians–translated:  those who take money from a few people and give some of it to a lot of other people to buy votes.

Now that unseverable bond in November is beginning to fall apart.

You see, Obama’s Democratic allies were foaming at the mouth to confiscate more of your money to fund their pet projects in their perpetual pursuit of re-election.  But shock of all shocks, the other day Obama declared he would ban his former colleagues’ from including pork barrel projects from his stimulus package, promising to post all budget data online and making government spending more transparent.

His liberal buddies didn’t make too many waves over this, probably figuring they had the know how to slip their little projects in without being noticed, or that Obama was just pandering to the crowd and didn’t really mean it.  Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) couldn’t stay completely quiet though and pointed out that “some earmark projects have proven tremendously popular and effective over the years.”  And besides, Obama made the remarks after stating his plans to spend almost a trillion dollars to stimulate the economy!  The Dems in Congress were probably drooling on themselves thinking about all that money they were going to get to spend.

But today, the seams that coalesced the Democratic Party two short months ago really started loosening.  When congressional libs heard the phrase they dread more than any other was part of the plan–tax cuts.

Now I haven’t seen too many details of Obama’s planned tax cuts, so I can’t say if I agree with it or not.  But the reaction from some Democrats make clear they don’t like it

Sen. Conrad’s comments illustrate his ineptitude where the economy’s concerned–“If I’m a business person, it’s unlikely if you give me a several-thousand-dollar credit that I’m going to hire people if I can’t sell the products they’re producing.” 

Can the Senator not understand the simple economic concept that more money in the hands of the people increases consumer spending which in turn creates demand for products and services that force employers to hire?

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) would “rather spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion, on other kinds of things that much more directly, much more rapidly and much more certainly create a real job.”   You can bet he knows just what projects he has in mind.  In other words, he’ll just call his pork projects infrastructure, energy conversion, and other kinds of things to create jobs for which there is no current demand! 

Senator Kerry, real jobs are created by consumer spending which is a direct result of consumers keeping more of their own money.

One more Democratic economic genius moron, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) doesn’t think much of Obama’s proposed tax credits that would put $10-$20 more per week in almost everyone’s pocket.  “In tough times people don’t respond all that well to marginal changes, such as a small amount of money added per paycheck,” Wyden said.  (Meaning they don’t spend enough money under these circumstances.)

This takes the cake for moronic rationale.  Senator Wyden, when “times are tough” it’s because it takes all they have or more to live.  Putting a few dollars more in their pockets means they will spend that money because they have to!  Consumer spending will increase, and as I’ve already stated, and will drive up demand for goods and services forcing businesses to hire.

Good grief, this isn’t rocket science.

But these Dems who want you to believe that tax cuts are the equivalent of spending already know all this.  They really do understand.  They just don’t want you to understand.  Their power is derived straight from their ability to control how money is spent and what it is spent on.  Giving you control of money to stimulate the economy means (in their eyes) taking it away from them and with it goes the ability to wield their power.

As I said earlier, this is not an endorsement of Obama’s tax cuts.  Dems have a nasty habit of mislabeling wealth redistribution as tax cuts.  We need to see a lot more details before I can say whether I agree with these or not.

I will say though, the fact that these liberal Democrats don’t like it makes me believe at least parts of it may be alright.

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