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Democrats Will Attempt To Re-Impose The Fairness Doctrine

by Hans Gruen on All American Blogger

Earlier this week, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.), a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said she would work on bringing back the federal regulation that requires equal time for the expression of different political views on the public airwaves. Click Here

Surprise! Surprise! America’s march leftward into a dictatorial socialist state continues apace. How fitting that this particular part of “The Rush To Silence Rush” will be led by a leftist from the left coast. And check this: they want to expand it to cover Cable and Satellite programming. Already, our socialist Congress is over-reaching! But that is an article for another day!

Yes, I do mean a socialist Congress. For that is what we have. Do not try to feed me the garbage about a “centrist” Congress or a “centrist” President-Elect Obama. If you really want to see what the left considers “Centrist” look at this graph:

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Liberals just can’t stand it that talk radio is dominated–and I mean dominated–by conservatives like Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Michael Reagan, and others. They tried to make inroads with Air America, but the market won’t support it.  In other words, you didn’t want to hear it so advertisers won’t pay to support it.

Therefore, liberals have decided they’ll either force you to listen to it or force you to turn off talk radio by imposing the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”  Basically they want to force talk radio stations to put shows on the air that listeners don’t want to hear.  It’s not enough that the MSM (mainstream media) is dominated by liberals, they want to bombard you with their rhetoric on every medium and leave you with no escape.

You can help fight the Fairness Doctrine by signing the Media Research Center‘s petition here.

Fairness Doctrine Watch: A preemptive strike–Michelle Malkin

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Mainstream Media Loathe to Cover Arson at Palin’s Church

Wasilla Bible Church

Wasilla Bible Church

The ATF has now joined the investigation of the Wasilla Bible Church arson. The agency reported accelerants were placed in several locations around the church, including the entrances.

Although it’s possible this fire was unrelated to the Governor’s recent foray into the 2008 presidential race, I’m guessing it is related. Now, I realize I could be wrong, but my hunch is some radical liberal feels so threatened by Palin and her beliefs that s/he felt justified to torch the church.

Searching for information on the arson, I googled several different variations of “atf report on palin church fire.” I was surprised (I shouldn’t have been) to find Fox News is the only major news outlet actively reporting on this story. The first two hits on the search results are links to Fox News stories, nothing from ABC, CBS, NBC, the LA Times, the NY Times. According to this Newsbusters article, I’m not alone in wondering “Why aren’t the mainstream media reporting this story?”

Imagine if the target of this arson had been the church of Jeremiah Wright–Obama’s old church. They’d be all over this story, reporting it as a hate crime. But, apparently its only a hate crime in the eyes of the MSM if it’s committed against groups which primarily identify themselves as liberals. This story doesn’t deserve attention by the MSM even though there were actually people inside the church, including two children, when the fire was set.

I suspect the liberal MSM doesn’t want to cover this story because they simply don’t want to report anything that paints liberals in a negative light. It’s no wonder this recent Zogby poll showed the internet and Fox News are the most trusted news sources.

This started me thinking, if the arson was politically motivated, what type of Democrat would have committed such a crime?

Some are speculating gay rights activists may have started the fire in response to the church’s support of a conference which promised to “help men and women dissatisfied with living homosexually understand that same-sex attractions can be overcome.” One would expect a group that constantly calls for tolerance would be more tolerant toward those with whom they disagree, but Democrats’ demands for tolerance don’t usually extend to toleration of conservative ideology.

Or it could have been activists from the environmental wing of the Democratic party in response to Palin’s call for more drilling in the arctic. They’re known for arson attacks on car dealerships and other institutions they believe damage the environment. You’d think these folks wouldn’t do such a thing considering the large amounts of pollutants released by a burning building, but like I said, they’re known for these sorts of attacks.

Maybe animal rights activists Democrats were motivated by Palin’s affinity for hunting. They’re well known to attack medical laboratories or other institutions they believe practice cruelty to animals. Logic leads one to believe that people who place such high value on animal life would assign a similar value to human life, but often this isn’t the case. The life of the elk Palin might harvest next year is more valuable to these folks than the lives of those two children who were inside the church at the time.

These types of people are the reason the MSM isn’t reporting this story. They don’t want the public to identify the Democratic party with radical elements of these groups and others who primarily identify themselves as Democrats.

Oh, they’re always quick to report an attack on an abortion clinic (which I don’t condone) because those are usually committed by radical elements of the conservative movement. But an attack on a conservative institution by a radical Democrat rates barely a mention, if any at all.

And they act appalled that we don’t trust them?

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Unblocked. Finally!

Google has finally unblocked this blog so visitors no longer have to suffer through the warning page which stated it may be a spam blog. Finally.

The first post was made on 11/6/08 and the block went up almost immediately. It took three times submitting it for review, but it appears readers will now be able to access this page directly.

I look forward to all comments from readers, both liberal and conservative.


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Coincidence? Or not?

Apparently, someone doesn’t welcome blogs that might be critical of the incoming Obama administration. In this post, I explained that this blog had been immediately identified as a potential spam blog and locked after the first post was published. This action requires anyone wanting to read here to view a warning page. This is likely to dissuade anyone who just happens to stop by from continuing on.

At the time, I followed the steps and was informed my blog would be reviewed and unlocked shortly (the help pages say within 2 business days.) For the next several days I received a message when logging into Blogger that they had received my request to unblock it and the issue should soon be resolved. Then…one day the original message reappeared and all reference to my previous request was gone. I thought it was a a simple mistake and again requested an unblock. Again, for several days the message I received said they had received the request and this blog would be unlocked.

Today I’m back to receiving the original message. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence any longer. It seems apparent that criticism of our President-elect is either not welcome at Blogger or some overzealous liberal blog reader is flagging this blog when it becomes unblocked. Below is a screenshot of the message I receive to check the status of my request to unlock this blog.

Obama, spread the wealth, wealth, election

You can see that I most recently requested the unblock on 11/21/2008. I’m going to post these changes from now on to document this attempt by liberals to silence those who disagree or might speak unfavorably about their chosen one.

If you know anyone who might like to read this blog, please let them know about it. If the page rank gets high enough, we might finally put a stop to it.

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Say it isn’t so!

As I stated in my first post on this blog, I hope I’m wrong about Obama and his desired “changes.” However, after that first post going up last night I wake this morning to see my new blog has been identified to Google as a potential spam blog. Anyone trying to view this site must currently view a warning that it may have been created by a spam robot.

The Democratic Party constantly preaches tolerance but seems to be completely intolerant of anyone with a viewpoint that differs from their own! This attempt at censorship will fail–I’ve already sent the request that Google review it–but how screwed up is it that some supporter of our supposed Messiah is already attempting to silence, to censor, the 47% of Americans who didn’t support Obama? Isn’t it the Republicans they always accuse of violating civil rights?

It seems Obama supporters only value the 1st Amendment when it applies to their own kind!

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