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Project 2,996: Remembering Sarah Ali Escarcega

Eight years ago, a beautiful young lady was among almost 3,000 who perished in the horrendous attack on America by extremist Muslim terrorists.  Her name was Sarah Ali Escarcega.

Only three weeks prior she had taken a job at Risk Waters Group in New York City’s Twin Towers.  Peter Field, then Chairman and CEO of Risk Waters recalls, “Sarah was on a temporary contract and had been with us a mere three weeks. She had married only in April. A sad discovery a week or so after Sept. 11 was that her father, who lives in north London, had suffered racial abuse for being a Muslim.” She quickly left an impression on her supervisors and coworkers. Risk Waters’ World Trade Centers Appeal website memorializes Sarah with the following:

Sarah Ali Escarcega joined Risk Waters in August. Bright and motivated, she had a track record of impressive marketing positions at several top financial information companies, and had until April headed marketing strategy for Reuters’ Australian equities business. She was friendly and enjoyed working with people, and her intelligence shone through in any conversation. In fact, she made such an impression on Neil Cudmore (Risk Waters senior vice-president for The Americas) in her interview that he asked her if she could start working on a temporary basis the next day.
Sarah was still new to Manhattan on September 11. She had moved to the city a few months earlier after her wedding to Rogelio Escarcega. Restless living in the city without a job, she quickly seized the opportunity to join Risk Waters. In just her first month she had already proved herself, and was in the process of discussing a permanent position.

Sarah’s professionalism, intelligence and wonderful personal qualities will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

A young bride, full of hope and promise was taken from the world by the hands of radical religious zealots so full of hate and contempt they destroyed so many lives of unsuspecting and innocent people. Sarah’s husband was left alone, her future children left unborn, and so many whose lives she would have touched will never feel her presence.

So today, eight years after her untimely death, please take a moment to pray for and remember Sarah Ali Escarcega.

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