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Curtis Coleman: Money Bomb Today!

Earlier this month, we helped stop the Obama-Pelosi-Reid fast train to a government takeover of the US health care system. The battle that ground the Democrat engine to a halt took place in Massachusetts, but patriots from across America sacrificed their valuable time and hard-earned money to help make the victory possible. We can now expect more candidates to try to tap the cooperation and corroboration of Americans from coast-to-coast that helped MA Republican Scott Brown win the seat Democrats never thought they could lose.

Donate $10 for 10 Now

One of Brown’s most successful tactics came in the form of an online “Money Bomb” that raised over $1.3 million in just one day! Thousands of individuals donated as little as $5 to help Brown become the Senator-elect who will soon take the seat so long occupied by the iconic liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy. Now, Arkansas Republican candidate for US Senate Curtis Coleman hopes to boost his campaign coffers utilizing the Brown model.

Coleman is one of four GOP candidates Rasmussen shows leading Senator Blanche Lincoln in this year’s race to represent Arkansas in the US Senate. But the conservative business owner lags behind the GOP establishment favorite in raising campaign cash for the race, and has announced he will be holding his own “Money Bomb” tomorrow.

Calling his event “10 for ’10“, Coleman has set a goal of 1,000 Facebook friends contributing $10 each to raise $10,000 on Saturday. His slogan, “Change America for $10“, implies that anyone (everyone?) in America can do a little to accomplish dramatic, real change for these United States.

Coleman was one of the first to commit to challenge the incumbent Lincoln, and he’s been working hard to establish an impressive grassroots network of supporters across the state. He’s been present at numerous Tea Party events across the state, working the crowd when he wasn’t addressing them. He’s used social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to a much greater extent than his competition. We’ve heard supporters state this extraordinary level of interaction during the campaign and his promise to continue to engage his constituents once elected are the reasons they’ve chosen to support Coleman.

Tomorrow we’ll find out just how effective his efforts have been. If his Money Bomb proves successful, Coleman’s grassroots efforts and extensive use of the internet and social networking may prove to be the tactic that turns the establishment GOP on its head. Members of the Republican hierarchy that call on Coleman and others to drop out and let their candidate run unopposed just might be silenced. And a real Republican primary, where the people of Arkansas choose their nominee, just might occur.

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Former Democratic Fundraiser to Plead Guilty in New York City

From FoxNews

The 58-year-old Norman Hsu was indicted in 2007 on charges of cheating investors of at least $20 million in what prosecutors say was a huge Ponzi scheme

Former top Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu has told a federal judge in Manhattan he will plead guilty to 10 counts of wire and mail fraud.

The 58-year-old Hsu (CHOO’) was indicted in 2007 on charges of cheating investors of at least $20 million in what prosecutors say was a huge Ponzi scheme. He had been scheduled to go on trial Monday.

The government also says he made illegal donations to politicians including Hillary Clinton. Her Senate campaign later returned money linked to him.

Prosecutors say he pressured his victims to contribute to political candidates as a way to raise his public profile so he could attract more investors.

Hsu has been jailed since he was arrested in 2007.

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Play the ObamaLotto!

#TCOT #diggcons

I signed up for an account on President-elect BO’s site right after the election just to keep an eye on the opposition, so I receive emails on a dummy account targeting me as a supporter (don’t you believe it.)

Well, today I log into the account and guess what I see.  BO is raffling off tickets to his inauguration!  I can’t help but think about the movie, The Sting, with Robert Redford.

Straight from the streets of Chicago, here comes a numbers game from the White House.  What’s next, shooting dice in the Oval Office?


Thanks to you, President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden will take their oaths of office in just 17 days.You helped shape history, and now you can be a part of it.Ten supporters and their guests will be selected to come to Washington, D.C. for several days of inaugural events. You could be chosen to fly to Washington, attend the welcome ceremony, the Inaugural parade, the swearing-in, and an official Inaugural ball.Donate $5 or more now. You could be part of the historic events you made possible.This inauguration will be open to hundreds of thousands of people. To do that, it takes unprecedented resources.

In the past, inaugurations have been funded by lobbyists and corporations making six-figure contributions. Like our campaign, this inauguration is going to be different. But that means, once again, Barack and Joe need to ask you for your help.

Supporters like you made this possible, and with your help Barack and Joe will run their administration without the influence of big money from Washington lobbyists or special interests. Funding the Inauguration this way is another example of the change you helped bring to Washington.

It’s up to you, at this crucial moment, to make the Inauguration a success and give change a strong start.

Make a donation of $5 or more now for the opportunity to join Barack and Joe at the beginning of this historic journey to change our country:

Thank you for your extraordinary efforts throughout the campaign.

Happy New Year,

Obama for America

P.S. — You can participate without donating. We recognize this day is as important as it is historic, and we want to hear in your words what this inauguration means to you.

Don’t you just love this guy? He just may refurbish one wing of the White House as a casino.

What a hustler.


Team Obama: Still grubbing–Michelle Malkin

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