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Democrats savage Joe Wilson comment while turning blind-eye to Rangel-Geithner Tax Evasions

by Rep. John Carter (R-TX)

(WASHINGTON, DC) – While Democrats have jumped to criticize Republican Congressman Joe Wilson for an emotional outburst during the President’s speech last night, they continue to turn a blind eye to the ongoing House ethics crisis caused by the decade-long failure of House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel to report and pay federal taxes, according to House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter.

Carter says the hubbub over Wilson yelling “he lies”, right after the President called Republican objections to his health bill “lies”, is indicative of he Democrats’ skewed priorities in leading the nation. “While the credibility of this body is being destroyed by the double standards of the Speaker and the Administration, and the confidence of the American people in the integrity of the House of Representatives is at an all-time low, Democrats jump through the ceiling over an inappropriate verbal outburst while ignoring blatant law-breaking by fellow Democrats.”

“The Speaker has failed to police the House,” Carter says. “The IRS has failed to enforce the tax code. The Administration has shown contempt for the rule of law itself by consciously ignoring the self-admitted law-breaking of Chairman Rangel and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, through refusing to hold them accountable to the same standards as ordinary taxpayers. The glaring conflict of interest of the IRS commissioner having to answer to a tax evader who would be ineligible to work at the IRS based on his tax violations is intolerable in any nation that respects the law. And the only response of the Democrats to this massive corruption is to jump on Joe Wilson for a floor comment.”

Carter says it is increasingly apparent the only way to preserve the integrity of the House during this session of Congress will be for individual Democratic House Members to vote against their own leadership to restore regular order and the Rules of the House.

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