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Obama Will Spend More on Welfare in the Next Year Than Bush Spent on Entire Iraq War, Study Reveals

(by Fred Lucas, – As a candidate for president, Barack Obama decried the financial toll that the Iraq war was taking on the economy, but Obama’s proposed spending on welfare through 2010 will eclipse Bush’s war spending by more than $260 billion.

“Because of the Bush-McCain policies, our debt has ballooned,” then-Sen. Barack Obama told a Charleston, W.V., crowd in March 2008. “This is creating problems in our fragile economy. And that kind of debt also places an unfair burden on our children and grandchildren, who will have to repay it.”

During the entire administration of George W. Bush, the Iraq war cost a total of $622 billion, according to the Congressional Research Service.

President Obama’s welfare spending will reach $888 billion in a single fiscal year–2010–more than the Bush administration spent on war in Iraq from the first “shock and awe” attack in 2003 until Bush left office in January.

Obama’s spending proposals call for the largest increases in welfare benefits in U.S. history, according to a report by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. This will lead to a spending total of $10.3 trillion over the next decade on various welfare programs. These include cash payments, food, housing, Medicaid and various social services for low-income Americans and those at 200 percent of the poverty level, or $44,000 for a family of four. Among that total, $7.5 trillion will be federal money and $2.8 trillion will be federally mandated state expenditures.

In that same West Virginia speech last year, Obama said, “When Iraq is costing each household about $100 a month, you’re paying a price for this war.”

The Heritage study says, “Applying that same standard to means-tested welfare spending reveals that welfare will cost each household $560 per month in 2009 and $638 per month in 2010.”


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More results of Obama’s foreign policy blunders…

Iraqi soldier kills 2 US soldiers, wounds 3

So maybe arbitrary deadlines for troop withdrawals do encourage the enemy.

Chavez Slams Terror Report, Claims ‘New Aggression’ by U.S.

I guess the hugs, handshakes, and gifts didn’t soften the two-bit dictator’s stone heart after all.

Suicide bomb kills 6 in Mosul

The deadliest month of the year for US troops in Iraq. Imagine that, the enemy is stepping up its attacks now that it knows we’re pulling out. But don’t worry, Hillary told Iraq we’re not abandoning them, and the Obamessiah promises increased violence won’t alter his plan to withdraw troops. Talk about mixed messages to our Iraqi allies!

U.S. to hold new talks with Syria

This should be interesting since Syria backs Hezbollah and Hamas. Former President Carter has used his trips to Syria to bash Israel and defend terrorists. I’m sure the terrorist sponsoring nation is looking forward to manipulating a sitting President for its propaganda.

Officials: Gitmo court system likely to stay open

This should play well overseas with all the countries that criticized Bush for not treating the terrorists like jaywalkers. Of course they thought things would “change” with Obama in the White House since this was one of his major criticisms of the previous administration.

I’m sure this list will continue to grow as long as our President thinks the best foreign policy is to stroke the egos of our enemies by condemning our own country. Stay tuned for more next week.

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What the left and the MSM won’t report…


I received an email containing these photos that we’d never see on the MSM.  We hear all of the tragic stories on the nightly news.  Any misstep by our soldiers and Marines is splashed in every newspaper and on every news show, but the story told in these photos is never told by the supposedly objective press in our country.

Take a look!

So just remember, the MSM isn’t giving you the whole story.

While they want you to believe that our soldiers and Marines are committing every sort of atrocity known to man, and then some, these pictures show the real story of what’s happening in Iraq every day. 


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Don’t forget to pray for our troops today!

Thanks to these folks, we have the freedom to celebrate Christmas in the greatest country in the world!  Remember them in your prayers today as you celebrate with your family.

Troops in Iraq find Christmas in memories

By CHELSEA J. CARTER, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD – Army Sgt. Robin Cameron stood guard outside a once opulent Iraqi shopping mall that now serves as a small U.S. military outpost, trying not to think about what he was missing with his family on Christmas.

“It’s just another day in Iraq,” he said, waving through a convoy of armored vehicles heading out to patrol Baghdad’s Mansour neighborhood, once home to Saddam Hussein‘s favored officers and later an insurgent stronghold known for its deadly attacks on American troops.

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Merry Christmas and thank you to all who serve!

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What the left doesn’t want to remember…

A Brief History of Bush’s Time

By Randall Hoven at The American Thinker

The current narrative of the Bush Presidency is that it is a failure (believed by 107 of 109 historians surveyed) and that George W. Bush is the worst President in history (believed by 61% of those surveyed historians). Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said, “The president already has the mark of the American people — he’s the worst president we ever had.”

That’s one narrative. I have another.

Despite being handed one of the worst situations in history from President Clinton, and being fought tooth and nail by his opponents in government and the media, literally from the day of his election, President George W. Bush persevered to restore prosperity at home and to make the US and the world more free and secure.

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The Story Behind the Iron Triangle Case, Part I

from Euphoric Reality

Editor’s Note: SSG Ray Girouard is serving time at Fort Leavenworth, as are two of his men, for charges that they executed detainees they captured during combat operations near Samarra, Iraq. For those who have followed this case, the amount of corruption and falsification by the prosecution and Army leadership defies reason. Now, for the first time, the true story behind the story. Originally published at The Jaghunter, written by retired LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick III, USN.

Steele’s March, Part I

America’s courts-martial scheme is burdened by a grim reputation. Experienced readers of courts-martial records become conscious always of power and design. In the series of courts-martial surrounding Operation Iron Triangle (9 May 2006), these distinctive factors quickly emerge from the shadows as a ship emerges from dense fog.

…(Read full article)

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I Hope I’m Wrong.

I’ve been dreading this night for weeks now…the night Americans chose Obama. I hope I’m wrong about what I expect Obama’s “change” will mean for our country…for my kids’ sake, and their kids’, and theirs.

I understand how this happened and lay 100% of the blame on George W. Bush and the leadership of the Republican Party. Unlike most of those who voted for Obama though, I believe GW and the GOP created this potential nightmare by abandoning their principles in an effort to win the approval of their political foes. In other words, they weren’t conservative enough.

I agreed with many of Bush’s policies in the beginning and voted for him in both 2000 and 2004. I had been a registered Republican since age 18 and remain a staunch conservative to this day. His tax cuts had the intended effect–tax revenues have increased and the economy grew even after the historic attack on 9/11/2001. Where he failed was refusing to stand firm in demanding spending cuts and to curtail the growth of government.

I supported the Iraq war–not because I thought there were WMD’s (I didn’t know or care if these existed,) but because we needed to show the world that consequences would follow any attack on our country. Most don’t remember now, but Bush could have ordered the invasion of China immediately after 9/11 and the country would have been behind him. We were damned angry and sought revenge. Saddam Hussein was the international bad guy at the time and that made him the natural target for said revenge.

I always believed the WMD’s were simply an excuse used in the hope of getting international support for the war. His goal wasn’t to mislead the American people, he didn’t need to. At the time, Americans would have supported the assault for no other reason than we had been attacked and a response was called for, a response that would make others hesitant to participate in any such attack in the future. His mistake was dragging it out in the futile effort to convince France, China, and Russia to support us. As these efforts dragged on, public support for the attack waned. By the time we finally invaded, the country was divided on whether or not it was necessary. He had lost support before the first American boot set foot on Iraqi soil.

The lightning fast capture of Iraq recaptured some of the lost support, but not all. The apparent victory made the war popular again. All he had to do was sew up the victory and the mission would be accomplished. He screwed up though, again attempting to bring reluctant members of the UN around to support the US occupation. Instead of letting our troops finish the fight, we pulled up and dug in before we’d made sure the job was finished. Instead of flushing the enemy out of hiding, we allowed him time to recuperate and reorganize. When the insurgency began, we tied the hands of our soldiers and Marines rather than let them take the fight to the enemy and destroy him once and for all. After all, we couldn’t take the chance of offending Muslims by damaging a mosque and we couldn’t risk upsetting those who already despised us with collateral damage.

Marines and soldiers came home in chains to face charges for attempting to actually win the war. We were sacrificing our men and women to appease the rest of the world. I watched in disbelief when Marines surrounding Fallujah were forced to wait until the enemy fired before firing on them. The rules of engagement made it impossible to win! Watching news footage of patrols being hit by IED’s, I told my wife exactly what could be done to minimize our casualties but these actions weren’t permitted because of the ROE’s. The result–instead of the world being afraid of pissing us off, we’re once again considered a paper tiger!

Bush came to office claiming to be a “compassionate conservative.” This moniker is evidence he felt the need to move toward the democrats. In fact, he too claimed to seek unity in the country. What he failed to understand was the only unity the liberals sought was total acquiescence to their philosophy. They fought tooth and nail while they labeled him a radical right winger. Instead of taking the fight to them, he and the GOP tried to appease them while they continued to attack through the press and by opposing Republican initiatives. As Bush moved toward the center to counter, liberals in Congress and the press continued to attack him as being too far to the right. His retreat toward the left allowed the front line to shift so that now what’s considered the center is actually well inside the home field of the left!

Tonight’s results are the effects of Bush’s appeasement policies. Had he fought harder and stood firm in his first term, the “radical right” tag would never have stuck to him in the second. Had he allowed our soldiers and Marines to wage a war they could win, the war would still have been popular. If the Republican Party is to recover from this crushing defeat, it must get back to its roots and stop trying to win over the radical left and the biased liberal media.

I’m going to use this blog to document Obama’s “changes” to our country. His remarks and those of his supporters lead me to believe we’re on board a runaway train headed straight for Marxism. I envision irresponsibility being rewarded and responsible persons forced to pay for those rewards. Our way of life hangs in the balance and I fear the scale will be irreversibly tilted in the wrong direction.

I could be wrong though, and I hope that I am. The next four years will tell the tale.

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