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How long will your grandma be around?

Not long if Obama has his way!

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Why Won’t They Sign? (Update)

UPDATE–104 Republicans, still NO Democrats have signed the Pledge!!!

UPDATE–3 more Republicans signed the pledge. 104 Republicans, NO Democrats. Why?????

UPDATE–3 more Republicans signed the pledge. 101 Republicans, NO Democrats. Why?????

It’s a sad thing that our elected representatives would refuse to read sweeping legislation that would impact every American before voting on it, but that’s the attitude among Democrats in Washington these days. Here’s Representative John Conyers (D-MI) telling the National Press Club there’s no point to reading the bills he votes on because he can’t understand what he reads anyway!

I guess that’s why NO Democrats have signed Let Freedom Ring’s Responsible Health Care Reform Pledge.  Of the 535 members of Congress, only 98–all Republicans–have signed the pledge promising to read the bill before voting for it and guaranteeing the American people access to inspect the bill for a minimum of 72 hours prior to any such vote.

Why won’t the Democrats sign?  Perhaps Conyers speaks for the entire majority in the US House.  Why read it if they’re incapable of understanding it?

Use the links on the right side of this page to contact your Congressmen and Senators and demand they sign the pledge!

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Why Won’t They Sign?

UPDATE 3:16 PM CST (7/24/09)–1 more Republican signed (87 so far), ALL Democrats still refuse to sign the pledge!

UPDATE 8:09 PM CST (7/23/09)–3 more Republicans signed (86 so far), NO Democrats have signed the pledge!

UPDATE 7:23 PM CST (7/22/09)–2 more Republicans signed (83 so far), still no Democrats taking the pledge.

UPDATE 12:18 PM CST (7/22/09)–3 more Republicans signed today, still no Democrats taking the pledge.

UPDATE 3:39 PM CST–78 Republicans have now signed, still not a single Democrat

UPDATE 1:17 PM CST–Statement from Senator Blanche Lincoln (see below)

As of 12:16 pm CST, only 76 of the 535 members of Congress have signed The Responsible Health Care Reform Pledge being promoted by Let Freedom Ring, Inc.  Here’s the pledge:

It’s simple and straightforward.  Read and understand the yoke you are placing around our necks and give us ample time to examine it for ourselves before you limit our choices and place our health care system at the mercy of federal bureaucrats.

Not a single Democrat has signed the pledge! Ask yourself why?

We also need to ask why every Republican hasn’t signed yet.  Call your Congressmen and Senators and ask what’s keeping them from taking this pledge.

Early this morning, I contacted the offices of both my Senators, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, and my Representative, Marion Berry.  I identified myself as a constituent and a blogger and was referred to their press secretaries.  None of the three were available so I left a detailed message on their voice mail asking for a statement as to whether they intend to sign the pledge and, if not, why not.  Three hours later, I have yet to receive statements from any of the three.

I’ll update this post if I hear from any of the three.

Statement from Senator Lincoln’s office

“Senator Lincoln shares the concerns of most Americans about the outcome of the current health care debate. As a Member of the Senate Finance Committee, she is working on a daily basis to write a health care reform proposal that will stabilize health care costs, quality, and coverage for all Arkansans and all Americans. This process will leave her well-versed on any proposal put forward by the Senate Finance Committee. This committee is charged with the responsibility of paying for health care reform and Senator Lincoln has made clear that she will support a plan that does not add to the deficit and does not raise taxes on hardworking Arkansas families.”

*Thanks to Senator Lincoln’s Press Secretary Katie Laning Niebaum for responding!

Still no pledge to sign, and no explanation why not but at least the Senator’s office makes an effort to her constituents.

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More of what’s to come w/ Obamacare

Another great video illustrating what Obamacare will look like  in America.

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Demint (R-SC) Slams Obamacare, Pledges to Read the Bill

Senator Demint takes Obama to task on his rush to take over yet another segment of the US economy.  The Senator lays out the multitude of legislative attempts put forth by Republicans in Congress over the years that were all killed by Democrats who desire nothing less than complete government control over the life and death decisions now made between you and your doctor.

You might expect that Demint has signed a pledge to read the Obamacare bill before voting for it, but you might not know he’s only one of 72 who will make that committment.  Of those 72 who pledge to read the bill, guess how many are Democrats.

If you guessed zero, you’re right.  No Democrat has signed the pledge.

The House version of the bill is 1,018 pages and the CBO’s latest estimate says it will add another $269 billion to the federal deficit.  But still the Democrats won’t even promise to read the bill.

Call your Senators and Representatives today and demand they sign the pledge!

Oh, and here’s yet another example of the failures of a government-run health care system! A 22-year-old alcoholic is refused a liver transplant because his life’s not worth saving!

Patients First – Vote No on Government Run Health CareSign the Petition

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Cabot, AR
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