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Michelle Malkin to Speak at Little Rock, AR Rally Saturday

from LCRC Blog

By now it’s certain you’ve heard about the near trillion dollar health care bill being debated in the Senate. But you may not have heard that Governor Beebe believes the bill will also bust our state budget wide open–to the tune of $205 million!!!

In an effort to educate the public about this under-reported concern by the highest ranking elected Democrat in the state of Arkansas, Tea Parties across the state have banned together and teamed up with Americans for Prosperity to sponsor the 12-12 @ 12:00 rally this Saturday at 12:00 noon.

The focus for Saturday will be to call Arkansas’ elected officials’ attention to this budget busting bill so they will stand against it and assert Arkansans’ interests in this matter.

Nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin will be the keynote speaker, but numerous Arkansas legislators and several Republican candidates for US Senate will be addressing the crowd as well. Several candidates for US Congress will also be present and available to answer questions. This will be an event you won’t want to miss if you hope to stop this Obamacare atrocity!

And if you’re worried about the weather, don’t be. The event will be held inside at the Little Rock Doubletree Hotel Ballroom. It’s scheduled to last for an hour and a half. The first 1000 to arrive will be admitted to hear the speakers.

Where Little Rock Doubletree Hotel
When 12:00-1:30 pm
Saturday, December 12, 2009


Todd Sharp
Dr. Carlos Ramon
Jeannie Burlsworth, Chairman of Secure Arkansas
Teresa Oelke, Representative for Americans for Prosperity
Michelle Malkin
State Senator Gilbert Baker
State Senator Kim Hendren
State Representative Mark Martin
State Representative Ed Garner
State Representative Dan Greenburg
State Representative Allen Kerr
Tachaney Evans, Independent Candidate for State Senate, District 4
Curtis Coleman
Col. Conrad Reynolds
Tom Cox
Fred Ramey
Buddy Rodgers
Trevor Drown, Independent


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Go Figure, More Americans Dead at the Hands of A Muslim Radical

13 dead, and 28 wounded as of this moment. Yesterday, Muslim Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan went on a shooting rampage at Ft. Hood, TX and radical Islam struck another blow against our country and our way of life.

While President Obama “dithers” and our soldiers in Afghanistan continue to die, our enemies become more emboldened and convinced they can outlast us and eventually defeat us. His international apology tour earlier this spring, his patronizing address to the Muslim radicals who seek to destroy us, his shutting down the Gitmo detention center for our terrorist enemies, his seeking to prosecute CIA interrogators who obtained information that saved American lives, and now his refusal to give troops in the field the resources they need to protect themselves and complete their mission are all working to strengthen our enemies and weaken our ability to defend ourselves.

President Obama’s decision to prematurely withdraw from Iraq has had exactly the effect those who understand military strategy thought it would.  Our terrorist enemies have shifted the bulk of their resources from the flat, open terrain along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to the rugged, mountainous terrain of Afghanistan–a land that hasn’t been conquered since Alexander the Great stormed seized control of the territory around 330 BC.

In short, our inexperienced President has played right into the enemy’s hands.

And though Obama, his left-wing allies in Congress, and peaceniks everywhere hypothesized that our involvement in Iraq aided terrorists’ recruitment efforts, it’s his policies of shifting the battlefield from one that is more favorable to one that is less favorable to our men, machines, and tactics that has sparked the greatest increase in enemy attacks since before President Bush’s “surge” in Iraq.  These perceived victories for our enemies are the real catalysts for the Taliban recruiting bonanza in Afghanistan.

But it’s also sure to serve as a motivating tool for disenchanted Islamists around the world to join their brothers and sisters to fight the infidel.

We saw this earlier this year when radical Muslim Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad murdered Pvt William Long and wounded Pvt Quinton Ezeagwula at a Little Rock, AR Army recruiting station.  Two soldiers targeted by a radical, American born Muslim for serving their country…the US…the infidel.  Now we see it again, to a higher degree, at Ft. Hood, TX.  Another radical Islamist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, murdered 13 and wounded 30 more.

For months before the Little Rock attack, the FBI had supposedly been tracking Muhammad because his activities had drawn suspicion of terrorist tendencies.  But some have stated the FBI had been told to “back off” suspected Muslim terrorists in the US prior to the Little Rock attack.  In the Ft. Hood case, we now know Hasan had drawn the attention of the FBI at least six months prior to his murderous rampage.  One must wonder, just what restrictions have been placed on the professional investigators at the FBI that prevented them from being close enough to prevent this tragedy.

A man who served his country as an Army psychiatrist at Ft. Hood for the past six years.  According to a Fox News article on the shooting, Hasan recently received a poor job review.  Why would this man, who apparently performed his job satisfactorily the past six years, suddenly become disenchanted and frustrated to the point that he would take up arms, attack, and murder his comrades?

Was he motivated by a Commander-In-Chief who apologizes for every international action ever taken by the US, who praises Islam and snubs Christianity at every opportunity, whose military strategy comes from snobbish Ivy League scholars who’ve never carried a rifle, or operated a tank?  As the Taliban continues to gain strength, and their victories receive more press, and the President continues to “dither” and leave deployed American forces in a sort of uncertain limbo, expect more and more radical Islamists to emboldened and compelled to lash out.  Both here and abroad.

And as long as President Obama continues to provide aid and comfort to our enemy, through direct propaganda and appeasement, and through his elitist, idealistic approach to military strategy, each one of these deaths should be laid at his doorstep.

The blame is yours Mr. President.

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Keep fighting, OFA organizing opposition

The campaign organization that secured the White House for then-candidate Obama wasn’t dismantled after the November elections of 2008. Instead, the outfit was converted to a propaganda machine for the man who now resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

When Arkansas’ Democratic Representatives and Senators decided not to face the fury of constituents who oppose their party’s proposed government-run health care program, Organizing for America (OFA) quickly announced it would embark on a “Listening Tour” across the state. It appeared the President’s continuous campaign organization was offering itself up as shock troops in the health care battle to take the heat off the Democratic legislators in a red state.

Tonight we attended one of the OFA events to get an idea what the other side is up to. Kyle Simon, Arkansas State Director of OFA, addressed 16 audience members, at least 13 of whom were ardent supporters of Obama’s attempt to impose a government-run health care system on the American people. Simon defined the mission of OFA as pushing Obama’s agenda by lobbying Congress, engaging people, and generating positive news coverage for the President and his policies.

We had hoped the event would have been better attended by both sides, and even some who have yet to determine where they stand on Obamacare. However, it quickly became clear this event wasn’t designed to stimulate debate on whether government-run health care would be good or bad for the country. Instead, it was a session intended to teach Obamacare supporters to be more effective in overcoming the majority of Americans who now oppose the President’s attempts to Socialize 1/6 of the American economy.

Parroting the President’s talking points, Simon took shots at opponents of Obama’s plan. Referring to conservatives who express concerns about the bill as fearmongers and accusing them of disseminating misinformation, he elicited calls to “demand proof” of challenges to the plan, to ignore the will of the majority of Americans who now oppose Obamacare, and even to insult opponents as Barney Frank (D-MA) did his constituents earlier this week. Never did Simon reference any specific text of the bills to support his points, nor to refute any of the charges levied by conservatives against the plan.

Simon also dispersed more Democratic misinformation. Latching onto Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) favorite line of late, he referred to vocal opponents of Obamacare as part of an “astroturf” movement and claimed that many were bussed in from out-of-state. This of course insinuates opponents are all backed by deep pockets, sometimes even paid to protest. Again, he failed to produce any evidence to support his claims and seemed not to realize how hypocritical such statements are in light of internet ads placed by liberal organizations offering to pay protesters to support the President’s plan.

Simon and several in the audience repeatedly stated that opponents “don’t know why they’re against” a public option and that Republicans can’t offer an alternative plan. Often insinuating, and sometimes plainly stating, that opponents are uneducated and/or ignorant, they claimed socialism and Obama’s idea of a government-run health care system are unrelated. Perhaps they should read the definition of socialism. Once, while working to convince the audience that a majority of Americans support Obamacare, Simon even made the statement, “The minority only wins in Florida.”

I guess liberals will never admit to themselves they lost the 2000 election.

All of that garbage was pretty difficult to listen to, but I did come away with some useful information. Simon called on the group to help the administration implement it’s plan by writing letters to the editor and contacting their members of Congress. When he told the group many Congressmen were receiving 200 calls opposed for every 1 call supporting the President’s plan, they still didn’t believe a majority of Americans just don’t want the government involved in their health care decisions.

We need to keep that level of resistance up. OFA is gathering strength in the hopes that we will tire of the fight and abandon the field. Now that we have the momentum, we must not relax until this fight is won!

Let’s write 200 letters to the editor for every one they write and continue to let our Congressmen know where we stand. We have the numbers and we must prevail.

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So much for stimulus creating green jobs

Early last month, LM Glasfiber in Little Rock announced it would cut more than 20% of it’s workforce because it doesn’t have enough orders.  In this day and age, that doesn’t sound quite remarkable does it?  But…

The plant makes windmill blades.  You know, those giant windmills that produce clean energy that were going to sprout from the ground like spring daisies if the stimulus bill passed.  These are green jobs being lost–the very jobs Obama announced would be created by HIS economic package.

June 8, 2009

Windmill blade maker LM Glasfiber said Monday it will lay off about 80 workers at its Port of Little Rock plant…

After the layoffs, about 300 people will remain on Glasfiber’s payroll…

Perhaps our President’s mathematical magicians will spin this as Obama saving 300 jobs.

So we’re losing green jobs, and non-green jobs, even though Congress has bowed and given the community organizer virtually everything he’s asked for, everything that he insisted would turn our economy around and result in millions and millions of green jobs.  Where are they Mr. President?

How long will worshippers of the Obamessiah go on believing his nonsense?  His supposed stimulus is a failure on all fronts.

Update–Check out this post on ARRA News Service that has John Boehner’s new video that features bloodhounds searching for the millions of jobs Obama’s stimulus was promised to create or save.

John Allison III
Cabot, AR
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Today: AR Tea Party’s “Rally on the River”

All are welcome to join us as we celebrate Arkansas’ 173rd birthday, Flag Day, and rally once again to stand for a return to

  • Limited, constitutional government
  • Fiscal responsibility from our elected officials
  • Elected officials who are accountable to and engaged with their constituents

See you at Riverfront Ampitheatre in Riverfront Park from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

By the way, Bob Basso (Thomas Paine on YouTube) will be speaking at this event. If you don’t know who he is, here’s a glimpse.

And just to get you in the mood, here’s a clip from our first event on April 15th at the State Capitol.

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Pvt Long Memorial/Rally to Support Troops

At 4:00 pm Thursday, a crowd gathered at the scene of the first terror attack on US soil since 9/11 to pay tribute to Pvt. William Long and Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula.  Long was slain on June 1st by an American citizen who called himself Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, but was born Carlos Bledsoe, a name he used before he became a radical Islamic terrorist.

Though the mainstream media and government officials largely downplayed or ignored this heinous attack, Secure Arkansas sought to bring it to the public’s attention by organizing a rally to support the troops and honor the men who so unexpectedly became the latest casualties of the War on Terror.

The rally began with Ms. Jeannie Burlsworth, founder of Secure Arkansas, leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ms. Cindra Bell then sang the Star Spangled Banner and Kime Eubanks offered a prayer for the murdered soldiers and their families, all American servicemen serving across the globe, and for our country’s safety in this time when our own soil is no longer a safe harbor from the hate-filled and violent radical Islamists who seek to destroy us.  Speakers included the local Army Recruiting Commander, Capt Mathew Feehan, Rex Roark of the Governor’s Commission for Veterans’ Affairs, Jim Porter, past Post Commander of VFW Post 10483, and State Representative Ed Garner.

Several men and women stood at the street holding signs (see photos below) to encourage others to stop and participate in the vigil.  Though I was standing in the parking lot and not close to the street, I couldn’t help but hear the screams of an angry woman taking issue with those of us present at the rally.  When I turned and looked toward the disturbance, I noticed a woman stopping her car on busy Rodney Parham Rd. in heavy traffic next to every person holding a sign.  She was leaning across the seat to shake her fist and scream something unintelligible from my distant vantage point.   However, the woman parked her car and stationed herself among those sign-carriers promoting the rally, but holding a small sign which proclaimed “Islam is Peace.”  She then began ranting about government involvement in 9/11, our “terrorist” actions in the war in Iraq, and that we were all brainwashed by the press which was complicit in some conspiracy with our government to wage war on Islam.  When I asked the woman if Bledsoe committed this atrocity in the name of Islam, she refused to answer.


Those attending were then invited to proceed to American Legion Post #1, where David Hall had stationed himself with his Traveling Liberty Bell.  All in attendance were asked to ring the bell in honor of Pvt. Long and donations were taken for the Wounded Warrior Project in Long’s name.

Special thanks to my daughter, Amanda, who attended the rally with me and served as my photographer and videographer.  She took the video above and some of her photos follow.

Memorial for Pvt William Long

Soldiers attending the rally

Members of the American Legion and VFW attended

Attendees’ signs

Islamic woman protests at rally.  (see video above)

You can view all the photos my daughter took at the rally here. I just realized the date was set wrong on her camera, so the date stamps on the photos are wrong.

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Was FBI told to back off soldier’s killer?

Dr. Bill Smith at ARRA News Service has posted an article suggesting just that.  If you’re thinking “No, that’s not possible,” here are some questions that I want you to answer.  If Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, aka Carlos Bledsoe, was under investigation by the FBI, how did he come by the weapons used in this heinous act?  How is it that they missed his operational planning evidenced by many other potential targets he researched on his computer? 

It appears an order was handed down to the FBI to “back off” its investigations into the activities of Black Muslim converts.  One can’t help but wonder if those resources previously assigned this task were reassigned to surveil and investigate the Right-Wing Extremists deemed a few months ago to be this country’s greatest threat by the Department of Homeland Security.

You should read the entire article, but here are a few excerpts…

Several weeks ago, STRATFOR heard from sources that the FBI and other law enforcement organizations had been ordered to “back off” of counterterrorism investigations into the activities of Black Muslim converts. At this point, it is unclear to us if that guidance was given by the White House or the Department of Justice, or if it was promulgated by the agencies themselves, anticipating the wishes of President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Why did President Barack Hussein Obama ignore Private William Long, Private Quinton Ezeagwula, the military recruiters, their friends and families, and the people of Arkansas? Why would the Obama administration order the FBI and other law enforcement organizations to “back off” of counterterrorism investigations into the activities of Black Muslim converts? Why did the Department of Homeland Security issue a document labeling conservatives, pro- constitution, Pro-bill of rights, veterans, as “right-wing” extremists and potential domestic terrorists?

President Obama, today you may be speaking to 1.5 billion Muslims but the fact is that the majority of them will not hear you or will refuse to hear you because you have violated the “sacred laws” of Islam by converting from Islam to Christianity. Therefore, you are to them -worse than an infidel. President Obama, today the blood on the pavement outside of the Army Recruiting Station in Little Rock, Arkansas cries out for justice and for a president worthy to be called the Commander-in-Chief. You have dishonored a fallen soldier and elevated the enemies of our country. Your administration has ordered the FBI and other law enforcement organizations to “back off” of counterterrorism investigations into the activities of black* Muslim converts. You have catered to our enemy in an attempt at appeasement.

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but unfortunately I’m not. It should have been obvious this was coming when DHS released their report that labeled virtually all conservative Americans the greatest threat to the country, when the administration ripped the word terrorist from the American English language, and when DOJ inexplicably let members of the New Black Panther Party off scot-free on charges of voter intimidation in November.

Black, white, red, yellow, or blue, color shouldn’t matter in this situation. We must fight radical Islam, because it’s damned sure going to fight us.

FBI Ordered to “Back Off” Investigations into Black Muslim Converts–ARRA News Service

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Hat Tip: ARRA News Service

While most of the media, elected officials, and Commander-in-Chief Obama are ignoring the terrorist attack in our state, Secure Arkansas is planning on an emergency rally to support the troops:

Secure Arkansas is planning a huge rally to support our military. It will be held on Thursday, June 4th, at 4 p.m., in front of the Army-Navy Recruiting Station at Ashley Square, corner of Reservoir Road and Rodney Parham in Little Rock. This is an emergency rally to show respect for our troops and let them know we mourn the loss of soldier Pvt. William Long and the wounding of soldier Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula.

We hope to see everyone there.


For more on this story see The Silence is deafening! Where is Commander-in-Chief Obama?

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