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MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Voters Should Cheat to Beat Brown

Hat Tip: ARRA News Service

On his radio show January 15, Ed Schultz encouraged Massachusetts voters to “vote 10 times if they could” in order to defeat Republican Scott Brown who’s challenging Democrat Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated when long-time Senator Ted “Lady Killer” Kennedy died last year. Referring to Brown and other Republicans as “these Bastards,” Schultz demonstrated the liberal bias prevalent at MSNBC that has led to the left-wing network’s plummeting ratings.

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Health Care Transparency and the 61st Vote

The following is an email from Senator John Thune (R-SD)

Dear Friends,

Thank you to those of you who’ve signed my petition against the Democrats’ health care bill.

I am leading the Republican charge to open health care reform negotiations to public scrutiny and challenging Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to allow C-SPAN to televise the closed-door negotiations going on between Senate and House Democrats and the White House.

During the presidential campaign in 2008 President Obama said of health care reform, “… we’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.”

Yet, that is not what has happened.  Instead, the Democrats are negotiating this 2,000 + page bill among themselves and locking Republicans and the American people out.

I’m working to change that.  Read the letter my Republican colleagues and I sent to Senator Harry Reid.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has called into question the savings Democrats claim would result from their bill and has pointed out that health care costs under the bill will actually increase by more than $200 billion.

Of the purported “savings” in the bill, the report uses terms like “unrealistic”, “doubtful”, and “difficult to obtain,” as well as saying that the bill could lead to “price increases, cost-shifting, and/or changes in providers’ willingness to treat patients with low-reimbursement health coverage.”

That’s why I will continue to oppose the bill and will do all I can to see it defeated, along with all 39 of my Republican colleagues in the Senate.

If you want to know what you can do to help, in addition to contacting your elected representatives again, there’s only one additional thing I know of we can do:  help deny the Democrats their 60-vote, filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

One week from today Massachusetts will elect a new Senator in a special election.  Like me, Republican State Senator Scott Brown vehemently opposes the Democrats’ health care legislation and will vote to stop it, work to send it back to the drawing board and try to enact real reform that will lower costs without spending trillions of dollars and raising billions in new taxes we can’t afford.

Please help us defeat this bill by visiting Scott Brown’s website and making an online donation to his campaign today.  I have sent a contribution to him, and I hope you will consider doing the same.

The polls have shown the race in a dead heat.  The Wall Street Journal says of him, “Mr. Brown … has been running against Washington’s blowout spending and has called for a freeze on the wages of federal employees.”  And, “The mere fact that Democrats have to fight so hard to save Ted Kennedy’s seat shows how badly they have misjudged America by governing so far to the left.”

In an editorial the Boston Herald noted, “… if you’re not happy with the status quo, if you think the way business is being conducted on Capitol Hill today is a disgrace and an affront to taxpayers, then you probably agree it’s time for a change.  Scott Brown can single-handedly deliver on that kind of change and the Herald is pleased to endorse his candidacy in the race for U.S. Senate.”

I couldn’t agree more, and I hope that you do also.

Thank you again for getting involved and helping us make a difference.  I sincerely appreciate your interest and support.


John Thune
U.S. Senator

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“It’s the people’s seat!”

Lt. Col. Scott Brown understands what so many in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans have apparently forgotten. Our Senators and Congressmen work for us!

With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedy’s seat, it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat!“–Scott Brown (R-MA)

Last week Rasmussen released a poll showing Brown trailing liberal Democrat Martha Coakley 50-41.  Then a few days later, Democrat pollster Tom Jensen with Public Policy Polling found a plurality of Massachusetts voters supported Brown.

Today, Rasmussen’s newest numbers in the race support Jensen’s findings.  In their latest poll, Coakley takes 49% and Brown earns 47%.  Though most voters expect Brown to win, the race is amazingly close for the deep blue Bay State.  Just a few weeks ago, no one expected Brown to even come close.  But now he’s got momentum and has Democrats nervous.

Yesterday, Brown held a 24 hour online fundraising campaign and raked in $1.3 Million from small donations.  Grassroots Americans from across the country recognized the importance of this race and gave generously to help Brown win the seat formerly held by Ted “Lady Killer” Kennedy (D).

You can help Brown take “the people’s seat” back for “the people.”  Even if you can’t contribute financially, Brown’s website offers citizens from anywhere in the country to volunteer by making phone calls for his get-out-the-vote campaign.  So please, contribute financially if you can.  But even if that’s not possible at the moment, please make a few phone calls to make Brown the 41st vote that will put an end to Obama, Reid, and Pelosi cramming unconstitutional and unwanted legislation down the throats of the American people!

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How bad do Americans want to stop Obamacare?

How about bad enough to fork over more than $1 MILLION to Lt. Col. Scott Brown‘s campaign!

Brown‘s race against Democrat Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has taken center stage in the battle for the Obama-Reid-Pelosi takeover of the US health care system.  Scrapping for the seat previously held by arguably THE MOST liberal Senator in history, the Killer of Chappaquiddick–Ted “Lady Killer” Kennedy (D), Coakley and Brown are locked in a neck and neck struggle for a Senate seat that was considered a shoe-in for Democrats until just a few days ago.

Americans from coast to coast are going to Brown’s website and clicking to donate as much as they can afford (as little as $5 in some cases) to help save our American way of life and stop the Obama-Pelosi-Reid march to American Socialism in its tracks.  Others are volunteering their time to make phone calls for Lt. Col. Brown, contacting voters and encouraging them to go to the polls Tuesday and cast their vote for a REAL change.

If you missed out on this fundraising campaign, don’t worry.  You can still help win this seat and make Scott Brown the 41st vote that will block the tragic legislation currently being forged behind closed doors by only the most liberal of Democrat Senators and Congressmen!

Visit Scott’s website today and donate what you can.  Even if it’s only $5!

And if you can’t help out with a financial contribution, please sign up to help with phone calls this week to Get Out The Vote next Tuesday!

Everyone of us can help, and show the far left loons in DC this isn’t the change we hoped for!

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Liberals Terrified, Scott Brown Leads!

“Nobody Made A Greater Mistake Than He Who Did Nothing Because He Could Only Do a Little.” -Edmund Burke

Last week we let you know how you can help elect Lt. Col. Scott Brown (R) to Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat in Massachusetts, and you responded!  Brad Marston, another patriot from MA who’s working to get Brown elected was impressed by your response and left the following comment on that post:

Wow! Thank you so much for posting this. We lost the Public Policy poll vote (Those Ron Paul folks are good) but people can still make phone calls and of course donate if you can.

You can watch Scott’s latest ad at

Thank you all.

Dozens of you responded to Brad’s calls for donations and volunteers!  And your efforts are resulting in huge gains in this battle for our American way of life.  But we musn’t rest on our laurels now, for Liberal politicians are already plotting to subvert the will of Massachusetts voters when they lose this battle!

Soon after we posted last week, Rasmussen released a poll showing Brown trailing MA Attorney General Martha Coakley 50-41, but today the landscape has changed dramatically.  Left-leaning pollster Tom Jensen with Public Policy Polling released numbers yesterday that have him in a state of near panic.  Brown now leads Coakley 48-47 in the race!

Jensen points to the fact that Republicans are far more motivated to vote in this election than Democrats, and that Brown leads with independents by a stunning 63-31 margin.  This in one of the  most liberal states in the Union.  Jensen then goes on to enumerate steps he believes can overcome  Brown’s positives, which largely depend on motivating the Democrat base in MA.

Now, high ranking MA Democrats are promising to delay implementing the will of the Bay State’s voters when Brown wins next Tuesday!  Paul Kirk (D-MA), who was appointed in a shady move to repeal MA law to give the Obama-Pelosi-Reid axis their 60 vote majority in the Senate, declares “We want to get this resolved before President Obama’s State of the Union address in early to mid-February,” speaking of completing work on the unconstitutional health care bill.

But, Kirk and Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin are conspiring to ignore the voters when Brown wins next week’s election.  Brian McNiff, a Galvin spokesman, told the Boston Herald, “We’d have to wait 10 days for absentee and military ballots to come in.”  And another Herald source states the results of next Tuesday’s election won’t be certified before February 20th.

Long enough that Kirk and other Democrat conspirators hope President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi will have told Massachusetts voters “It doesn’t matter what they want or think or vote for, our ruling Democrats will do whatever the Hell they want and the voters can be damned if they don’t agree!”  Because that’s exactly what passage of Obamacare will mean if Brown wins this election.

The message is clear from Democrats:  “Massachusetts voters don’t matter, we’ll do what the Hell we want regardless of the outcome of the election!”

But Obama, Pelosi, and Reid aren’t accounting for the shock wave that will run through Democrat ranks in Congress when Republican Scott Brown wins the seat occupied so long by the ultra-liberal Ted Kennedy!  Democrats took this race for granted because, after all, we’re talking Massachusetts here.  The state where champions of the left Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy couldn’t lose!

A victory by a Republican here, in what some might consider the heart of liberal America, would put every left-leaning liberal Democrat on notice:  “Vote for Obamacare at your political peril!”

And Democrats are scared!

“It would be unconscionable for the seat held for 40 years by the inestimable Senator Kennedy to be allowed to pass to an enemy of everything he stood for.” “Massachusetts is a progressive state, always has been, always will be. Scott Brown is the antithesis of a progressive. He has no business running in this state. …His election would be an insult to Kennedy’s memory.” ~Harry Reid (D-NV)~

A Brown victory may even turn some progressive Democrats from supporting this bill that WILL increase taxes AND raise health insurance premiums, that WILL make taxpayers responsible for abortions, that WILL increase the deficit, that WILL result in the rationing of health care (especially for seniors), and that WILL eventually cover illegal aliens!

That’s why it’s essential conservatives across the country rally behind and support Lt. Col. Scott Brown’s campaign for US Senate!  Now’s the time to donate what you can.  Even if it’s only $5, please donate what you can.  Now’s the time to volunteer.  Even if you can only make a couple of calls a day.

This race could be the hinge that allows the door to begin to swing the other way. Please step up and help however you can!

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Obama’s Health Care Plan Not Out of the Woods Yet

by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann at

Joseph Stubbs, President of the American College of Physicians — the second largest doctors’ group in the country — confirms that “the supply of doctors just won’t be there” for the 30 million new patients Barack Obama wants to cover. Noting that the doctor shortage is “already a catastrophic crisis,” Stubbs said that underserved areas in the U.S. currently need almost 17,000 new primary care physicians even before Obama’s proposals are enacted.

In the meantime, according to Bloomberg News, a 2009 survey by Merritt Hawkins and Associates, a recruiting and research firm in Irving, Texas, found that “the average waiting time to see a family-medicine doctor in Boston … is 63 days, the most among the 15 cities” surveyed. By comparison, in Miami, it was only seven days.

The study noted that Boston’s longer wait was “driven in part by the health-care reform initiative” passed in 2006 in Massachusetts upon which the Obama program is modeled. Bloomberg reported that “as many as half of doctors in the state have closed their practices to new patients, forcing many of the newly insured to turn to emergency rooms for care.”

Alan Goroll, a professor at Harvard Medical School said that “the primary lesson of health-care reform in Massachusetts is that you can’t increase the number of insured unless you have a strong primary-care base in place to receive them. Without that foundation … Massachusetts has ended up with higher costs and people going to emergency rooms when they can’t find a doctor.”

And, a study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, part of the federal government’s Health and Human Services Department, found that expanding insurance coverage to an estimated 32 million people who now lack it would create a demand for medical services that “could be difficult to meet initially … and could lead to price-increases, cost-shifting, and-or changes in providers’ willingness to treat patients with low-reimbursement health coverage.”


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