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More Democratic Corruption: Baltimore Mayor

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Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was indicted yesterday on 12 counts of corruption involving undeclared gifts from developer Ron Lipscomb and her use of gift cards that had been donated to the city for use by poor residents.  You can view the state prosecutor’s indictment here.

Not surprisingly, the CNN article linked above makes no mention of  Dixon’s political party.  The MSM is again trying to minimize the damage to the Democratic Party.

The indictment comes after a 3-year investigation of Baltimore City Hall by the State of Maryland.  Others involved in the corruption have already been indicted, including a former campaign manager of Ms. Dixon, Lipscomb who is also formerly dated Mayor Dixon, and others on the City Council.

In June of last year, Dixon lashed out at reporters and prosecuters when parts of the investigation came to light.  Vowing that she would “survive this,” she claimed she could not respond to the damning information made public without damaging her case.

It seems to me if the allegations are unfounded, any response that supported her claim of innocence could hardly do more harm than good for her case.

She was under investigation in January of last year when she endorsed then-Senator Barack Hussein Obama for President.  When she stated she believed Obama “will provide the resources for us to continue with our agenda moving forward,” perhaps she saw an opportunity to grab some of those resources for herself.

Even though the ongoing investigation was public knowledge, Obama lavished praise on Dixon at the time:

Senator Barack Obama said, “As the first woman to hold this office in Baltimore, Mayor Dixon is a trailblazer, and she has spent a lifetime working to make life better for Baltimore’s families. From her years as a Kindergarten teacher to serving as president of the Baltimore City Council to fighting poverty and homelessness as Baltimore’s mayor, Mayor Dixon has worked to bring change that matters in people’s lives. As a working mother herself, she knows firsthand the demands on working families in our country, and she is committed to making policies that work for the future of Baltimore. I look forward to working with her to bring change in the months and years to come.”

Maybe she was trying to get a better feel for how the working poor live when she stole their gift cards that were donated to help them out, but I seriously doubt it.

One might argue that perhaps Obama’s praise of a public officeholder who was under investigation shows a lack of good judgment on the part of the President-elect.

Obama and indicted B’more mayor Dixon–Michelle Malkin

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