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Old Folks Will Die Because of Dems’ Lies

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines genocide as “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.”

So, if the 2,000+ pages of Democrat health care “reform” result in large numbers of doctors abandoning their elderly patients, or if the monstrous piece of legislation puts more seniors in a position of having to choose between medical treatment and heating their home in the winter, would it qualify the Democrats’ plan as genocide?

The Dems “reform” efforts are most certainly deliberate.  They’ve spent months trying to cram their “reform” down our throats, even in the face of “unprecedented” opposition by their constituents.  They’ve relentlessly pressed forward, against the will of those who elected them, ignoring calls from their constituents and heeding only the orders of their Dear Leader, Chairman ObaMao, to get something on his desk so he might proclaim victory.

So deliberate certainly fits the bill.

It wouldn’t fit the racial part of the definition, because we’d have equal opportunity to suffer among all races.  But would it satisfy the requirement to systematically destroy a political or cultural group?

It’s not a huge leap to recognize that large numbers of doctors refusing to treat elderly patients would likely put many of our senior citizens out of the Democrats’ misery.  If they get sick and can’t get treatment because there aren’t enough doctors, more will die.  If the doctors who continue to treat our aged relatives demand a larger share of their fixed incomes, there will come a point when an old man or woman decides s/he’d rather die warm with a full belly than starving and cold with that pesky tumor removed.

Because the cuts would be targeted at medical care for seniors, it would make sense to say the destruction of our elder citizens would be systematic.

AARP’s vaunted political power qualifies our seniors as a political group and it wouldn’t be a stretch to label them a cultural group either.  But even if one disagrees on the latter, old folks definitely qualify as a political group.

So if the Senate Democrats’ health care bill results in large numbers of doctors abandoning their medicare patients and causes those who continue to treat these patients to increase prices and charge for treatment that was formerly covered by the government health insurance option, we could pronounce the Democrats’ so-called health care “reform” as genocidal.

Today an elderly relative went to see his doctor, whose identity we will protect at this time.  Along with the normal paperwork one leaves the doctor’s office with, he was given the following letter.

December 22, 2009

Dear Patients:

As I am sure many of you are aware there are considerable changes occurring in the healthcare (sic) field at the present time.

As of January 1st, there will be substantial negative changes in terms of reimbursement to physicians that accept Medicare patients. This will ultimately result in many physicians rejecting Medicare patients due to these severe restrictions on reimbursements.

My practice does not intend to stop seeing Medicare patients at this time, although if further cuts occur, as are promised that position undoubtedly will change. For the time being we will continue to see Medicare patients.

However, we will have to start charging for services that we have provided free of charge in the past. These charges will become effective January 1, 2010. A complete list of the appropriate fees will be available in my office upon request.

Yours sincerely,

[Removed by request], M. D.

One might say, how is this? The Senate bill isn’t even law yet.

Correct. But…Harry Reid failed to achieve the nearly $250 billion “doctor fix” that would have put his cherished health care takeover bill over the cost that even his spendthrift Democrat puppets couldn’t swallow.

Now, even before the legislation is reconciled between the House and Senate, before it makes its way to Obama’s desk, before it’s signed into law, it’s adversely affecting the health care of elderly Americans. Harry Reid and every other Democrat that voted for this mountain of legislative garbage lied when they proclaimed it will not increase the deficit and it will extend Medicare.

It will KILL old people.

Democrats lie and the elderly will die!

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The bright side of Obamacare?!?!?!?

They say there’s a silver lining behind every cloud. Maybe this is true of President Obama’s health care plan as well.

Then again, maybe not.

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Obamacare: Cut the Elderly and Give to AARP

by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann at

Among the $500 billion in Medicare cuts that will provide the bulk of the financing for Obama’s health care plan is a $160 billion to $180 billion cut in the Medicare Advantage program, which offers a range of benefits not available to beneficiaries under basic Medicare.

Medicare Advantage should be Obama’s favorite program. It combines all the elements he likes — premiums are subsidized for low-income elderly, and the companies negotiate low-priced, managed care that emphasizes prevention, treatment of chronic conditions and coordination among doctors. As a result, its costs on the one hand and its premiums on the other are both much lower than with conventional insurance.

Ten million primarily low-income elderly have voluntarily enrolled in Medicare Advantage and realize savings of about $1,000 annually in enhanced benefits over and above what Medicare itself provides. These extra benefits include reductions in out-of-pocket costs and comprehensive drug coverage, vision, dental and hearing benefits, wellness programs (like gym memberships), and disease management and care coordination programs.

Medicare Advantage, which gained momentum during the Bush-43 years, essentially implements all the economies and efficiencies that Obama preaches nonstop. Doctors speak to one another, duplication is avoided, care is managed, and there is an emphasis on prevention.


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Details on the newest health care bill

Received via email from Senator John Thune (R-SD)

I [Senator Thune] am writing today to update you on the latest health care news in the U.S. Senate.  Despite President Obama’s promised desire to work with Republicans on a bi-partisan reform bill, Democrats in the Senate Finance Committee are voting down common sense Republican amendments on a mostly partisan basis.

Yesterday Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee blocked proposals by Republicans to:

  • Require that before the committee can vote on final passage of the health care bill the legislative language must be publicly available on the committee’s website for at least 72 hours
  • Preserve the Medicare Advantage plans and benefits that millions of seniors currently enjoy and would lose under the Democrats’ plan
  • Prohibit the establishment of a federal health care rationing board
  • Include medical malpractice liability reform measures in the bill to reduce costs caused by the practice of defensive medicine

And that’s not all.  In Wednesday’s hearing we learned that the cost of increased taxes on businesses in the bill will be passed on to consumers.

“… we have analyzed this as largely falling on the consumer and it could happen in a couple of different ways.” – Thomas Barthold, Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff.

We also learned that this legislation will raise insurance premiums.

“… our judgment is that that piece of the legislation would raise insurance premiums by roughly the amount of the money collected.”  — Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf

Read more coverage of the Congressional health care debate and learn more details about action in the Senate Finance Committee at my Health Freedom Blog.  Share your views, and sign my petition opposing government-run health care.

We should not spend a trillion dollars of taxpayer money on a health care bill that is not going to lower costs for consumers.

Thanks for your support.

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Liberal Lies About National Health Care: Third in a Series

by Ann Coulter at

(9) If you like Medicare, you’ll love national health care, which will just extend Medicare’s benefits to everyone.

Hey — I have an idea: How about we make everyone in America a multimillionaire by pulling Bernie Madoff out of prison and asking him to invest all our money! Both Medicare and Bernie Madoff’s investment portfolio are bankrupt because they operate on a similar financial model known as a “Ponzi scheme.” These always seem to run fabulously well — until the money runs out.

Not only is Medicare bankrupt, but it is extremely limited in whom and what it covers. If Medicare were a private insurer, it would be illegal in many states for failing to cover hearing aids, podiatry, acupuncture, chiropractic care, marriage counseling, aromatherapy and gender reassignment surgery.

Moreover, Medicare payments aren’t enough to pay the true cost of those medical services it does cover. With Medicare undercutting payments to hospitals and doctors for patients 65 and older, what keeps the American medical system afloat are private individuals who are not covered by Medicare paying full freight (and then some). That’s why you end up with a $10 aspirin on your hospital bill.

National health care will eliminate everything outside of Medicare, which is the only thing that allows Medicare to exist.


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Something’s Got to Give

by Ken Connor at

This has been the “Summer of the Senior” in America.

While the health care debate has raged, senior citizens have been front and center at town hall events, challenging their representatives to explain how Obamacare will affect Medicare and pressing them to shoot straight about whether a “public option” will result in health care rationing or “comparative effectiveness” policies (what Sarah Palin has termed “death panels”).

In the midst of the turmoil, America’s seniors learned this week that, for the first time ever, they will not be receiving a cost-of-living adjustment to their monthly Social Security benefit. The reason for this is that the Social Security Administration bases its cost of living adjustments on inflation, and inflation has been negative this year. Nevertheless, many senior citizens are becoming anxious on news of a cut in their benefits. That anxiety is only a pale foreshadowing of what is yet to come.

According to the latest projections, Social Security will begin paying out more money than it collects in 2016 and will become totally insolvent in 2037. Medicare is estimated to go belly up in 2017?two years earlier than previously projected.


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Obama’s Magic Math

President Obama’s using that magic math again. You know, the same math he used to calculate the number of jobs he’s “saved” since passing the stimulus.  The same math that can’t be explained by anyone in his administration and can’t be duplicated by anyone outside of his administration.

But hey, I guess you can’t blame the guy for using formulas that have the capability to make losing millions of jobs (since the passage of the stimulus) sound like a positive thing.   The problem is, no one can seem to point to those formulas, no one can say “Here’s how we arrived at that number.”  So it’s looking more and more like there are no valid mathematics generating the numbers the President puts forth, he’s just throwing out numbers to make his catastrophic policies sound more palatable to the American people.

Now he’s expanded the use his mystical mathematics.  Stepping outside the realm of “saved jobs,” the President is using his mystical mathematical powers to predict $80 billion in savings to American seniors for their prescription drugs, but only offer an explanation for ~$30 billion of that total.  The other $50 billion couldn’t be explained by the White House.

I guess $30 billion just didn’t sound good enough, so Obama pulled out his magic calculator to make it sound better.

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