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Help Grade Obama’s First 6 Months!

I received an email from Michael Steele and the RNC with an opportunity to help let the world know just how much Americans hate Obama’s Socialist movement. Rate the President on his performance over the past six months on:

  • Economy
  • National Security
  • Transparency & Ethics
  • Media Spin
  • Rewarding Special Interests
  • Taxes & Spending

Here’s the email from Michael Steele:

Dear John,

It’s now been six months in office for our learn-on-the-job Chief Executive.

And this is your opportunity to give Barack Obama a six-month report card. How is he doing on the economy? How about national security, health care, and the other crucial issues that America faces?

You can assign your own grades to President Obama here, and check out the results from fellow Republicans across the country.

Let Barack Obama and his Democrat allies know how YOU rate their handling of the difficult challenges we face. Do it today!


Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. John, you and the Republican Party are all that stand between the Obama Democrats and further erosion of our liberty and security. That’s why I hope you’ll take this opportunity after grading Barack Obama to help support principled, commonsense Republican candidates who will offer America’s voters a better way forward by making an online contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or $1,000 to the RNC today. Thank you.

Take the opportunity to give Obama his grade today!

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Message to RNC: Listen and Learn

We haven’t had a true conservative in the White House since Reagan, and there was no chance of having one in November.

For too long, the RNC and Republican politicians have failed to recognize this is the reason for the decline of the party. Instead they have constantly shifted to the left, particularly in the areas of big government and fiscal policy, in an effort to draw in Democratic voters. The results of this failed strategy culminated in the election last November.

The Oba-Messiah’s victory didn’t signify a massive shift to the left by the American electorate, so much as it emphasized the lack of a true conservative opponent. Why vote for a Republican to get a liberal president? Bush I was limited to one term because of his appeasement of liberals and failure to stand for the same conservative principles as his predecessor. Few doubt that the Trade Center Attacks kept Bush II in office in 2004, otherwise he’d likely have been ousted for letting the Democratic minority and their liberal Republican allies in Congress stifle any attempts to enact conservative legislation, and even pass bills like McCain’s Campaign Finance Reform Act. How long did it take him to find his veto stamp?

The Tax Day Tea Party movement was largely ignored by the Republican establishment, until now. Now that it’s grown and garnered substantial media coverage, suddenly the RNC wants to use it as their platform.

This movement is truly spawned of grassroots conservatives who are sick and tired of having no representation in the federal government and it’s time the RNC and Republicans in Congress listen to them. That’s why Eric Odom, organizer of the Chicago Tea Party refused to offer RNC Chairman Michael Steele a spot on the stage but extended an invitation to come and listen–listen to true conservatives who are disgusted with the lack of conservative candidates and elected officials who wear the GOP brand.

I truly hope Chairman Steele will steer our party back to its conservative roots and make it competitive again, but Mr. Odom got it right–it’s time for the GOP to listen to its constituency!

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