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You want the feds to run our health care system?

They can’t even effectively run a website!

No less than the Old Gray Lady, among the most liberal of left-wing rags, The New York Times reported President Barack “Opaque” Obama’s Office of Management and Budget can’t seem to accurately keep the American public informed of where taxpayers’ money is being spent.

As a Senator, the President “pushed through the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (FFATA) setting up a kind of “Google-for-government” website” that was to bring about a new era in transparent government. According to a Government Accountability Office audit, isn’t what then-Senator Obama promised, even though his own OMB is now tasked with keeping American taxpayers informed.

The GAO audit states that OMB has failed to include subcontractor awards on the website, a requirement of FFATA. Further, GAO found nearly one-third of agencies failed to report information that belongs on the website. “These agencies, which include the Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, stated that they plan to report future awards as required,” according to the audit summary.

But that’s not all. GAO picked 100 federal contracts at random to evaluate compliance with FFATA’s requirements. EVERY contract in the random sample “had at least one required data field that was blank or inconsistent with agency records” on the website.

It’s obvious even the omniscient Obama’s federal bureaucracy can’t effectively administer a website intended to tell us where our money is being spent. Add this to list of pathetically managed federal entities that includes the Post Office, Amtrak, Medicare, and Social Security.

How could anyone entrust their health and well-being to the incompetent fools who can’t even operate a website effectively?

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Corruption-ridden ACORN still on the dole

That’s correct! President Obama’s administration has wriggled itself out of the corner it found itself trapped in and has found a way to channel taxpayer funds to the group that perpetrates voter fraud across the country and, even worse, has consistently shown itself willing to support illegal activities such as child prostitution, human trafficking, tax evasion and more!

From the ultra-left leaning New York Times:

The Justice Department has concluded that the Obama administration can lawfully pay the community group Acorn for services provided under contracts signed before Congress banned the government from providing money to the group.

But, why would we expect any more from Attorney General Eric Holder? We should have known this was coming. The same Justice Department that we need to provide Constitutional rights to brutal terrorists who were captured by our military on a foreign battlefield has determined the Legislative branch of our government really has no authority whatsoever.

If Obama wants to fund ACORN, he’ll fund the group of sleazebags and to Hell with Congress!

It seems Obama’s lawyers believe the Constitution protects the criminal activities in which ACORN routinely engages. Again from the Times’ article:

Moreover, he [Justice Department Attorney David Barron] argued, requiring the government to cancel contracts with a specifically named entity — “including even in cases where performance has already been completed but payment has not been rendered” — would raise constitutional concerns best avoided by interpreting the law differently.

Hearing these clowns claim the Constitution as the basis of their argument almost makes one ill. I guess this is one of the “negative liberties” our President believes our founders provided us with–the obligation to pay entities friendly to the Executive branch even after the Legislative branch cuts them off. Of course, hardworking Americans should be getting used to this type of Chicago-style politics emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The American taxpayer has felt the sting of President Obama’s knife in the back time and time again. So it’s really no surprise that he would steal from us once again to pay off his friends at ACORN.

As you pay your taxes this holiday season, smile and think about where that money will be going–to that corrupt bunch of criminals who support and promote voter fraud, human trafficking, child prostitution, and more vile, disgusting, illegal activities–even though government funding of this criminal organization is illegal!

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