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How Will Importing Dangerous Terrorists Make America Safer?

by Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)

Today the Obama Administration is announcing it plans to import the terrorists held at the Guantanamo Bay prison – some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world – to the Thomson Correctional Center located outside Chicago, Illinois.  This decision puts the interests of liberal special interest groups before the safety and security of the American people.  Here’s how I addressed this issue at a press conference on Capitol Hill this morning:

The American people don’t want dangerous terrorists imported on to U.S. soil, and time after time the House and Senate have reaffirmed this position with bipartisan votes rejecting the Administration’s plan. Yet this Administration is defying the will of the American people and importing them anyway. What’s worse, this decision is completely unnecessary considering that these terrorists were already being tried by military commissions, which were specifically designed under the law to prosecute such heinous acts.

Republicans have offered a better solution.  In May, we introduced the Keep Terrorists Out of America Act (H.R. 2294) to (1) affirm Congress’ opposition to transferring or releasing terrorists held at the Guantanamo Bay prison into the United States; (2) prohibit the Administration from transferring or releasing any terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay to any state without express approval from the state’s governor and legislature; and (3) prohibit the President from transferring or releasing a terrorist detainee into the United States unless he provides notification and certification to Congress.  Our proposal reflects the will of the American people, and it puts a premium on their safety and security first and foremost.

In their rush to bring Guantanamo Bay terrorists on to U.S. soil, Washington Democrats have repeatedly failed to articulate an overarching strategy to confront and defeat the terrorist threat.  At the very least, the American people deserve to know how importing these dangerous terrorists and giving them the same rights as U.S. citizens will make us any safer.  I have yet to see a good explanation, but Republicans will stand with Illinois families and seek every remedy at our disposal to stop this dangerous plan.

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Scozzafava: A lesson learned (hopefully)

Immediately following the election a year ago, a great debate ensued.  Conservatives, liberals and moderates jumped at the chance to give their opinion on the cause of the great GOP meltdown that swept Democrats into control of the White House and both Houses of Congress.  This debate centered on the question, “Where does the GOP go from here?”

The question should be answered today when the results are announced in the special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

Last November, liberals across the country danced in the streets and proclaimed Conservatism was dead.   Their answer to the pivotal question called for a hard left turn on the part of the Republican Party.  Claiming the GOP had shifted “too far to the right” in recent years, left wingers were convinced Republicans had distanced themselves from the American mainstream.  In short, they were calling for Republicans to embrace Democratic ideals, policies, and practices.  To do otherwise, they said, would be the equivalent of committing political suicide.

Moderates mostly called for a GOP shift to the left on social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and hate crimes legislation, and a return to conservative ideals of fiscal conservatism and limited government.  These folks basically suggested the Republicans altogether abandon social conservatives, a core group that forms a significant portion of the party’s base. 

And true conservatives tried to convince party leaders their future success lies in a return to true conservatism, standing tall for the principles espoused in the party’s platform.  This group placed the blame for the catastrophic last two election cycles squarely at the feet of party potentates who spent years doing exactly what liberals and moderates now say will cure the cancer that has stricken the GOP.  Conservative groups sprung up across the country, online and on the ground, to challenge the seeming omnipotence of Barack Hussein Obama as he imposed his left-wing, Socialist agenda on the American people.

When the National Republican Senatorial Committee endorsed liberal Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist over his conservative challenger earlier this year, it became clear the Republican elite had chosen not to listen to those conservatives who were taking to the streets in rallies across the country.  The GOP leaders were happy to ride the wave of enthusiasm that followed the Tea Parties, but remained unwilling  to believe embracing their ideals was the key to rebuilding the party.

The reality is that for too long, DC Republicans have taken the conservative base of the party for granted.  Believing these folks had nowhere else to turn, they chose to court left-wing liberals through compromise and sometimes outright abandonment of party principles.  Though evidence of this was in plain view following last November’s election, Republicans in power were obviously blinded by a refusal to see they themselves were to blame for the precipitous decline of the party over the previous decade.

The inability to comprehend the error of their ways was even more evident last month when the Republican National Committee strong-armed local party committees in New York’s 23rd Congressional District to anoint left-wing radical Dede Scozzafava the Republican  nominee for today’s special election.  Then virtually all Republicans in positions of power endorsed this dream candidate of leftists everywhere over a true conservative, Doug Hoffman running on the Conservative Party ticket.  But the most egregious error on the part of the national party was to spend approximately $1,000,000 promoting a candidate who stood for everything conservatives stand against, in an effort to defeat Hoffman.

These supposed leaders must now have an extremely bitter taste in their mouths after expending so much political capital to get liberal Scozzafava elected only to have her drop out last Saturday in response to her rapidly plummeting  poll numbers.  But then the RINO Scozzafava stabbed the GOP hierarchy in the back and twisted the knife by endorsing Democrat Bill Owens in the race.  A million dollars thrown down to support a candidate who ultimately ends up endorsing a sure-to-be Obama shill on the Hill.

Many consider today’s elections a referendum on President Obama’s agenda, and his lackeys in the mainstream media are trying hard to lessen the sting of the anticipated losses.  But try as they might, they can’t deny the inevitable fact that today’s elections are shaping up to be a victory for the conservative cause.

Though the liberal LA Times makes every effort to hold onto the hope of an Owens victory, even that left-wing rag was forced yesterday to admit Hoffman was leading the Democrat by 5 points on the eve of today’s election.  Rebecca Sinderbrand of CNN argues that an Owens loss today could spell more trouble for the GOP than for Obama and the Democrats.  And that network’s Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser paints the picture of an angry mob of frustrated voters will be responsible for snatching defeat from Democrats in today’s elections.   The NY Times admits that Hoffman will most likely win the New York House seat but claims “Republicans seeking to get back in power [in 2010] in swing states should strike a moderate tone.”

It’s now time for the leadership in the GOP to make their choice.  Should the party continue on the path that would have resulted in its demise had it not been for the conservative awakening evidenced by the Tea Parties, 912 movement and others?  Or should it embrace this powerful new grassroots force that resuscitated it and brought it back from the brink of death?

Some seem to be getting the picture, but others have yet to open their eyes.

House Minority Leader John Boehner stated yesterday that he regrets having ever endorsed Scozzafava.  Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee finally endorsed the conservative Hoffman after liberal Scozzafava was forced to quit the race.  But one-time leader of the conservative wing of the GOP, Newt Gingrich, refuses to admit his error in betting on the losing donkey and instead blasts conservative grassroots activists for working to purge the party of RINOs who would rather see a far left Democrat win than a true conservative.

Next year’s mid-term elections are one year away.  Hopefully the Scozzafava lesson has been learned by most of the GOP elite.  To the leaders of the party: 

You’re either with us or against us.  Return to the principles espoused in the GOP platform, or stand aside.  Because conservatives in this country are on the move and are willing to stamp out RINOs anywhere and everywhere we find them.

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Honoring Communist China


This week, the Empire State Building honored the 60th anniversary of Communist China., not too long after Obama allowed the Chinese flag to adorn DC.

See more political cartoons at

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Obama’s egotistical stunt costs $329,000…


The feds knew panic would ensue when this stunt was pulled, but demanded total secrecy from NYC officials! Outrageous!

“In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD, the Federal Aviation Administration’s James Johnston said the agency was aware of “the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes” in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor’s office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.”

A photo op! That’s what the White House called the Air Force One mission over New York City that terrified residents who not so long ago witnessed, first-hand, the most violent attacks ever perpetrated on American soil. I guess the Obama administration didn’t think of that! Apparently, this administration considers that ancient history, a forgotten time before we were so blessed to have the Chicago shyster occupying the White House.

The “man-made disaster” (aka terrorist attack if you’re not part of Obama’s inner circle) on 9/11/2001 might be forgotten by the far-left and the Democratic Party leaders, but it still burns in the memory of New Yorkers. While the administration snapped photos to use to promote the President and his plan to disassemble America, innocent civilians ran for cover, panicked in fear of another plane slamming into a building full of people. I guess Obama and his hirelings thought these people feel safe after his “Apologizing for America Tour,” or maybe he thought they’d forgotten about the day ~3,000 Americans were burned and buried in the ruins of the World Trade Center.

I haven’t seen any official explanation of where these photos would be used or what they would promote, so I’m inclined to believe such an explanation wouldn’t serve the administration well if it were made public. The “most transparent administration in history” didn’t see any need to inform the public of the stunt. Of course, they’d have been happy to plaster news of the mission everywhere in public view if it served some worthwhile purpose. Therefore, I must assume they were to be used in the never-ending campaign of the Obamessiah. But of course, he didn’t know anything about it. Right!

So, how much did this little stunt cost the taxpayers? How about $328,835! That’s right, you, me and every other American taxpayer helped foot the $329K bill that served no purpose but to promote this narcissistic media darling who continues to keep the MSM and other left-wing organizations drooling on themselves in admiration as he pushes us forward, straight into the jaws of Socialism.

What was that we heard last week? Wasn’t he in front of the cameras telling his underlings to cut $100,000,000 from their budgets? What’s good for the goose…oh, never mind. I guess they weren’t supposed to look in the “egocentric self-promotion of the Obamessiah” section of the budget for costs to cut. Of course not!

That part of the budget is designed to prop up his poll numbers as he hammers away at the very foundation of our country! That can’t be touched or the American people might just wake up, see through the shroud of smoke spread by the MSM, and notice this administration making off with the building blocks of our society that made the US the greatest, strongest country in the world.

$328,835. Remember that the next time you hear this President tell someone it’s time to pay his fair share. Remember that the next time Obama says he’s for fiscal responsibility. Remember that the next time he says he understands your problems. Remember that when he says he wants to cut spending.

$328,835 that you and I will pay to promote this administration.

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Panic in Manhattan…

…as Air Force 1 flys in low over the city, triggering flashbacks to that fateful day the Obama administration seems to have forgotten–9/11.

Yes, it’s true. A hireling of the President who’s supposed to be so in touch with the American people staged a photo-op of Air Force 1 flying over NY City without considering the possible consequences of such a vain stunt in a city that eight short years ago saw ~3,000 burned and buried alive in the worst “man-caused disaster” (aka a terrorist act to every American except those who work in the Obama administration) ever on American soil.

It seems unthinkable that such a mental lapse occurred, but occur it did! Of course, what else would we expect from an administration that identifies virtually every conservative American as the biggest terrorist threat to the US? From an administration that seems intent on supplying the terrorists with propaganda at every turn? From the President who embraces and befriends the most anti-American dictators in the world?

Does this inability to perceive how NY residents would react really surprise anyone?

Here’s the video of the photo shoot the administration deems worth reigniting the worst fears of New Yorkers since that fateful (forgotten?) day:

Was it worth it Mr. President?

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