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Why Obama Should Decline the ‘Prize’

by Kevin McCullough at

If President Obama wishes to be seen as a serious world leader, he should decline the Nobel Peace Prize. Doing so would be, in fact, the most honorable thing for him to do.

A very simple expression of gratitude for being considered would be appropriate. And a courageous footnote of honesty, by simply stating that because he had been in office for only twelve days at the time of the nomination, he had done nothing to deserve it, and that he would not feel at ease accepting the prize, would be refreshing.

It would be a bold, courageous, and indeed masterful move. It would underscore the humility he claims to seek for America to have on the world stage, and it would tell his critics that he is not as entirely one dimensional as their mountains of evidence have begun to suggest. It would be one significant way to take a step towards a serious approach to leadership that, to speak quite frankly, America can ill afford to wait for a moment longer.

He has already expressed his honest observation that he is not worthy of the prize. Partisan, even rancorous, Democrats have scoffed at the idea that he should be compared to Dr. King and FDR. Even NPR’s own Juan Williams exclaimed it’s utter foolishness. These observations, all from the political left, are true.

In addition to making a statement about his nation’s humility, and an even more significant one about his own, it would do something else favorable for the President. Declining the prize would wipe clean the slate of public perception that he is a man who is more concerned about his image than of the substance of his office.



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US Apologist Obama wins Nobel Prize

I think I’m going to be sick. Our Dear Leader has now been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

With peace in Afghanistan nowhere in sight, with American troops pulling out of Iraq as bombs continue to explode, with two of the world’s most roguish nations flexing their nuclear muscles, our President (whose policies encourage all of these threats and violence) receives this prize?

The Committee says Obama is this year’s winner becauseĀ  “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

Here are some remarks I believe the Committee should have included when they announced this award:

For apologizing for everything America has done…

For ignoring those who died in pursuit of freedom in Iran…

For ignoring his commanders in the field who want more American troops to stem the violence in Afghanistan…

For embracing Socialist dictators like Chavez and Castro…

For refusing to pursue “victory” in the Afghan War…

For proclaiming”America is not a Christian nation”…

For encouraging Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad’s pursuit of nuclear weapons

For abandoning the Eastern European countries that formerly suffered as part of the Soviet Bloc…

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